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The Most Common Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms

PTSD is often associated with a set of prevalent symptoms that characterize the contraction of PTSD. Though the incidence of this disorder is rare, it is likely to cause a heavy disruption of the daily routine. Usually, this disorder gets induced immediately after the exposure to the traumatic event or even months/years after the exposure to the terrifying occurrence. A patient is generally diagnosed with PTSD only when the symptoms are visible for a prolonged period that might be more than a 4 week timeframe. Let us raze through those details in this article, for that would increase your awareness in the arena of PTSD.

Prevalent Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms

The predominant Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms can be categorized into three major categories constituting flashbacks, restiveness and dissociation.

Flashbacks: These constitute the reminiscence of the terrific event that occurred in the past. It can be in the form of nightmares or avoidance of the triggers that induces the remembrance of the bad memories of the past. Seeing a newspaper advertisement about a plane or a train accident can remind a lone survivor of the annihilating traumatic accident that he experienced in the past or the screeching brake sound of a vehicle can be reminiscent of a brutal accident that took the toll of the lone surviving patient's beloved family members. The sound of crackers can even be a reminder of the havoc wreaked by bombing to which the patient was exposed to.

Such flashbacks often pave way to an inexplicable sense of fear or a noisy shout out that seems to be a relief for the patient confronting the flashback.

Restiveness: Feeling of jumpiness results in abnormal reactions of the individual to the usual occurrence in life. The patient might find it tough to sleep for the fear of getting into the trauma once again. Difficulty in concentrating on anything that is happening currently, getting startled by very trivial noises, becoming angry and irritated for nothing, inability to control emotions are samples of restive feelings that prove to be the common post traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

Dissociation: This is one of the very common and the most likely post traumatic stress disorder symptoms in adults. The victims of PTSD find it tough to mingle with others. Developing or reinforcing an already existing bondage with the beloved family members goes for a toss. Changed behavioral traits that are a part and parcel of PTSD often surprise the near and dear ones around. New engulfing feelings of shame, hopelessness and despair settle in.

In case of post traumatic stress disorder in children, the stress disorder symptoms include the exhibition of the horrifying experience via stories, plays and drawings. They tend to become belligerent all of a sudden. They find it tough to sleep and get into unexpected and sudden problems with learned habits like toilet trainings too.

When you confront such scenarios, it is imperative that the patient should be taken to a doctor for immediate treatment, for that would help him in getting relieved of the agony within the earliest possible timeframe.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children: The Facts

Gone are the days when little was known about post traumatic stress disorder in children. Researches in this arena have brought out several facts to light. Here is a bunch of information that can help you identify the children suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Information pertaining to the treatment has also been discussed with the aim of aiding such children in getting rid of their disorder quickly and comfortably.

Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children

Post traumatic stress disorder in very young children is not usually visible because of the absence of verbal communication. Such children show off the contraction of the disorder by means of exhibiting generic fear of a stranger, avoidance of a select group of people and getting out of scenarios that frightens them. They may also exhibit the sketch of the agony that they undergo while playing by repeating the themes of the trauma that they had undergone. Some might even loose the evolved toilet training habits all of a sudden which in turn symbolizes the contraction of PTSD in children.

School going children tend to express the feelings of fear either verbally or through plays that are based on the trauma they had undergone. Time skew and Omen constitution are a couple of weird symptoms identifiable in case of post traumatic stress disorder in children. Time skew is the tendency to forget the order of the events that were a part of the trauma and the agony that they had undergone, while omen constitution is the ignorant belief that there had been admonitions regarding the impending trauma.

Adolescents and teens exhibit symptoms similar to adults. However, post traumatic play acting is one of the very prominent symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder in children who are in their teenage. Usually PTSD afflicted adolescents are belligerent and hot headed.

Proneness to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children

Children who have seen their parents being murdered or committing suicide in front of their eyes and children who unfortunately become victims of sexual assault usually are sure shot victims of PTSD. Children who witness shoot outs at school or in public are also prone to this disorder. Children, who witness the mass community vehemence, have more chances of developing PTSD.

How Can You Help Children with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Once you identify that a particular child has this disorder, it is imperative to understand the intricacies of the PTSD. Getting the child evaluated by a mental health care medical practitioner is the next step towards helping the child to combat stress disorder. Based on his findings, you can go ahead and get in touch with the PTSD adepts at International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and initiate counseling sessions with medication regimen to get the child completely out of PTSD in the long run.

How to Combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Fighting against the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is emphatically nerve wracking. However, with the help of a complete understanding of the basic facts combined with the fullest cooperation from the patient in terms of scheduling counseling sessions and taking up medications, one can expect to get rid of PTSD within months. This article brings in the versatile options that could help in combating post traumatic stress disorder.

Initiating Treatment

Often, PTSD patients are hesitant to speak out the agony that they undergo. The fear that is ingrained in them often proves to be an impediment for everything they do. They find it tough to excel in whatever they do at college or at workplace. The tendency to keep such feelings of fear within their minds adds fuel to this fire.

In such scenarios, it is the responsibility of those around the patient to offer the necessary care, attention and support to the individual who find it tough to cope with his/her routine. The care and concern that is offered to such patients usually have miraculous effects that induce them to speak out. Once the patient is out with his fears and the triggers of those fears, it is imperative to get hold of the right therapist who can help him to combat the post traumatic stress disorder that has set in him.

The Role of Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which entails having at length flashback sessions with a mental health care practitioner, is the first step that could help to combat post traumatic stress disorder.

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies is an organization that works towards the betterment of people who are suffering form PTSD. This group offers a plethora of information regarding the PTSD therapists' availability based on geographical locations.
It is highly recommended that the patient or those who are around seek the suggestions and assistance from this organization to find the right therapist who can work with the patient to get rid of the disease.

Understanding the intricacies of PTSD and identifying a therapist to get it treated can give a great commencement and can help you to combat post traumatic stress disorder. Further to this, you can opt to take up sessions either on exposure therapy or behavioral psychotherapy wherein the patient would discuss the details of the trauma he underwent and the triggers that he confronts in his daily routine. Based on his statements, the therapist would offer the required support and assistance to face up those challenges with bravery and courage. These sessions are continued till such a point where the patient is stress free and feels completely secure and unperturbed even while confronting the triggers or conversing about the trauma.

Eye Movement Decentralization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is yet another therapeutic measure that can also bring in some relief to the patients suffering from PTSD.


FDA approved medications that help to combat post traumatic stress disorder are SSRIs namely Paroxetine and Sertraline. However, other mood stabilizers and anti depressants can be taken as per the suggestions and advice of the therapist who would help you in effective combating the post traumatic stress disorder in the long run.

Stress Disorder: The Basics

The aftermath of traumatic experiences in life is often acute stress. When the intensity of the stress booms to inexorable extents, individuals get psychologically disturbed and fall prey to acute stress disorder. Persisting symptoms that extend for more than a month are often characterized as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Stress Disorder – What It Really Is?

It is a mental disorder that is an aftermath of traumatic experiences which can constitute exposure to robbery, theft, smuggling, natural catastrophes, sexual assaults, witnessing a severe and ravaging accident or murder and the like.

Stress disorder sets in either during the period of undergoing the trauma or immediately after the same. Development of dissociate feelings is a very common backwash of such disorders. Rarely, the intensity of the disorder can extend to levels where the memories of the specific events become hazy that the patient becomes a victim of dissociate amnesia.

Acute Stress Disorder symptoms are visible for a period of 2 days to 4 weeks time duration and they should become visible within a 4 week duration immediately succeeding the traumatic experience.

Symptoms of Stress Disorder

The victims of stress disorder often find it tough to enjoy the activities that had proven to be pleasurable to them in the past. They are often stuck with a sense of guilty feeling, which often poses as an impediment to carry out their daily functional routine activities.
Clinical distress is also visible in some cases of stress disorder affliction.

The diagnosis of stress disorder is based on the traumatic experience, the terrifying and shell shocking response that has set in the minds of the individual due to the exposure to trauma.

Numbness, reduction in emotional response, becoming unaware of the ambient scenarios, reification, inability to recollect the critical traumatic incidents are other common symptoms of this disorder.

Miscellaneous Features of Stress Disorder

If the stress disorder is likely to develop into the more potent version namely the post traumatic stress disorder, if the reminiscence of the traumatic event keeps interfering in the thoughts/memories of the individual persistently or if the individual starts avoiding the confrontation of triggers that reminds him of the trauma or if he becomes hyper vigilant and extremely sensitive when it comes to confronting events or people that remind him of the traumatic event.

