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Searching For Bipolar Disorder

Diagnosing bipolar disorder is a very delicate and sensitive procedure. It is a condition that quite hard to diagnose that even some people go on living with it for years before being properly diagnosed. This is because the condition features multiple episodes. The manic phase is usually equated to a normal personality while the melancholic phase is considered a symptom of depression that is bipolar is misdiagnosed. The article will give you a description on how bipolar disorder is diagnosed.

Laboratory exams cannot detect bipolar disorder and therefore the most important tool in diagnosis of bipolar disorder is Mood Disorder Questionnaire or MDQ. The doctors can evaluate if tests should be continued by looking at the answers of the questionairre.

The doctor uses diagnostic exams to eliminate other conditions and highlight the current one. In the diagnosis of bipolar disorder, will take the person’s complete medical and psychiatric history. The doctor will use the medical history as reference by looking at the results of physical examination and inquiries about the symptoms the patient is currently experiencing. A reason for this is other illnesses and conditions produce similar symptoms of bipolar disorder. These include thyroid disorders, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, Lupus, diabetes, epilepsy, salt imbalance, brain tumor, and head injury.

When they are checking for psychiatric history of bipolar people, they would usually inquire about the symptoms of mental conditions. Family members are also asked if they experience the same symptoms because bipolar disorder is passed on genetically. The questionnaire asks about the frequency of mood swings since this is one of the characteristics of bipolar disorder.

By examining the symptoms, and doctors can conclude the it fits the condition, then they can diagnose it as bipolar disorder. Also the current symptoms must have been present for a considerable length already or is already affecting the everyday functioning of the patient. Another key factor in the diagnosis of bipolar disorder is the symptoms of mania or hypomania, since absence of either of those will imply that the person only has unipolar depression.

Treatments For Bipolar Disorder

People who have bipolar disorder can look at alternative treatments so they can cope up with the debilitating effect. The goal of these alternative treatments for bipolar disorder is to help those who have it manage their symptoms so that they can still function in their everyday lives. It's important to check on some further material on alternative treatments and consult the psychiatrist whether you can try them out. This will ensure that the trials would be safe and won't affect your current medications.

An alternative treatment for bipolar disorder is the nutritional approach. Basically what it does is that it helps in the maintenance of your moods by taking in a variety of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to help stabilize your emotions and prevent the triggering of mood episodes. Alternatively, you may try mood stabilizing compounds such as Phosphatidyl Choline (Lecithin), L-Taurine, and GABA aside from the normally prescribed lithium. You can try out other natural nutrients which also helps in maintaining a steady mood if you feel chary of taking such substances. These include Vitamin B complex. Magnesium and calcium, manganese, zinc, thiamin, B12, folic acid and methionine.

Another form of alternative treatments for bipolar disorder are culturally based healing arts. These are ancient or traditional health practices that not only helps in treating the body but the mind as well. While several studies have actually discovered that they can contribute to physical and mental well-being, practitioners of Western medicine still disputes the effectiveness of these approaches. Some of these culturally based healing arts, which has its origins all over the world, are acupuncture from China, Ayurveda Yoga of India and sweat lodge and taking circles from Native American traditional practices.

Various relaxation and stress reduction techniques can also be considered as alternative treatments for bipolar disorder. You can gain a lot of information by enrolling in classes. Stress reduction is important in managing the symptoms of bipolar disorder since stress can trigger a mood episode which is something that you do not want to happen. These relaxation techniques can help you stabilize your emotions especially when you are in a stressful situation. Guided imagery or visualization, massage therapy, and biofeedback are some examples of stress reduction and relaxation techiniques.

Do I Have Bipolar Disorder?- A Self-diagnosis

Is there a time when you asked yourself this question: do I have bipolar disorder? Most of us do not have a degree in psychiatry but it is definitely possible for us to diagnose ourselves with the condition by assessing our symptoms. But you must be well aware that a self-diagnosis should never be a substitute for a professional diagnosis but it can definitely aid us in deciding whether its time to go visit a psychiatrist or not. To help you answer your question “do I have a bipolar disorder?”, here are some guidelines.