Common Misinterpretations

Symptoms of substance abuse are commonly mistaken to be symptoms of stress disorders. Aggravation of pre-existing medical health or psychotic disorders should not be misunderstood and mingled with stress disorders.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Contingents

Experiencing life threatening and devastating traumatic events that induce acute physical harm rarely paves way to stress disorders. Commonly referred to as the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), it entails the worked up response of an individual to an inexplicable psychological trauma/stressful happening. This article details the contingents of PTSD in brief with the aim of creating awareness in the readers thereby enabling them to confront and support the afflicted patients without getting panicked or bewildered.

Causes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Physical or psychological trauma has been reported to be the main causative agents for PTSD, which might in turn be in the form of a age-inappropriate sexual assault, bullying in case of children, untimely demise of a beloved one, seeing a devastating and cruel accident, becoming a victim of kidnapping, sufferer of the any form of torture that might include excruciation at concentration camps, confronting a ravaging natural disaster, being a victim of rape, smuggling, theft, robbery and the like.

Diagnostic Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Individuals stuck with PTSD usually would have undergone trauma in the past. Very often, the remembrance of the trauma keeps disturbing them relentlessly that many resort to avoid seeing, hearing or experiencing the triggers that remind them of the trauma that they underwent. This in turn is often visible in the form of increased irritation, anger, hyper vigilance, difficulty to sleep peacefully and often results in curtailment of normal functional routine.

Symptoms are likely to vary depending on the intensity and the duration of exposure to the traumatic event. Symptoms that prolong for more than a month necessitate immediate care and attention.

Biochemical changes in individuals suffering from PTSD constitute reduced secretion of cortisol, increased levels of catecholaminses in urine and neuropinephrine:cortisol ratios. Abnormality of the Hypothalmic-Pituatary Adrenal (HPA) axis is yet another common problem that is associated with post traumatic stress disorder.

In addition to this, brain morphological changes like a drastic reduction in hippocampus is also reported to be an aftermath of the trauma experience in individuals suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Treatment Options

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Decentralization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and medications are the common stress disorder treatment alternatives that are in vogue today.

Medications that are taken to treat post traumatic stress disorder can either be serotonin reuptake inhibitors or tricyclic antidepressants. Anticonvulsant Lamotrigine has also shown promising results in treating PTSD. Post stress administration of glucocorticoids, hydrocortisone and corticosterone has also proven to be fruitful in defending against the incidence of post traumatic stress disorders.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment Options

With the increased prevalence of Post Traumatic stress Disorder (PTSD), there is an increasing urge to understand the post traumatic stress disorder treatment techniques that are widely used for this disorder. Amidst the few options that are available, it is important to check out the suitability and make the right choice of the therapeutic remedy to get rid of the disorder within the earliest possible time span.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is one of the very effective and powerful post traumatic stress disorder treatment techniques that can aid in combating PTSD. There are a couple of CBT procedures that have been used to treat PTSD namely Cognitive Psychotherapy and Exposure Therapy.

Cognitive psychotherapy entails having multiple sessions with a psychiatrist or a behavioral therapist, where in the patients speaks and pours out his memories at length. The therapist in turn aids him in learning the tactics that would help the patient to confront such memories with confidence. Exposure Therapy is the treatment regimen in which, the patient is exposed to the traumatic events by means of repetitive discussions about the traumatic event that the patient underwent and lessening the fear within him by making him feel secured and comfortable.

Eye Movement Decentralization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

This is a therapeutic regimen which lays emphasis on the distractions that constitute the eye, hands and body movements while talking about the traumatic events to the patient.


Taking medicines as a part of post traumatic stress disorder treatment has been reported to be effective when combined with behavioral therapies. The medicines that are usually prescribed for PTSD mainly constitute the SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors), which are the popular anti depressants that can bring in tranquility by lessening the feeling of anxiety and worry. Sertraline and Paroxetine are the couple of FDA approved SSRIs that are being used for treating PTSD.

Other medications that are given to PTSD patients include Prazonin, Atypical and Tricyclic antidepressants like amitriptyline and mirtazapine. Mono AmineOxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs) like phenelzine also aid in treating PTSD. Mood stabilizers such as carbamazepine are yet another class of drugs that are resorted to for the PTSD treatment.

The Challenge: Getting it Right

If you see that you have post traumatic stress disorder symptoms, you cannot afford to overlook them just because you are hesitant to discuss the same with a therapist. The best thing that you can do is to talk to the beloved one who is very close to you. This would relax you and help you seek the advice of a therapist. Taking somebody into confidence and confiding everything first is a great way of initiating post traumatic stress disorder treatment. Further to this, fix up an appointment with a reputed therapist and do your best to get the disorder treated quickly without much of agony.

Emotional Stress Relief: Relieving Work Related Emotional Stress

Working for a difficult boss can be very stressful and a lot of people who work in this type of environment often find themselves under a lot of emotional anxiety. In fact, a good number of people who work under a hostile environment suffer from stress disorder. If you happen to be in a stressful work environment, you should consider getting into an emotional stress relief program and learn to manage your job related anxiety. Do not wait for the time when you become a nervous wreck before you seek emotional stress relief. Remember that your health is very important so you must seek for emotional stress relief as early as possible.

What To Expect From Emotional Stress Relief Programs

Emotional stress relief programs are designed to teach you how to deal with different situations at work and at home. If you enroll in one of those personalized emotional stress relief programs, you will be asked to fill out questionnaires at the beginning of the program to determine your level of stress. Be honest with yourself when you fill out these questionnaires and make sure that you tell your emotional stress relief counselor everything that he or she needs to know about you. Do not be afraid to tell your emotional stress relief counselor how you truly feels about a lot of things. Remember that your emotional stress relief counselor is there to help you and not judge you by the way you feel about a lot of things.

Once you are done filling out the questionnaires provided to you by your emotional stress relief counselor, you’re your counselor will schedule you for appointments. Some counselors would want to see you on a weekly basis and some would want to meet with you fortnightly. Moreover, your counselor may give you a journal where you can write your experiences at work. You may need to submit your journal to your counselor during the start of each session so make sure that you write something on the journal. What you write in your journal will serve as your counselor’s window to your thoughts so try to be honest about how to feel when you write in your journal. If you are angry about something or someone, say so.

Your counselor will ask probing questions during your counseling session so you should be prepared to answer difficult questions at times. Some of these questions may be uncomfortable for you to answer and at times you may feel frustrated and angry at your counselor. Do not be put off when you start experiencing these emotions. Remember that the path towards self discover is always difficult but once you learn to understand yourself, you will feel more at ease with the rest of the world.

Two Important Things To Remember When Coping With Emotional Stress After The Loss Of A Loved One

Losing a loved one is never easy and a lot of people find it difficult to deal with the situation and move on. For many people, coping with emotional stress after the loss of a loved one is almost impossible. In fact, a lot of people never get over the loss of a loved one and they go through life grieving about what happened. Fortunately, coping with emotional stress is not impossible even for the most emotional and unstable people. If you are one of those people who have recently loss their loved ones, you too can learn to cope with the situation and lead a normal and productive life. To help you get your life back, here are some important things to remember when coping with emotional stress.

Learn To Accept The Inevitable

There are a lot of things in life that is just beyond our control and there is nothing we can say or do to change that. Death is something that we all have to deal with sooner or later so we need to learn to accept the inevitable. When we have the courage to accept the things that we cannot change, coping with emotional stress will be easier for us. Yes, it will take time to come to terms with ourselves especially when we feel that death has cheated us but as times go by, the pain brought about by our loss will start to fade.

Learn To Focus On The Bright Side Of Things

According to many emotional stress management gurus, focusing our thoughts on the brighter side of things can help us deal with loss better. For instance, instead of focusing our attention on the tragedy at hand, we should relieve the happy memories that we have of our loved ones who have just left us. Yes, it is often hard to remember the good times when we are faced with a lot of stress but if we try hard enough to remember those happy memories that we have of our loved ones, coping with emotional stress will be a bit easier for us.

Aside from focusing on the happy memories that we have of our loved ones, we should also learn to focus our mind on the positive side of the situation at hand. For instance, if our loved one had been suffering from a debilitating disease and he or she had been in pain for quite some time, we should view his or her death as a form of release from sufferings.

Emotional Stress Management: Getting Ahead In Life With Less Stress

Emotional stress management is very important especially for those people who are into the public service sector or the customer service industry. We all know that people can be very demanding and those who are in the customer service industry and those who are in public service usually get more than their share of daily emotional stress. If you happen to be a customer service officer or if you are a teacher, a police officer or a firefighter, you need to master the art of emotional stress management to stay on top of your game.

As a teacher, you need to deal with emotional stress in children as well as other things in the classroom. If you do not have the right emotional stress management skills, you might end up snapping at those little ones in frustration. On the other hand, being a police officer or a firefighter can be very traumatic at times. You job expose you to a lot of emotional situations that could leave you drained a burned out. Fortunately, with the right emotional stress management skills, you as a professional will be able to detach yourself from your job once you leave the office. Remember that being able to detach yourself from your work is very important if you want to lead a normal life and be able to take care of your own family after you get home.

Advantages Of Emotional Stress Management Training

Dealing with emotional stress can be quite difficult at times that is why there are a lot of government offices and private institutions that are now offering free emotional stress management trainings to their employees. People at the top management now realize that stress management trainings are invaluable tools towards improving employee performance. Emotional stress management trainings do not only help the employees deal with their day to day stress, it can also help them be more productive at work. Studies show that organizations that offer this type of training to their employees are able to reduce the cost of job related accidents in their workplaces. When people are less stressed out, they tend to communicate better with each other thereby avoiding some hazards at work. Moreover, people who are less stressed out tend to make better decisions compared to those who feel overwhelmed by a lot of things.

Since emotional stress management training is very important, you should never say no to your employers when they offer to send you to a stress management seminar. Remember that knowing how to deal with stress can help you become more productive not only at work but also at home.

Types of Stress Anxiety (Children)

The types of stress anxiety (children) are classified according to the degree that it has already affected children in their normal daily activities – and these should be measured based from the child’s age and the level of development they are in. The following are some of the most well know and studied types of stress anxiety (children).

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

If one experiences generalized anxiety disorder, the child feels excessive apprehension and worry about what might happen in the future – this could last for a couple of days until months when not given proper medication could develop into a more serious type of medical condition. The child who has this disorder will have episodes of blank mind, the inability to perform functions well and excessive irritability. Stress anxiety (children) can cause significant level of distress to children and usually they end up developing further complications especially when the parents fail to categorized the problem and give attention to it.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-compulsive behavior is a classic sign for stress anxiety (children). This disorder brings in unwanted thoughts and behaviors to the child that often result to repetitive actions and routines. During attacks of these disorder brought by stress anxiety (children), there are times that the attack could last up to a day and it comes with impairment of normal body functions and routines. The most type of OC disorders are those that concerns about cleanliness and contaminations which could at times, further develop into murderous intent or some disturbing metaphors and other kinds of emotional stress.

Panic Disorders

Panic disorder is one of the most primitive of all reactions towards fear and danger – and it is no wonder that over the course of evolution, excessive response towards it and may other forms of stressor have turned into stress anxiety (children) signs. Panic disorders is the unwanted recurring of episodes of panic attacks and during episodes of this attack, the child has physical manifestations like abnormally fats heartbeats, too much shaking and trembling, shortness of breath that leads to choking among others.

Stress anxiety (children) can manifest itself in many ways in children because they are not fully aware of their situation - it is likely that since they cannot control it, then they tend to react to these attacks and other forms of stress in a much unrestrained fashion resulting perhaps to multiple complications both physically and psychologically. As parents, it is our responsibility, not only to understand them but to offer the best medications and the needed therapy to lessen the effects of their conditions.

How To Come With Emotional Stress During And After A Divorce

Divorce is always very traumatic especially for women. A lot of women who went through nasty divorce end up with so much emotional stress that they can hardly eat or sleep at night. Women who happen to be pregnant when they decide to file a divorce against their spouse are the ones who usually feel more emotional and distressed. You see emotional stress and pregnancy are incompatible with each other. Pregnant women are more emotional that those who are not pregnant and they tend to take things really hard most of the times. Fortunately, there are ways to beat emotional stress and emerge stronger and wiser after the divorce. If you are one of those women who are going through the throes of divorce, here are some things that you can do to deal with emotional stress.

Talk About Your Feelings

It is not always easy to talk about how you feel about a divorce but once you start talking, you will find it easier to accept things the way they are. You see, talking about the way you feel can release emotional stress and tensions. The more you talk and vent out your feelings, the more you will feel in control of yourself. However, you should not talk to just about anybody who would care to listen to what you have to say. Remember that divorce is a very sensitive issue and there are things that you should not discuss with strangers and casual acquaintances. If you want to talk about your divorce, you should talk to people who care about you. Turn to your family members and friends for emotional support.

When things really get too difficult for you to handle and you find it hard to deal with your emotional stress, you should consider seeing a therapist. A good therapist can help you deal with your feelings and let you come into terms with what is happen with your life. Yes, it may take a while before things get better for you but if you learn to face your problems and deal with it rationally, you can get over whatever emotional stress is thrown your way.

Find A Hobby

Staying at home and crying your head out will not help you get over the emotional stress of your divorce. Instead of sulking inside your room and feeling sorry for yourself, you should find an interesting hobby. Get busy with something and learn to be more independent.

Things That Reduce Stress Anxiety

To reduce stress anxiety may take some time to master and in fact many have sought the help of people expert in the field in order to be able to cope up with it. But you do not really need the help of a professional to handle stress (if it is not a grave case), you can follow these words of advice in order to reduce stress anxiety and minimize its effects – you may find them equally helpful in dealing with stress anxiety insomnia.

Stronger support system

A network of family and trusted friends can act your support cushion against the many stressors of life. Many psychologist believed that a good support system will serve as you conduit for all the stress built-up inside you and is a great way to reduce stress anxiety – those without a circle of trusted friends and supportive families to hear them out could often lead to a more difficult situation.

Developing positive outlooks in life

Most people tend to get depressed about things and even to little things because they have a more negative outlook about life and its consequences, usually these people are either, so hard on themselves or they tend to be so perfectionist that they little mistakes alarm and stresses tem out. In order to reduce stress anxiety, develop a positive attitude towards things, in this way you will be able to find better solutions than just being stumble over it again and again and this making you more unproductive.

Control emotions and deal with it well

This is one of the difficult thing to do but one of the most important factor if you want to reduce stress anxiety – it is just easier to let go of all our emotions especially when we are so burnt out carrying them instead of keeping them inside. To reduce stress anxiety that comes with excessive anger over certain events or things, learn to divert your attention towards healthier things like kickboxing or anything productive like gardening. You may also want to determine based from your experience whether this has become your primary stressor then start working from here by getting some anger management programs.

Arm yourself with knowledge

The best to successfully deal with reduce stress anxiety and to many things as well, is to make sure that you know exactly what is stress, how it is triggers and how to cope up with it either medically or through self practice - learn what you can do about it and do not waste time in dealing it.

Symptoms and Complications of Stress Anxiety Insomnia

As the name suggests, stress anxiety insomnia is caused by some emotional or psychological problems like depressions, acute stress, and other behavioral-related disorders. Aside from these, other forms of insomnia are caused by other medical conditions like sleep apnea that can give you much uneasiness; still others are caused by drugs like caffeine, some depressants and by alcohol as well.

Symptoms of stress anxiety insomnia

The symptoms of stress anxiety insomnia can be different from person to person, and it is quite different as well when we talk about stress anxiety children’s signs and symptoms. Recurrently, people with insomnia have difficulty sleeping at night and their usual sleeping patterns change. Many may have noticed that their 8 hours of sleep suddenly reduced to 5 hours and as they woke up in the morning, they feel tired instead of being energized.

Other kind of stress anxiety insomnia occurs when going to sleep is not at all difficult but once the person wakes up early, going back to sleep becomes such as trouble. This type of insomnia is more common to elderly but often manifest in persons suffering from stress anxiety insomnia. If you experience these problems with other together with frequent short sleep as result from some health conditions or problems, then they your stress anxiety insomnia is likely to develop into a chronic sleeping disorder with grave consequences like serious health problems.

Complications of stress anxiety insomnia

The most observable side effects of stress anxiety insomnia are frequent headaches – you wake up weaker than the previous day accompanied by a painful headache and in the areas around the eyes as well. Moreover, the lack of sleep will also cause mood swings and often you find yourself angry over things that you do not usually get disappointed at. Prolonged stress anxiety insomnia is found out to have caused heart complications to many people as well, but can be prevented if classified and treated earlier.

Accidents are very common when you lack sleep coupled with impaired mental functions. There are many studies that have divulged that many accidents are caused by fatigue by their operators due to stress anxiety insomnia. The lack of sleep because of stress anxiety insomnia can affect a person’s concentration and that person’s ability to execute his/her tasks very well, therefore it often ends up in grave accidents. According to the medical community and as approved by many psychologists, stress anxiety insomnia harms the brain’s ability to process and transmit information making it less alert, difficulty in memorizing details and overall decrease in mental acuity.