In having a bipolar disorder there are three preconditions. These are the classic signs of the condition. if you have encountered the aforementioned symptoms at one point in your life, then you should already have a hint that the answer to the "do i have bipolar disorder?" question is most definitely yes.

The first indicator to know the answer to the “do I have bipolar disorder” question is 2 weeks of clinical depression. One must not mistaken it to an ordinary feeling of depression but rather consider it to be a serious psychiatric condition. A clinical depression is experienced when the person cannot function normally due to feelings of loneliness and despair. It also includes symptoms such as weight change due to loss of appetite, lost of interest in things that were previously enjoyed, difficulty in sleeping, suicidal thoughts, inability to focus, an low activity levels.

Mood cycles is the second sign that will indicate the answer to the question "do i have bipolar disorder?” While many people ordinary experiences change of mood at any given day, those who have bipolar disorder have a more complicated mood cycles because when it is combined with the other two main indicators of the condition, it can produce such a huge effect on the lives of those affected by it.

Lastly, the symptom to help you know the answer the question "do i have bipolar disorder?" is if you feel unusually fidgety or strange at times of ordinary happiness. The tricky part of it is that it concerns to the manic attribute of the condition. Almost everyone, yes, including you, can easily misinterpret such characteristic is a part of your personality when it is already a symptom of bipolar disorder. Some symptoms like feelings of heightened senses and emotions, being irritable and impatient with people, being excessively creative with so much ideas and plans, taking a lot of goal-oriented tasks, and unusually increased feelings of confidence are also indications of manic dimension of bipolar disorder.

Looking For Bipolar Disorder Support Groups

To help people with this condition cope up with their lives, it is advisable for them to join bipolar disorder support groups. The reason is that bipolar disorder is a lifetime condition that cannot be cured and its symptoms can only be treated. People who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder should accept the fact that they cannot hide from this condition and should be ready to go through the debilitating effects of this condition such as bouts of depression for the rest of their lives. People from bipolar disorder support groups can provide the best social support that a person with bipolar disorder needs.

Signing up for bipolar support groups is a great chance for you to be surrounded by people who truly understands your condition. The bouts of depression that comes with this condition can cause you to feel bad about your life and isolate yourself from people around you. Such behavior will only further bring you despair and even suicidal thoughts hence, this is not a good way to deal with your situation. The best way to deal with bipolar disorder is making new relationships with trustworthy people and most of them can be found in bipolar disorder support groups.

In bipolar disorder support groups you can find people who can look you in the eye and honestly say that they know exactly what you are going through. Why is it very important for people who are suffering from bipolar disorder? Do not think of it as a place where people who have bipolar disorder come together to pity each other’s situations. Rather think of it as a place where people with the condition gather to help each other make it their sufferings and struggles and have meaningful lives despite of what they are going through. Furthermore, to help people with bipolar disorder carry on with their lives bipolar disorder support groups provide peer support and invaluable advice.

Roots Of Bipolar Disorder

Biological and environmental factors play a big role in bipolar disorder. This makes this condition quite unique for each individual as people tend to have different life experiences. This article will help you discover things about bipolar disorder, its causes and how to cope with it.

Based on the available research materials, it is concluded that one of the main cause of bipolar disorder can be traced in the person's genes. To make a long story short, if your ancestors or relatives have bipolar disorder , chances are you have it too. While the exact genetic cause is still unclear, many twin studies have proven that the condition is indeed inheritable. Fraternal twins have different genetic makeup as compared to identical twins whose genetic composition are the same making them three time susceptible to bipolar disorder. There is a big possibility that bipolar disorder has been inherited genetically.

Another key biological causes of bipolar disorder can be traced to abnormalities in the neural processes in the brain. Those who have this condition have structural differences in certain brain areas. Another neurological factor that can be considered in the causes of bipolar disorder are the imbalance of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

Environmental factors also play a very huge part in the causes of bipolar disorder. A person with bipolar disorder may still live a normal life especially if the environmental aspects of their life does not affect the initial stages of the condition. Environmental factors that can trigger bipolar disorders are traumatic childhood experiences, and so does stressful life events such as death of a loved one, loss of employment, displacement, etc.. Everybody experiences similar stressful situations but not everyone develops the condition. The unstable mixing of biological and environmental factors make bipolar disorder a potent brew.