Common Stress Anxiety Symptoms

Stress and anxiety are controllable conditions, and the key towards proper stress anxiety management is to appropriately identify the common and clear stress anxiety symptoms – once you recognize them then you can easily seek attention from professionals so that coping with stress anxiety is easier done.

Be Deficient of Energy

The lack of energy a classic stress anxiety symptom; there are times when we simply can not get ourselves working no matter how much we wish to. This lack of energy results to a person’s lack of motivation but it also goes the opposite way when a person who is not motivated would cause the lack of energy. In close connection with the lack of energy as a stress anxiety symptom is the constant feeling of exhaustion, this kind of exhaustion is a bit different from the physical form – the exhaustion caused by stress is often difficult to identify. When you are depressed you tend to be so done and worn out even with no reason at all, and the tendency is often the lack of actions or motivation as well.

Abnormal Sleeping Patterns

Most of us have a sleeping pattern that we follow, say 6 -8 straight hours a day or more; but when you are stressed, depressed and anxious, you will notice changes in your usual sleeping routines. A familiar stress anxiety symptom is having disrupted sleeping patterns, either you get too much sleep or too little sleeps with casual breaks when you wake up in the middle of the night and found it hard to sleep back. Moreover, in the advance stage of depression a stress anxiety symptom would include occasional nightmares perhaps of the same kinds – the reason would be that when you are too stressed your brain is overworking and sometimes it continues to work even when asleep.


Lastly, being irritable is almost synonymous to stress; most of us can attest to this, there are times when we cannot control our anger if we are stressed or depressed. Being a typical stress anxiety symptom, when one is stressed the person’s level of patience and tolerance is very low to the point that even slight things will cause that person mad and do some spiteful behaviors.

Lack of Appetite

One of the most palpable effects of stress is the person’s loss of appetite. During an episode of anxiety it is quite common to see people just staying up whole day inside their rooms, this could be that their exhaustion is draining them of their energy to eat or perhaps they are reacting to stress so bad that their body release hormones that are responsible for utilizing food and transforming them into energy (hence there is no need for them to eat).

Vital Ways in Coping with Stress Anxiety

Coping with stress anxiety is series of self check and perhaps a matter of lifestyle change. When you let change tamper through your daily routines, then the consequences would be more damaging to you and your work in the long run. The following are what most experts have to say about stress and what are some things that you can do in order to reduce stress anxiety.

Investing on emotional health

Many of us do not look into our emotional well-being not until we are pressed with the problems like stresses, depression and anxiety – little did we know that building strong emotional health is one of the best ways in coping with stress anxiety. Those with stronger emotional state can easily put themselves together in case a depressive event strikes – they are therefore more resilient to stress anxieties. People who are resilient tend to be more positive and optimistic when bad things happen and at the same time they do not lose their focus on the things that they want even when they have problems to attend to.

Building a strong relationship with others

Your family and friends is your strongest shield against your episodes of depression. It is better that you learn to share what are the things that are bother you to your trusted friends for they can surely help you in coping with stress anxiety – sometimes the mere fact that somebody is willing to listen to your troubles is heartwarming enough to lessen the burden up and lower the stress down. Simple coping with stress anxiety mechanism could be a walk in the park, weekly eating out with friends, or talking endlessly with along with some pals.


Often the reason for stress is too much work, the same days of the same routine will surely send some stress into your system – this is mostly experienced with people working in the office who are doing the same thing everyday and not to mention your “slightly” boss. Coping with stress anxiety means that you develop other routines aside from the usual things that you are engaged to, and you have to make sure that they soothe your senses and your mind.

Today, coping with stress anxiety can be done with an hour of yoga, treating yourself to a sensuous massage, cooking, gardening, or doing some sports activities – you may want to include these activities in your weekly routines, they do not only keep you energized but they open your senses up and ready for another day. Make it a point that you are able to rest and have breaks in all the thing that you do, this will give your brain time to unwind and geared up.

All You Need to Know About Stress Anxiety

Everyday most of us have experienced this feeling of not being motivated, lost in the things that we do and frequently during those times, we only finished half of our job. Yes, many of us have experienced stress anxiety and for those who are not aware of what stress anxiety is and how it is controlled, the feeling could be a bit troublesome.


The medical community and many psychologists have defined stress anxiety as a result of any situations or perhaps thoughts that give you the feeling of being frustrated, anxious and at times, angry - although these general results of stress anxiety varied from person to person depending on their degree of tolerance. Stress and anxiety rarely come separately, even though anxiety comes in as a more serious manifestation of stress; anxiety gives the feeling of being fearful about certain situations, events or thoughts – there are times that the main reason for anxiety is difficult to pinpoint.

Many psychologists consider stress anxiety as our normal responses to life and if in controlled and manageable amount there is nothing wrong with stress. But if we tend to react to stress in an excessive manner and in exaggerated ways, then it becomes considerably harmful to us. Too much stress anxiety can lead to many medical conditions, either psychologically (substance abuse and eating disorders) or physiologically like heart diseases.

There are many identified causes of stress anxiety, some of which are severe emotional stress like grieve over a loss of a loved one as well as many health disorders like low blood sugar, or an overactive thyroid gland. Moreover, there are certain drugs (even prescriptions drugs) that can give a person stress anxiety as side effects – examples of these drugs are ADHD medications, caffeine, cocaine, diets pills, decongestants, nicotine, some depressants (tricyclic), those used to treat asthma and cold remedies among others. Another reason why persons develop anxiety is the person’s exposure to some traumatic experiences like sexual assault, war or a natural calamity, and this could develop into stress anxiety depression if left untreated.

Common signs and symptoms of stress anxiety are the physical manifestations like occasional trembling, excessive sweating, dizziness, irregular heart rate and abdominal pains. On the other hands, the signs of anxiety can be observed more as phobias and unexplainable fears on some things and the common psychological disorders like being obsessive compulsive and other forms of social phobias. Also observed when a person has stress anxiety is the lack of appetite; although loss of appetite is considered both a reason and as the effect of stress anxiety.

What Is Stress Anxiety Depression

There are many reasons why people suffer from stress anxiety depression. Many experts came up with the conclusion that genetics could play major role a person’s episodes with stress anxiety depression – this means that if anyone in the family shows stress anxiety symptoms of depression as caused by anxiety and stress then there is a large possibility you may experience it as well.

Aside from genetics, another reason for stress anxiety depression is your brain chemistry. Scientists have proven that abnormal levels of certain chemicals and compounds in the brain could lead to stress anxiety depression – these chemicals can affect your brain’s neurotransmitters. As some of us may already know, our brain’s neurotransmitters act as messengers from one cell to another in order to pass information and if these chemicals interfere with these functions then abnormalities like frequent stress anxiety depression could occur.

Lastly, another important factor on the development of stress anxiety depression are various environmental factors such as trauma and abuse – this are often observed from victims who have tried so hard to forget their experiences but at the same time their brains created episodes of depression that becomes worse when coupled with stress. In connection to that, stress anxiety depression is also very common in people who are suffering withdrawal from their addiction; it is likely that they manifest signs like the classic signs of not wanting to be with anyone and showing anti-social behaviors.

What people with stress anxiety depression often do

Many of those who experiences stress anxiety depression admitted that they are really in a state where depression, anxiety and stress are making them function less effectively, yet they are equally unaware what to do towards these feelings – others would even resort to addiction in either alcohol or in drugs to alleviate the recurring thoughts. All of us know that alcohol and some drugs could perhaps fix the symptoms but they are definitely not the solution to stress anxiety depression - it should be your top priority to seek immediate medical attention.

Doctors would recommend some prescription drugs to those with stress anxiety depression, but you should be extra careful while taking them for there are reported side effects that comes with this like lack of decrease sexual function and even appetite, others tend to be addictive when not taken cautiously while other have the ability to cause more anxiety than curing it. Because of these things, always make it a point to seek medical attention when dealing with these stress anxiety depression and never try to self medicate for they might cause more troubles than help.

All About How Stress Relief Meditation Can Make You Happier And Calmer

Stress seems to be killing far too many people for the condition to be ignored or taken lightly. People living in the East of course have a solution because they believe that the best way to revitalize their bodies is through creating more life energy that they call prana. Such life energy can be stimulated through certain kinds of breathing techniques that will ensure better health as well as greater peace of mind. And, this is what a person suffering from stress must aim for. It follows therefore that using meditation for stress relief can and will help in overcoming stress and worry as well as fear and anxiety.