A Deeper Understanding On The Characteristics Of Bipolar Disorder

The manic-depressive psychiatric condition of bipolar disorder is one of its main characteristics. People who have this condition have sudden extreme mood shifts, being very ecstatic at one moment and then just unexpectedly becoming depressed without warning. The sudden changes affects the energy level and as a result so does the level of activity. It may be difficult for people with bipolar disorder to fulfill their everyday tasks as this is a debilitating condition. This article will discuss some more bipolar disorder's characteristics.

People who have bipolar disorder experience two distinct mood episodes. Manic episodes are often experienced when one becomes too joyous and active, while depressive episode is a moment of unapparent sadness and loneliness. Bipolar disorder's mood swings are way different from the normal mood swings that are experienced by those who don't have it. There are even times when an episode have a combined symptoms from both mania and depression and is called a mixed state.

Talking very quickly, getting distracted easily, being restless, decreased sleeping time, impulsive and high-risk behavior, having an exaggerated belief in one’s own abilities, and preference of taking goal-oriented activities are most of the characteristics of a person suffering from manic episode of bipolar disorder. On the other hand, when in a depressive episode, the person with bipolar disorder are often lethargic, could not focus on a task, is often worrisome, lacks interest in activities that are usually enjoyed, and have thoughts of death and suicide.

Because of such unstable emotions, this can severely affect the various activities of a person. Sudden changes in activity, sleep, behavior and energy are manifestations of the characteristics of bipolar disorder. And thus, the consequence is the person cannot cope properly at school, work or even at home.

A bipolar person can experience difference characteristics of its symptom, either he or she goes through a long bout of emotional instability or immediate manic depression episodes. A bipolar person can be experiencing an episode if he or she is manifesting manic or depressive symptoms every day for two weeks.

A Short Background On Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder has a long history as seen by the etymology of melancholia and mania came from Ancient Greece. During the 2nd century AD, the Greek physician Soranus of Ephesus described mania and melancholia as distinct illnesses with different causes and but acknowledged that other people consider melancholia as a type of disease of mania. In the meantime, another Greek physician Arateus of Cappadocia recognized both symptoms and contemplated if they are however related.

A lot of people consider the book of Richard Burton in 1650 , The Anatomy of Melancholia, a milestone in bipolar disorder because of his discussions about depression. His work is considered to be a classic and today he is acknowledge as the " Father of Depression as a Mental Illness".

It was only during the 1850s that a clear conceptualization of a manic-depressive condition was formed, considering the very long history of bipolar disorder. Jules Baillarger and Jean-Pierre Fairet, both presented a disorder that has manic depressive syndrome but both cannot agree on who initialized and conceptualized this condition.

When the term "manic-depressive psychosis" was coined by German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin in 1913, it was considered a milestone in bipolar disorder. He studied the natural course of untreated bipolar patients and found out that the bouts of mania and depression were punctuated by symptom-free periods wherein the individual can function normally.

Meanwhile Dr initiated the use of lithium carbonate to treat manic-depressive psychosis. John Cade after the World War II. By 1950’s, hospitals began trying the effectiveness of lithium on their patients. However, Lithium was only approved as medication during the 70's by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Despite the long history of bipolar disorder, it is only institutionalized in 1968 during the first revision of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-II). In 1980, the revision of Diagnostic and Statistic of Mental Disorder changed the term manic-depressive illness to bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Disorder And The Different Types

The three main types of bipolar disorder can be characterized by its manic depressive episodes. In a manic episode, the person is unusually irritable and has increased levels of energy and a decreased need for sleep. In a depressive episode, the person experience sadness, melancholy, loss of hope and tends to be tired and weak, leading to periods of inactivity. Different types of bipolar disorders differences concentrate mainly on the severity or combination of these episodes.

A type of bipolar disorder is Bipolar I and is considered a classic concept of a person suffering from manic depression syndrome. People who have bipolar I disorder have a more prolonged manic episodes which may last from a week to several months. During the manic phase of this type of bipolar disorder, the sufferer tends to experience self importance of the highest level, and illusions of grandeur.

The next classification after bipolar I is of course bipolar II disorder. In this type of bipolar disorder, the person does not suffer from a manic episode but rather experiences a milder hypomanic phase. In this way, delusions can be minimized and they can cope more than those who have bipolar I disorder. The hypomanic phase in this type of bipolar disorder can even feel so good that some peoples stop their medication so that they can experience this episode.

The third and last classification of the types of bipolar disorder is known as the cyclothymic disorder. The mood swings of the person who has this type is milder, as compared to the first two types. This condition has been there for quite some time waiting to be developed into a full blown bipolar disorder.

A symptom called rapid cycling can be considered as a sub-type of the mentioned types of bipolar disorder. People who have this kind of bipolar disorder experience four episode changes in the period of one year. Others may even experience suffer from multiple episodes within just a day, and can result in a severe depression as well as suicide attempts.

A Deeper Look: Bipolar In Children

Bipolar disorder in children has it diagnosis traced back to the criteria of condition in adults. However, it is a very possible occurrence considering that genetics has such a huge factor in bipolar disorder and therefore an offspring of two individuals that both have a genetic predisposition to the condition could have an onset of it at a very young age. Bipolar disorder in children is very difficult to manage because their social skills are still developing and they are still trying to fit in the society.

Manic and depressive episodes are also experienced by children who are bipolar. A child's behavioral problem can be attributed to this hence they have a hard time establishing good relationships with friends and family. Other children wouldn’t want to make friends with them and sometimes, even family members that are unaware of their condition despise them. Childhood for such individuals is a nightmare because of these experiences.

Besides the classic symptoms of bipolar disorder, children who are bipolar also experience temper tantrums, separation anxiety, distractibility, hyperactivity, bed-wetting, among others . Also, in bipolar disorder in children, the mood swings are more frequent than those that are experienced by adults. Bipolar children's grades in school have an inversely proportional effect, the higher their grades in academics, the lower their behavioral evaluation. They are also very prone to violent behavior such as cruelty to animals, self-mutilation, and even suicide.

If you notice that your child is exhibiting signs of bipolar disorder in children, then do not hesitate to seek professional help. Though bipolar disorder is incurable its symptoms can be managed through medications and treatments. However, bipolar disorder problems doesn't end with the treatment, family members should realize that this will be with them for a lifetime. Every children has special needs and every family member should be supportive in coping with them.

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The Various Stomach Pain Symptoms

Abdominal pain is a symptom that may indicate that the patient has a medical problem that needs to be treated. It can go along with other stomach pain symptoms that can range from different harmless conditions to severe life threatening conditions.

There are more than two hundred causes of stomach pain symptom; we will discuss some of these causes in this article.

Gas: Excessive flatulence or belching gas over-production may cause stomach pain.
Gallbladder Disease: It is a common condition that affects mostly women, however men can suffer too. Gallstones are formed in the gall bladder from cholesterol, calcium and bile salts. These solid stones can vary in size from a few millimeters to a few centimeters.

Colon Cancer: In the early stages of colorectal cancer symptoms may not be evident, but if you examine your large intestines through a microscope cancer can already be seen inside your large intestines.

Diverticular Disease: It includes both “diverticulitis” and "diverticulosis". “diverticulitis” is an actual inflammation or infection of these protusions caused by "diverticulosis" which is just protrusion of the colon wall.

Gastroenteritis: the irritation and inflammation of the digestive tract. It can cause stomach pain, nausea or vomiting and diarrhea. Severe gastroenteritis may result to dehydration. In cases like these, fluid replacement is the primary treatment. It can affect all ages and both sexes but most severe symptoms are experienced by infants and people over 60.