Rediscover The Stillness Of Nature

With the help of meditation for stress relief it is possible to rediscover that there is pure stillness in nature that when tapped into can make life a lot easier to live. There is a number of different meditation for stress relief techniques that you can rely on and which generally involve repeating a phrase taken from the holy Indian religion that needs to be repeated repeatedly.

However, there are other stress relief through meditation techniques that when learned can prove to be a very effective solution that helps reduce and eliminates your stress. For example, it is a good idea to use a meditation technique for stress relief known as Antar Mouna Meditation that is in the English language, nothing but a method of observing a person’s own inner silence.

Another meditation method for stress relief that can be employed is the one in which you have to focus your attention on a fixed object such as a candle. Yet another method that you will want to check out, Yoga Nidra Meditation is very useful as too is a technique known as Japanese Zen Meditation.

All this seems to suggest that the route to the top of the mountain is not limited to one particular type of meditation and it is in fact possible to use different approaches that will suit people’ individual temperaments. What’s more, for the first time user of meditation for stress relief there is sure to be some amount of confusion arising in the minds at the beginning though once the methods are explained to them things can become a lot rosier and stress can then be handled, reduced and eliminated in a most effective manner.

Stress relief therapy on the other hand is an alternative method of achieving a stress-free life. However, such therapies require treatment being given to the patient by a professional such as a consultant or even a psychologist and the treatment must be meted out in a place that is quiet and peaceful.

Many Good Reasons To Opt For Stress Relief Therapy

In case you are having a difficult time learning how to control stress, stress relief therapy is then an option that needs to be considered seriously. In most cases stress relief therapy involves having a professional such as a psychologist or consultant handle your treatment that of course must be carried out in a place that is noise-free and calm as only such an environment will help ensure that your self-confidence will rise sufficiently for you to act in a manner that will help control and reduce your stress.

Spinoff Benefits

Stress relief therapy is certainly a good option that will help to considerably reduce stress levels and in addition, it will also show how to cope better with the pressures of everyday life. In addition, a spinoff benefit of trying stress relief therapy is that it helps to wean a person away from falling prey to developing bad habits which are a risk that affects those people that are experiencing more stress than they can cope with.

Another reason why stress relief therapy can prove to be very useful is that it involves use of a variety of treatments and techniques that are each designed to eliminate or at the very least alleviate stress levels.

One such stress relief therapy option, hypnotherapy is worth trying as it helps to reduce tension/stress and in addition it also helps a person learn how not to think negatively and best of all it makes them concentrate on good things and it promotes deeper relaxation as well.

In a few instances, medication is used in stress relief therapy, though only when the patient is suffering from extreme stress that cannot easily be handled by conventional methods. Counseling too is a form of stress relief therapy that can help people that are completely overwhelmed by their stress. Talking to someone about your problems is a great way to get things off your chest which then will help you to feel more relaxed and less stressed.

We all know that modern day living is much more stressed than in the times of our grandparents and so today we are in a situation where there is greater need to explore every avenue that will help ensure riddance from stress. In fact, there is nothing to be gained (and much to lose) by not seeking help for your stress. With so many treatment options available it will certainly be in your best interests to try stress relief therapy as a possible solution to your stress.

Dealing with stress anxiety and depression without professional help is often not possible and nor is it recommended. This is why the moment you find that you are feeling too much of anxiety or stress or are feeling depressed you should start looking for professional help as often only as professional will know how to deal with such problems.

Let Your Doctor Advice You About Proper Anxiety Stress Relief

There no doubts the fact that anxiety as well as stress is interrelated but at the same time there is no denying the fact that dealing with either problem can be difficult unless suitable anxiety stress relief measures are known and tried out. In fact, after using proper anxiety stress relief methods you can confidently say that your life will take a turn for the better and that you will become healthy, calmer and happier.

Anxiety/Stress Test

The first step that needs to be taken by a person looking for anxiety stress relief is to see their doctor who will conduct an anxiety/stress test on them. Such a test allows your doctor to establish the level of stress you are experiencing and in addition it also helps identify the toll that these levels of stress are taking on your health.

Many people make the mistake of ignoring their stresses and anxieties and allow these to remain untreated and in fact these people often tend to ignore the problem altogether. This means that when stress and anxiety are not treated the absence of anxiety stress relief will mean risking a further worsening of their condition leading to a complete breakdown or even to a panic attack. This is why taking anxiety stress relief methods serious are in the best interests of everyone that has a stress/anxiety problem.

After your doctor has completed the anxiety/stress test they will know just what your exact condition is and this is when they will call you in to discuss anxiety stress relief solutions. This means that you will be told about possible techniques and treatments that can provide suitable anxiety stress relief and then it is up to you to decide what kind of anxiety stress relief you would be comfortable trying out.

Sometimes, and especially when your condition is very severe, anxiety stress relief means having to take medications which however should be a short term solution and not a long term one because over a longer period of time there is danger of experiencing dangerous side effect. Massage is a good anxiety stress relief option and it does in fact also mean getting instant results that of course is very important for people that wish to get rid of their stress - fast.

Stress relief through meditation is often recommended by doctors who find that their patients are at risk of inflicting physical damage upon them as a result of not being able to manage their stressed out conditions. Meditation provides numerous benefits including making the heart beat more normally and also helping in slowing down rapid stress related breathing.

There Are Several Good Reasons Why A Stress Relief Product Can Provide Effective Results

Many people turn to using stress relief products in order to get relief and in fact this is not such a bad idea, especially if you are in a hurry to get rid of your stressed out feelings. There are in fact a number of different reasons why people become stressed and realizing this, manufacturers of stress relief products too have begun offering products that address each different cause. In any case, stress occurs on account of emotional, physical as well as chemical disturbances and these causes must be addressed properly and in a timely manner as left unchecked, stress can cause further unwanted damage.

Higher Incidences, More Products

The higher incidences of stress cases among the general population have seen a corresponding rise in the number of stress relief products being offered on the market today. Some of these stress relief products aim to relax you by using natural alarm clocks that awaken a person to their normal state whiles other products include the likes of items such as attractive water fountains and wind spinners as well as comfortable hammocks.

You can also find capsules that make up a different category of stress relief products and these capsules too are available everywhere and include both natural as well as homeopathic concoctions that are known to help drive away stress from a person’s mind and body. If however you choose to try allopathic stress relief products then be careful about the possible side effects that drug based products often give rise to.

The aim of using a stress relief product is that it should help to soothe whatever stress you are feeling and it should also drive away tension and also whatever anxiety you are feeling. Some options in this regard include online games and even games with multi-player abilities and even an online tournament can prove to be a great stress buster.

You will also do well to try out stress relief products such as sleep and relaxation CDs and there are also products that create musical as well as visual images that can also drive stress out of your mind and body. Even special pillows and massage slippers as well as sleepers and cushions are useful stress relief products that are worth trying out.

Our modern lifestyles are such that stress has become a major problem that is marring the quality of our lives. Herbal stress relief remedies have also proven their worth over time and so are certainly worth learning more about. Using herbs to combat and reduce this stress is certainly worth a shot as the results in most cases will be according to expectations.

Some Simple Tips To Help You Get Stress Relief

There are a number of stress relief methods that can and must be tried out that will help you overcome feeling like you just are not able to function normally. The simplest such stress relief method is to take a nice bath that should help to relax you. Further, you should play some soft music and light a candle as well as drink a glass of beer or tea or hot chocolate or even wine and perhaps some champagne. Keep the door closed and try and forget everything for about sixty minutes or so. The end result of these steps is that you will start feeling calmer and this in turn will drive away stress and best of all it is the most luxurious way of getting stress relief.

Try A Comedy Night

The second method that should ensure that you get proper stress relief is to try a comedy night which in turn means starting by consuming your favorite tidbits of food such as tortillas, chips and crackers. In addition, you can also open a bottle of wine and even watch your favorite movie. Laughter is the best medicine and it too is a good option for stress relief because it will help improve your mood and make your spirits rise and it is also the best antidote for all the stresses in life.

Sometimes, we need quick stress relief but feel overwhelmed by our feelings and here again it is a good idea to get out of the firing line so as to drive away stress. It does mean dropping everything you are doing and heading out to someplace that is quiet and peaceful where with a journal in hand you can relax as well as get some time to gather together all your thoughts. The further you are from your problems the clearer your mind will be and this in turn means feeling less stress.