Acute Appendicitis: The primary symptom of acute appendicitis is stomach pain or abdominal sensitivity. Although, stomach pain symptom occurs with many conditions only 5 percent of cases is actually appendicitis. It may be uncommon but appendicitis is a very serious condition. Misdiagnosis of appendicitis is the third leading cause of malpractice lawsuits, it can be hard to evaluate especially in children and infants and 2-12 years old children.

There are some simple causes of stomach pain are hunger or excessive eating, over-excretion or excessive tiredness/ weakness.

If you’re experiencing stomach pain or discomfort there is a great chance that you need to see a doctor. Stomach pain symptom can be an indicator of a number of maladies ranging from the benign (hunger) to the malignant (colon cancer).

Tummy Ache in Children (Causes and Symptoms)

As a parent it is challenging to find out what causes those frustrating tummy aches. At times the pain require some common sense but there are other times when it can be an emergency. The causes of stomach pains in children can be related to food, insect bites, infections, and a lot more. But would you know whether to decide the complaint needs emergency care or not? Know the causes and symptoms of stomach pains to help you with your evaluation.

Causes of Abdominal Pain in Children

Infections by viruses or bacteria that can cause stomach flu or gut flu. Viral infection can quickly go away for 3-4 days as long as treated properly while bacterial infection can take a week or more treated with antibiotics.

Food-related issues like food allergies, food poisoning, excessive food consumption, or gas production can cause temporary discomfort and bloating.

Poisoning can range from simple problems like eating soap, to more serious issues such as overdose in medication.

Surgical problems include appendicitis and blockage of bowels.

Medical causes vary. Things outside the abdomen can affect and cause abdominal pain in children from complications like diabetes.

Common Symptoms of Abdominal Pain

Duration. Keep in mind that most simple causes of abdominal pain do not last too long. See the doctor if there are abdominal pains that continues more than 24 hours.

Pain Location. When your child rubs at the center of his/her abdomen, it usually signals a simple stomachache. Pains felt in other locations may be concerning. This is particularly true if the pain is located low and down the right side of the abdomen. Pain in that area is believed to be appendicitis until proven otherwise.

Appearance of the child. Key things to search for during tummy ache include sweating, sleepiness or listless, or pale appearance. It is worrisome when a child can’t be distracted from the pain with play and refuses to drink or eat for several hours.

Vomiting, Fever, Urinary Problems and Rash can also be a sign of stomach pain.
Parents or caregivers can usually notice the signs if a child is suffering from stomach pain. However, young children and teenagers can be shy and reluctant to report pain. You may try to ask the symptoms given above to determine whether your children need to seek special attention.

Understanding a Bloated Stomach Pain

Eating too many vegetables, fruits or beans can cause a sudden increase in fiber often lead to a bloated stomach. It is sensible to ease up on these foods and gradually reintroduce them into your diet. On the other hand, stomach pain and bloating should go away within a matter of days.

There are other possible causes of bloating. Commonly, irregular digestive process that produces gas at a higher rate causes chronic stomach pain and bloating.

Spotting Abdominal Pain and Bloating

It is normal for stomach pain and bloating to become evident after eating. Aside from flatulence bloating also include chest pain, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, bloody or darkened stools. Others have difficulty in swallowing or burping, indigestion. Stomach bloating also brings about breathing problems and the body to feel fatigue. Bloating usually feels sharp and makes the stomach to cramp.

Causes of Bloating

Bloating is mainly because of irregular digestive processes such as pre-menstrual tension, drinking too much alcohol, intake of contraceptive pills, salty food in your diet, protein insufficiency, irritable bowel syndrome, carbonated drinks-fizzy drinks including soda pop and spritzers, too much water intake, lactose intolerance, food allergies, and eating fatty food.

Natural Remedies for Abdominal Bloating

Other than warm compress, rubbing peppermint oil on the stomach area or inhalation is excellent cure for stomach pain and bloating. An herbal tea infusion is also commonly recommended to cure abdominal bloating and it is generally very effective.

Avoiding Stomach Bloating

To avoid bloated feeling follow these suggestions:

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables but do it gradually also fill up your diet with pasta, rice and beans.

Drink 8 glasses of water per day. Just be sure that your glasses are not more than 8-ounces. Avoid drinking carbonated drinks and coffee.

Stick to a low sodium diet. Prefer natural and fresh foods instead of processed, commercial and fast foods.

Moderate milk and dairy products consumption

Exercise Daily. Exercise can help produce/release hormones that encourage bowel activity.

Prior to menstrual period, you can take a supplement to avoid pre-menstrual syndrome.

Stomach pains and bloating may signal serious digestive disorders, if none of the natural remedies provides relief, see a doctor for a thorough diagnosis.

Stomach Pain When Burping

It is natural to burp or belch a few times a day. In spite of that, if you think that you are burping excessively and it is already causing stomach pain and bloating your situation may not be considered normal. Excessive burping or belching can totally be embarrassing and quite uncomfortable. The best way to rid of too much belching is by understanding the underlying causes of this occurrence.

Burping or belching is typically your body’s method of getting rid of excess air or gas coming from your stomach. People are unaware that they are taking in too much air whenever they drink a lot of carbonated drinks, eat or drink very fast, talking while eating. Stomach pain burping is a clear indication that and individual is suffering from digestive problems. Gastroesophageal reflux or acid reflux, gastritis are some cause of excessive belching.

If burping is accompanied by weight loss, diarrhea or constipation, nausea, heartburn, bloating, or rectal or abdominal pain you need to seek medical attention immediately.
For the time being, here are some simple tips on how to lessen burping

Eat Slowly no matter how busy you are. You need to chew food properly and carefully to help you swallow less air.

Eat some ginger. Ginger is great for helping improve digestion and also prevents burping.

Quit or Avoid Smoking. Among other things, smoking is one of the culprits of excessive burping. Whenever you smoke you tend to swallow and inhale too much air.

Avoiding smoking is not only good in getting rid of too much stomach pain burping but it also does wonders in restoring your vitality and health.

Internal cleansing. After years of eating fatty, processed and junk foods, you might want to address the problems in your gastrointestinal tract.

Drink Hot Tea. Dinking hot tea generally does the trick if you want to immediately
alleviate you stomach pain. In addition, it helps cleanse your gut.

Getting rid of toxins and waste products that damages your gut is the most effective way of preventing development of stomach diseases. Eating properly, having a healthy lifestyle can help you improve your health.

Take Left Side Stomach Pain Seriously

It is rare to discover an individual who has suffered from abdominal pain even at least once in his life. Abdominal pain ranges from simple to life threatening conditions, it can be brought about by a number of causes. The severity of stomachache may be determined by its location, pain at the center of your stomach can be a sign of stomach flu. If the pain is at the lower right side it is considered appendicitis. Left side stomach pain is another story; it is an evidence of colon cancer.

What is Colon Cancer?

It is a common type of malignancy, which there is an uncontrolled growth of the cells that line inside the large intestines or rectum.

In the early stages of people with colon cancer may have no evident symptoms at all. It is best if you invest in regular screening at 50. Your doctor will check if the inside of the colon is empty, and if he discovers cancer a surgery is recommended. However, if the cancer spread out to the abdominal wall you will need chemotherapy or radiation.

Symptoms of colon cancer are changes in bowel habits, constipation, Diarrhea, alternating constipation and diarrhea, black or dark colored stools, pencil stools, abdominal discomfort, bloating, frequent gas pains, cramps, unintentional weight loss, loss of appetite, unexplained fatigue, nausea or vomiting, anemia, jaundice. If you start showing any of these symptoms go to your doctor immediately.

Other Diseases

Stomach pain left side does not always have to be cancer. Diverticulitis is a common source of pain and discomfort. It is the inflammation of pockets that form along the path of your colon.

Crohn’s disease can also originate stomach pain left side since it causes diarrhea and bloody discharge in your stool. This can be prevented with a healthier diet.

Young people ages 20 to 40 who has inflammatory bowel disorders should keep track of their colon health. Ulcerative colitis is a pre-cursor to colon cancer.

Left side stomach pain persistence can indicate serious disease. It is advisable to go and see your doctor and have it checked. It is to your advantage if you do colonoscopy to monitor your health.