A massage too is an excellent stress relief option, especially when you share the massage with your loved one as then the atmosphere will be more relaxing and with soft lighting and application of proper oils you will find that stress will start to fade away.

The last stress relief option that is worth trying is spending an entire weekend in which you ensure keeping the television switched off as this is a step that will help you become more positive while eliminating the harmful effect that television commercials and distorted viewpoints create in your mind.

Natural stress relief is a great option as well as you will get to enjoy all the benefits that accrue when you are not using drugs, potions or even hypnotherapy to become more stress free. In fact, you will start sleeping well and also wake up full of energy and your self confidence too will shoot up.

Knowing The Right Workplace Stress Management Techniques Help Ensure Maximum Fun At Work

The current downturn in the economy is certainly making the lives of an increasing number of people rather intolerable. Stress in the workplace and at home is taking a heavy toll on our general welfare and employers and managers as well as workers seem to be the worst affected. Some amount of stress in the workplace is welcome and desirable though when the stress levels increase beyond a certain point there is need to find quick solutions.

A few workplace stress management techniques can help you avoid becoming so stressed that you normal routine is disrupted and which can also retard both your mental as well as physical wellbeing. The good news is that it is possible to benefit from workplace stress management and there are many things that you can learn that will help you reduce and manage your stress most effectively.

Layoffs As Well As Budget Cuts Are Feared Terms

Layoffs and also budget cuts are perhaps the two most feared terms that no employee wants to hear about. And, given that there is an economic crisis on hand when these terms are used they lead to excessive stress in the workplace. However, with the right workplace stress management techniques it is possible to avoid succumbing to stress and in the process not fail at your work.

Remember that emotions are very contagious and what you feel and think can easily rub off on others; and vice versa. By applying the right workplace stress management techniques you can learn to be more positive which will then rub off on your co-workers and in this way it helps to reduce stress in the entire workplace.

The best workplace stress management technique is to learn how to shoulder responsibility which will act as a shot in the arm and which will boost your emotional and physical wellbeing. Then again, you also need to learn how to avoid common pitfalls at work that can cause you to feel excessive stress. And, the best workplace stress management technique is to improve your communication skills as this will help you to develop better and more meaningful relationships –both with management and with co-workers – which then will translate into less stress at the workplace.

In regard to stress management and relaxation, there is must to be learned to help you learn how to relax while still remaining mentally and physically alert. There are a number of important tools and techniques that you can learn about that will help you create a less stressed and more relaxed mind, body, spirit, and heart. These tools include simple things such as avoiding common stressors and minimizing your reactions to these stressors, in case you are not able to avoid them.

All About Stress Management And Relaxation

The good news is that when it concerns stress management and relaxation there is plenty of information available to help you learn to keep your mind and body as well as spirit and even your heart free from stress. In the process you will also get to learn to be more relaxed as well. However, at the very outset it is necessary to realize that stress management and relaxation are quite different to one another and so different solutions may have to be tried out so that you learn to manage your stress while also remaining more relaxed.

Remove Stressors From Your Life

In regard to stress management and relaxation, it is also necessary to first of all realize that stress management is all about teaching people to remove stressors from their lives – both those stressors that are self created and those that are external and which need to be faced. In addition, stress management is all about teaching people how to control their reactions to those stressors that do crop up and which cannot be avoided for one reason or another.

When discussing stress management and relaxation it is also important to note that relaxation techniques attempt to achieve different goals. For example, relaxation is about keeping both the mind as well as body quiet so as to reenergize the mind and body and create more balance and energy. In addition, relaxation is about utilizing your energy to its fullest potential so that when you start to feel stressed that you will know what the proper response is and this can help you overcome your stress quickly and efficiently.

The best tip in regard to stress management and relaxation is to learn to control yourself. At the same time, you need to also ensure that the need to control yourself must not degenerate into becoming obsessive about yourself. Nevertheless, it does mean checking your condition through the day and to also make an effort to determine if your muscles are relaxed enough for them to work properly.

Finally, another stress management and relaxation tip that is worth following is learning the benefits of taking slow and deep breaths which should be done in short bursts of between thirty and sixty seconds after which you will feel stress-free and very relaxed.

There are several noteworthy stress relief tips that are worth learning about and then putting into good use. The simplest yet most effective such tip is to take some time to smell the roses which is a step that will ensure that you find more peace as well as tranquility in your everyday life. such a step also ensures that you can start thinking about pleasant things, and especially those things that are not just another ‘to do’ list.

What Should You Expect From A Stress Management Workshop

Modern lifestyles are leading too many people to experience so much stress that can also easily turn into depression and which can also cause plenty of anxiety as well. Each of these problems is plaguing us and we need to do something about it - fast. It is all too easy to feel helpless and lonely as well as isolated which can make even the strongest persons feel so exhausted that they just won’t have time to do the simple everyday tasks which of course will then make life turn into a living nightmare. Such a scenario does not just involve a few isolated cases because today it is believed that each year as many as more than twenty million Americans are becoming victims of depression, stress and anxiety.

A Great Help

A stress management workshop can prove to be a great help to those who need to handle stress fast and which is ruining the quality of their lives. For their part, trainers at the workshop must be prepared to first of all share their own experiences so that people attending the stress management workshop are able to relate to these trainers. Furthermore, in a few cultures, the trainer’s qualifications are considered to be very important while in other cultures it is the amount of experience that the trainer has that is considered more important. So, there are different yardsticks to be applied when planning on joining a stress management workshop.

Before the stress management workshop even gets underway it is important for the trainer to explain what the purpose of the training program is, and in addition a brief explanation of the course material needs to be given. It is also important when choosing a stress management workshop to look at how well your (the participant’s) confidentiality is respected.

Another feature that you should look for in a stress management workshop is the kind of stress management strategies that are going to be employed to help participants learn how to cope with and defeat their stress.

Often people feel helpless about the cause of their stress which is why attending a stress management workshop can provide them with sufficient knowledge that will help them learn to relax and defeat stress so effectively that it even becomes possible once more to live a more normal life. Some of the strategies that a good stress management workshop should employ include using physical exercises to act as an anti-depressant, and ensuring that participants learn of the value of consuming more balanced diets.

In addition, the stress management workshop should teach the participant how to perform relaxation exercises as well as drill in the need to abstain from smoking and alcohol and that it is also very important that they get sufficient amount of sleep at night.

Workplace stress management is very important, especially as the American workplace has become a place where stress has become a major problem. According to research on workplace stress it has been revealed that if a person works for twelve hours in a day then they had an approximate thirty-seven percent chance of suffering injuries which shows that the workplace is a place where people feel a lot of stress in thinking about suffering an injury due to their job duties.

An Appropriate Stress Management Technique Will Provide Many Benefits

Almost everyone experiences stress in one form or another and of course there are also some people that are better able to cope with their stress than others. People that are not very productive at work or who are so stressed that getting through a normal working day can prove to be very difficult are the ones that will benefit the most from using correct stress management techniques. Some of these stress management techniques even promise that within a short time after using the technique your entire life will change making you forget your stress and instead will help you become as carefree as a teenager.

Meditation Is A Good Example

An example of a good and effective stress management technique, meditation has many admirers and if you have till now been poking fun at colleagues and family members that practice meditation it is time to get real and try this excellent stress management technique. Essentially, meditation is all about grounding your mind and creating a better harmony between mind and body which will then help promote relaxation and provide much needed relief from stress.

Exercise is yet another simple and effective stress management technique and one that must be made part of your daily activities. People working in stress filled jobs need to take out some time in which to do some exercises that will help to remove all stressful feelings from the mind and instead will allow them to concentrate on something more pleasant and in this manner help take their minds off whatever is making them feel stressed out.

The third stress management technique that too is simple and effective is to try for greater self realization. Most experts know and will advice their followers not to try and do too much because doing so will lead to unwanted stress. The best stress management technique is therefore to realize that you are only human and that you will make mistakes in life and these mistakes should not become a reason to become more stressed than is good for you.

By delegating work you can remove much of the stress in your life and in fact doing only what you are supposed to do is one of the best techniques that will help you reduce the amount of stress in your life.

Besides these stress management techniques you should also look for some stress management tips that will help show you how you can unwind and remain more relaxed. There are several good tips available that will help you ensure that stress does not become so big so as to overwhelm you.

Learning To Relax Is A Stress Management Tip That Is Worth Following

Come to think about it, the simple definition of stress is that it is the exact opposite of relaxation. Furthermore, stress can be positive as well as negative and it can come from an external force or from within such as through frustrations and from lows in life. These internal stress causing factors also include termination of a job and divorce as well as bereavements.