Indications of Stomach Pain in Pregnancy

Occasional abdominal discomfort is a common sign of pregnancy. It can be harmless to you or your baby but if you are suffering from severe and persistent abdominal pain may become a serious problem hence it should never be neglected.

What are the serious causes of pain in pregnancy?

Miscarriage. It is the loss of pregnancy during the first twenty weeks. The first symptom is generally vaginal spotting or bleeding and in a few hours followed by abdominal pain. Vaginal spotting may be light or heavy while the pain is persistent, sharp or mild, and may seem to feel like there is more pain and pressure in the pelvis or lower back.

Ectopic Pregnancy occurs outside of the uterus where a fertilized egg has implanted, typically in on of the fallopian tubes. It shows symptoms after six to seven weeks of fertilization, but it can occur as early as 4 weeks even before you realize you are pregnant.

Preterm Labor. Pregnancy stomach pain indicates that you might be in a premature labor, especially if you start having contractions that efface your cervix before reaching 37 weeks of pregnancy.
Preeclempsia is a complication in pregnancy which causes changes in your blood vessels and may affect your organs such as kidneys, liver, brain and the placenta. If you have high blood pressure and protein in your urine after 20 weeks of pregnancy is diagnosed with preeclampsia.

Urinary Tract Infection. Pregnancy makes you vulnerable to UTI of all kinds including kidney infections. Symptoms are burning pain while urinating, pelvic or lower abdominal pain, uncontrollable frequency urge to pee and cloudy, foul-smelling urine.

Placental abruption. It is a serious condition in which your placenta partially or completely separates from your uterus before your baby is born. It can cause sudden bleeding either light spotting, or if your water breaks you may see bloody fluid.

These problems that relates to pregnancy stomach pain may be life threatening if left untreated. Do not hesitate to call your practitioner even if it just a simple stomachache. Call emergency immediately if you have the following symptoms for any conditions stated above.

Lower Stomach Pain

Women mostly suffer from lower abdominal pain. A feeling of pain or discomfort in the lower abdomen just below the navel is often experienced by women during or before menstruation.

Since it is difficult to identify the cause of lower stomach pain in most cases, noting certain symptoms and features will help you and your doctor to accurately diagnose your stomachache.

Common causes of lower stomach pain are urinary disorder such as kidney or bladder problem, bowel problems or a condition involving your reproductive system – your fallopian tube, uterus and ovaries.

Characteristics of pain caused by a urinary disorder
Pain coming from the urinary system can signal such conditions as inflammation of the bladder, inflammation of one or both kidneys, kidney stones or uncommonly tumors.

Symptoms: Burning sensation when passing urine, frequent need to urinate, and additionally, pain traveling from the back going to the front indicates kidney stones or kidney infection. Presence of blood in the urine increases the possibilities of infection in your kidney or bladder stones or even a kidney tumor, it requires further investigation therefore it should always be reported to your practitioner.

Pain originating from the uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries is normally felt in the middle of the lower abdomen and above the line of pubic hair up to the navel. Intercourse may occasionally cause discomfort or pain deep within the pelvis. Dysmenorrhea may worsen a woman’s period from time to time.

Conditions of the reproductive system that may cause lower stomach pain are pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis and problems related to pregnancy like miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. In case of abrupt, severe, inexplicable abdominal pain ask your doctor for help.

In diagnosis, your doctor will ask about your menstrual period, passing of urine, and also bowel movements. Episodes of nausea, vomiting, and fever will also be taken into consideration. Asking for your personal or emotional life may be a requirement as long as it’s appropriate. Urine sample will be requested for any signs of infection. An ultrasound scan will be arranged if a kidney problem is suspected.

Now that you have an idea of what might be causing lower abdominal pains it is now your responsibility to go to a doctor and have your condition checked just in case it might need special treatment.

Men’s Health: Lower Stomach Pain

There’s a number of causes stomach pain in men, it includes infectious diseases, chronic diseases and digestive disorders. It is hard to diagnose abdominal pain unless accompanied by other symptoms. If the stomachache worsen or does not improve immediately seek medical treatment.