Become Better Equipped

With the help of the right stress management tips anyone can become better equipped to develop a strategy with which to manage their stress in a more effective manner. These stress management tips should at least show you the benefits to be derived by making an effort to explore the different causes of stress and to also learn about what the common symptoms of stress are.

The right stress management tip will also show you how certain games can help you get relief from stress and in addition you will also learn about the different exercises that can bust your stress. Furthermore, there are also stress management tips available that will help you become more skilled at managing stress.

The best stress management tip is of course one that teaches you to understand that not all stress is bad for you. Furthermore, the most essential stress management tip is that you must realize that you can only manage your stress if you are able to first identify the stressors that are causing you to suffer from more stress than is good for you.

Another simple though effective stress management tip that is worth following is that you should take a moment or two in which to take a big and deep breath and then count up to ten. This will send oxygen into every part of your body including to the brain and that in turn will promote relaxation which of course helps a person to become free of stress.

Yet another excellent stress management tip is to take some time to visit a garden where you should take in the fragrances from the flowers including from roses as this too helps to promote relaxation.

Knowing your limitations is one of the best ways of eliminating and reducing stress levels as if you know who you are and what your limitations are then you will be able to ward off stress by admitting that you cannot do any more.

A stress management workshop is a wonderful place where participants will learn how to cope with their stressed out lives. Both trainers and participants should get a chance to know each other and also relate to one another so that the course proves to be more fun and effective.

Learn These Stress Management Techniques To Become Happy And Calm

When it comes to picking the right stress management techniques care must be taken to ensure that the techniques chosen are easy to use and are also easily learnable as well as easily implementable – all of which will ensure that you get to put the techniques to use and also deal with your particular types of stress problems and manage your stress better. The proper stress management techniques are those that will help you control your stress in a manner that ensures that after using the techniques you come away happier, calmer as well as become stress-free.

Make Stress Your Friend

The first stress management technique that is worth looking at is to start off by admitting that some amount of stress is good for you. In fact, it pays to consider stress to be your ally and friend and you need to also make your ‘fight or flight’ response to stress work for you rather than against you.

The second stress management technique that needs to be learned is to not allow yourself to be influenced by the stress that you see in others. Rather you should try and be the stress doctor to those having stress problems. In fact, you will do well to learn to share your feelings and thoughts with your near and dear ones because by bringing out your thoughts about stress in the open you will be able to lighten your load and in this way manage stress in a simple yet effective manner.

Simplifying your life is another good stress management technique and so too is managing your time and conserving energy. This means that you should spare time for recreation, social activity and for recreation as all these steps will help divert your mind’s attention away from stress and in this way provide you with relief from your stress.

Another useful stress management technique is doing exercises regularly and it also pays to try relaxation techniques that involve doing exercises, meditation and even breathing patterns. Furthermore, you should change your lifestyle so that it promotes good health and of course it also means avoiding drugs as well as alcohol intake.

As for stress management training there are several good courses available that can provide you with the capability to achieve your objective of being competent to provide help to those who need to become stress-free. These training courses will help you to learn about pressure and performance management, common causes of stress as well as learn about symptoms of excess stress; and, much more.

Stress Management Training: Laughter Yoga

Modern lifestyles have become too stressed out and more so in the workplace where everything is being taken far too seriously for everyone’s good. Most people are also under the mistaken impression that only serious people are responsible as well as more productive. The truth of the fact is that productive people are people who are serious about their work but who also can take themselves more lightly. According to research it has been established that laughter is a great weapon with which to resolve common stress related issues at the workplace.

Laugh Non-Stop

So, if you are considering undergoing stress management training then consider learning more about Laughter Yoga that is a cutting-edge stress management training method that can enable people to laugh non-stop for between fifteen and twenty minutes interspersed only by short breaks in which they need to perform yoga breathing exercises.

When it concerns stress management training and more particularly Laughter Yoga it is pertinent to note that in the course of our daily lives we tend to laugh only very occasionally and this is not enough to change our psychological makeup. A stress management training method such as Laughter Yoga can provide the necessary amount of laughter in our lives so as to relieve tension and stress and in this simple way make us calmer and happy.

It pays to learn more about what Laughter Yoga is so that you will get to know what you should expect from this form of stress management training. It has in fact been found that anybody can laugh and do so without any valid reason for laughing and also without needing to rely on humor or jokes or even on comedy. By laughing long enough it is possible to succeed in driving out stress from your lives.

In stress management training methods such as Laughter Yoga you will learn that laughter can be turned into a group exercise in which besides laughing you will also need to make eye contact with others and indulge in childish playfulness which has the effect of making laughter more contagious and when you join in the fun you will start forgetting about whatever was causing you stress. And. when everyone laughs with you (and not at you) you will, along with the yoga breathing exercises, find that more oxygen will start to enter your body as well as the brain that in turn will make you feel healthier and more energized – and a lot less stressed out.

Only with the right stress management techniques is it possible to learn how to become stress-free. However, the main challenge in this regard is learning as well as putting to use the proper techniques. However, once you have become acquainted with the different techniques and you start feeling comfortable using them the results will be very positive and very worthwhile.

Heart Stress Test: Preparing to Take the Test

A heart stress test is very important, and your doctor will let you know whether or not this is a test that they want you to take. If so, there are a few things that you are going to need to do beforehand, so that you are going to be prepared and ready to take the heart stress test, which is a free stress test that will be performed by your doctor.

Preparing for the Test

There are a few things that are important to remember because you need to make sure that you do these things before taking the heart stress test. Otherwise, your results from the test are not going to be accurate and so chances are that your doctor is not even going to bother and will tell you that you will have to take the test another time.

For one thing, you are going to need to make sure that you eat and drink for the last time at least three hours before the time of your test. You should continue to take any medications that you may be on even over the duration of the test, but make sure that you have let your doctor know about any medications that you are on. This is important because this could have an effect on your health and on your test results and so they need to know this.

As well before your heart stress test, make sure that you know what you are going to wear, and it should be something loose from the body a bit and which is very comfortable, as the last thing that you want bringing down your test results is the fact that you were not wearing comfortable clothing.

Talk to Your Doctor

Once you have taken your heart stress test, you are going to want to talk to your doctor. They will be able to let you know what the results of your test was, what this means, and whether you need to take any action and do anything in the form of treatment to get your body in better shape. Remember, the basic point of this test is to show how well your body responds to exercise and how well it can hold up, and so the first thing that they will probably suggest if you do not pass the test is that you make a modification to your diet and exercise routine to get stronger.

For a Free Stress Test go Through Your Doctor

If you have been thinking of going to take a stress management test and want to make sure that it is going to be a free stress test, then you are going to want to go through for your doctor for this because this is the only way to ensure that you are going to get a completely free stress test and they are going to be able to discuss with you your results and what sort of treatment you are going to need to take if any.

Getting Ready

When you find out the date of your free stress test, when you are going to need to go in for it, they are going to give you a few instructions as to what you cannot do before your test. You need to stop eating and drinking the last three hours before your test for one thing, otherwise the free stress test is not going to be able to be performed because the results are going to be inaccurate, so there would really be no point.

Your doctor is also going to let you know that you should keep taking any medications that you were already on, although they will need the name of each medication that you are taking because they will need to make sure that this is not going to have any effects on the outcome of your test. They really want to make sure that the results of your test are going to be as honest and accurate as possible.

A lot of people are worried about how the free stress test is going to feel, and they are unsure of whether or not they are going to be able to handle it. Well you most definitely can, and it is really not that bad once you get into it, although it can certainly feel as though it is going to be a frightening experience.

There are going to be electrodes that are placed on the chest, arms and legs and these are going to be used to record the activity of your heart while you are doing the test. There will also be a blood pressure monitor that is going to be wrapped around your arm, just as it would be at a doctor’s office when they are taking your blood pressure. It is not that uncomfortable and in a short period of time you will have the results.

Stress Test Result: What to do After the Test

So maybe you are going in for an exercise stress test, and you are just curious as to what is going to happen once the stress test result is given. Well there are a few different things that could happen, and while you are really not going to know the details until your own test because everyone is different and a lot of people get results that they were not expecting there are a few things that you will want to know.

After the Results

For one thing, after your stress test result, if they find that your heart is not responding as it should be and that you are not in that good of shape, there are a few things that they are going to suggest. For one thing they are probably going to tell you that you are going to need to make a modification to your diet and exercise routine.

After your stress test result, they will be able to talk with you and let you know what your options are here.

If your test shows that you are very stressed out, then they are probably going to want to take immediate action. Especially if you are older in age or have health conditions that are more serious, then they may give you some medication to help out with this and make you feel better, relieve some stress.

It is important that you take your stress test result very seriously, even if it comes back as being on the positive side. Taking care of yourself and keeping your health in good condition is really important and you are the only one who is in control of this. Using your stress test result to your advantage is going to be really important here and make sure that you are keeping your health in check.

Eating a nutritious diet is really important and you want to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and making sure that you are drinking at least eight glasses of water is also going to be important here. When you are eating a proper diet and getting lots of exercise, you know that you are going to be keeping in shape and when you go back for your next stress test, hopefully your results are going to be better.

Your doctor is going to watch for improvement and make sure that you are going to stay in the best shape.

Exercise Stress Test and Why it Matters

Taking a heart stress test is obviously very important, and it is imperative that you realize just how important it is to keep your health in check. With an exercise stress test, the basic purpose here is for your doctor to be able to see whether or not your heart is strong and if not, your doctor can work with you to make sure that you are going to get the treatment that you need to feel better.

Before the Test

There are a few things that are important to know before you ever go through with an exercise stress test. For one thing, you should not be drinking, smoking or eating anything before the test. This is really important, and so if you are hungry you want to make sure that you have something to eat at least three hours before the time of the test.

As well, before this stress test, you are going to need to let your doctor know whether you are presently taking any medications or whether you have any underlying health conditions, because these are things that are likely to have an effect on your health and on how well you are going to do on your stress test so you need to let them know ahead of time.

Of course because you are going to be walking on a treadmill and otherwise being physically active, you want to make sure that you wear some comfortable shoes and loose clothing for the test.

Why it’s Done

The exercise stress test is a type of screening tool that is used to test the effect of exercise on the heart. This way doctors are able to see how much exercise your body can take and how well your heart is able to keep up. With the exercise stress test, the test is going to continue until the doctor has you reach the target heart rate.

This way they are going to get the results and are going to see how much exercise your body is able to handle without struggling. Obviously the better condition your body is in, the better you are going to do on your exercise stress test. But even if you come out with bad results from your test, you don’t need to worry because there are a lot of different things that you can do which, over time, are going to help to improve your health and make sure that you do better on your stress test the next time around.

What is the Stress Test for?

There are a lot of different tests that your doctor could suggest you take, but the stress test is one of the most common. The stress test is basically a type of cardiac stress test that is used to measure how a system functions when subjected to controlled amounts of stress. This is a type of exercise that a doctor performs when they want to see how well the heart is able to hold up.

It is a very quick and relatively easy test, and there are millions of people around the world who have already had to take one of these tests.

The Details

The stress test has a few details that you are going to want to be aware of. For this test, you will be hooked up to equipment that is going to be able to monitor the heart during the test and the doctor may ask for you to breathe into a tube for a couple of minutes. Your heart rate is going to be monitored the entire time and this is how they arguing to determine how good of condition your heart is in and whether or not you are going to need to find some sort of treatment to help you.

Only after this test is your doctor going to be able to let you know whether there is enough blood supply making it to the heart and if there are any problems, this test is going to help them figure out what treatment is going to work best for you here.


Now if they find from the stress test that there is something wrong, they are going to find a treatment that is going to work for you to help to relieve your stress. Meditation is one of the best ways to relieve stress. As your doctor will tell you, this is a practice that is going to help to clear the mind and get things of your head that you don’t need to be focusing on.

After all, a bit of stress is normal for everyone, but when you are dealing with too much and especially when it is having a negative effect on your body, then it is time to do something about it and make sure that you are not going to let your stress problem go untreated. There are also other things that you can try, such as speaking to a counselor.

Cardiac Stress Test: When do You Need it?

There are a lot of people out there who really need to take a cardiac stress test but who are just not aware of it. This is why it is so important for you to take the time to learn about cardiac stress tests, what they are, and when they would be necessary in your life. A cardiac stress test could just save your life, and so it is important to recognize when one would be needed in your own life.

What is it?

Of course first it is important to learn about what a cardiac stress test really is, and why a stress test result would ever be helpful. A stress test is a certain test that is used, and which is mainly performed on a treadmill. This test is basically used to determine the amount of stress that the heart can take, to see how good of condition the heart is in and whether or not it is being affected by the stress that the person is dealing with in their life.

A cardiac stress test works because as your body continues to work harder and harder during the test, the heart has to pump more blood and so your doctor is going to be able to see whether or not your body is able to keep up with this. If not, then chances are that your heart is just not in good enough condition and so they are going to want to do something about it to get it stronger and working better.

Keep in mind that there are several things you may be asked during your cardiac stress test, and which you should not be surprised about. You are going to be walking on a treadmill and they may even ask you to breathe into a tube for a few minutes, but this is not always necessary, so you shouldn’t be surprised either way.

During the test your heart rate, breathing and blood pressure are all going to be monitored, and you are going to know the results once the cardiac stress test is completed.

If anything does need to be done once you have completed the stress test, your doctor is going to be able to talk with you and make sure that you are together going to find the right treatment and get your body in the best shape, just as it should be, and then will probably perform another stress test a few months down the road to note any improvement.

Dealing With Stress

A bit of stress is normal for everyone and is basically expected. However, when your stress gets out of control and you start to feel like you are spinning out of control, then you know that you need to do something about it or it is only going to get worse. A lot of people don’t even know where their stress comes from, but they feel as though they are going to lose it.

Stress can do more than just get to you and start to make you feel out of control, it can mean that you are going to cause problems in your personal and professional life.

Dealing With it

That is why dealing with stress is so important. There are some great things that you can do no matter what type of stress you are dealing with and to get yourself feeling back to normal. First you will want to take a stress test at your doctor’s. This test is basically going to let them know just how stressed out you are.

This test is very quick and simple and is going to give your doctor all the information that they need here and this is after you go through a physical stress test. The stress test is going to let the doctor know how your heart works and they know that if you are under a lot of stress, your heart is not going to be able to handle it that well and this is going to show up on the test.

Once you find out the results of your test, your doctor is going to let you know whether or not you have to do something about it. If you are in a critical state, they may even tell you that you are going to have to start taking medication so that you can calm down while you are working to find a more long term treatment.

At least you can know that there are a lot of different things that you can do if you want to get treatment and find relief from your stress. Your doctor is the one who is going to work with you here and make sure that you are going to find what you need to get better and work with you even though it may take a bit of trial and error to find the best treatment for you. Having stress is not something that you have to deal with, and you need to make sure that it is not taking over your life.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Travel Sickness Remedies

The best treatment for travel sickness is to prevent it - since once one develops the full symptoms, drugs will be of virtually no use. To minimize the symptoms after they occur, try breathing in fresh air - going out on deck on the ship, or opening the car windows. Avoid cigarette smoke and food smells, since these aggravate nausea. When traveling on land, as in a car or train, face in the direction of travel and fix your gaze on the road ahead or close your eyes. Reading in a moving vehicle should be avoided.

Often, repeated exposure to the motion which brings on travel sickness helps one's body to adjust and in a sense immunizes it so that one's symptoms are minimized. However, there are experienced sailors who never get over their sea-sickness! There are several drugs that can help prevent travel sickness but they must be taken before one sets out, since they almost always have no effect once symptoms come on.

Travel Sickness Remedies #1
The most effective drug to prevent travel sickness is Hyoscine (also called Scopolamine). It can have side effects such as drowsiness, blurred vision, dryness of the mouth and retention of urine but these are generally not prominent with the doses employed. A tablet of 300 microgrammes is taken approximately half an hour before commencing the journey; the dose may be repeated in six to eight hours if necessary. Children require smaller doses; a quarter tablet from two to five years, and a half tablet from five to ten years.

Travel Sickness Remedies #2
Recently, a convenient method of taking Hyoscine has become available. The drug is incorporated in a small adhesive dressing (like a piece of sticking plaster) that can be pasted on to the skin behind the ear; this allows a small, steady dose of the drug to be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream over a period of 72 hours. The patch is applied about six hours before commencing the journey - and delivers enough medication to last a three day period. One word of caution though Hyoscine should not be used by pregnant women, or those suffering from prostate problems or glaucoma. Other drugs such as the antihistamines Cinnarizine, Cyclizine, Promethazine and Dimenhydrate are also used in preventing travel sickness especially in those who find the side effects of Hyoscine unpleasant.

Travel Sickness Remedies – What Should You Know?
All these drugs can be quite effective but it must be admitted that there is no 100%effective way of preventing travel sickness. Unless, of course, one confines oneself to traveling only on one's own two feet!

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