Here are some reasons for stomach pain to help you determine the exact causes:

If you are suffering from lower abdominal pain that begins around your belly button and migrates to the lower right quadrant and is accompanied by swelling, fever, nausea, it is considered Appendicitis. Unless proven otherwise, appendicitis pain does not usually go away and may get even worse with walking, movement, or coughing. Call your doctor at once if you have these symptoms because appendicitis will require treatment.

Seminal vesiculitis causes stomach pain in men. It is an inflammation of the seminal vesicles and is often caused by inflamed prostate or prostatitis.

Ulcerative Colitis. Lower abdominal pain accompanied by bloddy diarrhea, skin rashes, joint pain, mouth sores and weight loss is indicative of ulcerative colitis. It is an inflammatory bowel disorder.

Kidney stones. It usually causes no problem or symptoms even with its presence. If a kidney stone becomes a problem, stomach pain in men often radiates in the back or side area or lower abdomen. Symptoms like nausea, intense sharp cramping and blood in the urine may also be present if there is a kidney stone problem. If experiencing fever and chills contact your doctor immediately.

Cystitis. An inflammation of the bladder often caused by urinary tract infection. Symptoms include lower abdominal pain and painful urination.

Another cause of abdominal pain is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Alternating constipation and diarrhea, lower abdominal pain, and flatulence may signal IBS. Make sure to keep a log of all your symptoms to help your practitioner with the diagnosis.

Every description of the symptoms given above will definitely help you in determining what kind of stomach pain you are experiencing. However, in all cases, you should contact you doctor or health care provider especially if there are repeated episodes of lower stomach pain. Medical professionals will basically depend on the finding of your physical examination, it is better to lay down all your symptoms to help then make a correct evaluation.

A Deeper Look in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Stomach bowel pain is commonly caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which is a functional disorder of the gut. When there is a problem with the function of a body part but there is no abnormality in the structure, it is called a function disorder. Typically, in IBS, the function of the stomach is upset even if the all the parts of the gut look normal when examined in a microscope.

How is Irritable Bowel Syndrome diagnosed?

If you believe you have IBS, going to your doctor to seek help is the first step. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is typically diagnosed on the basis of a complete medical history and a careful description of symptoms and a physical examination.

Your doctor will ask if your symptoms have had a pattern over time. The pattern it may aid your doctor to evaluate if the cause of your stomach bowel pain. If something else may be cause your stomach pain the doctor may do some tests, such as blood tests or colonoscopy.

Most doctors refer to a specific list of symptoms that must be present to make a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Movement.

Symptoms include: Recurring Abdominal pain or discomfort for at least 12 weeks out of the 12 months. These 12 weeks do not have to be consecutive. The abdominal pain has two of the following three features:

Pain is alleviated by having a bowel movement.
When stomach bowel pain starts, there is a change in the form of the stool or how it looks.
There is a change in how often you have a bowel movement when the pain starts

These symptoms must also be present:

Change in appearance of bowel movements
Change in frequency of bowel movements
Uncontrollable urgency to have a bowel movement
Difficulty or inability to pass stool, constipation, bloating
Mucus in stool

As much as 20 percent of the adult population, or one in five people suffer from symptoms of IBS. It occurs more often in women and begins before the age of 35 in about 50% of people. Making it is one of the most commonly diagnosed by doctors to most of stomach bowel pain causes.

Back and Stomach Pain

Symptoms of back pain are usually accompanied by abdominal pain symptoms. Almost 75% of patients with unresolved back pain have a history of intestinal problems. No one ever wants to go through experiencing the unbearable combination of back and stomach pain. More often than not, you may feel back pain from a strained muscle in the area, what we do not know is it can also be caused by a slipped disc. This is easily diagnosed through an x-ray and your doctor can administer treatment at once.

Another type of back pain is a discomfort coming from the lower part of the back going to the hip area. It often occurs from lifting something too heavy or overdoing exercise routines that pulled or strained your muscle. This can easily be remedied by home treatment options. If your back and stomach pain did not respond to it, its best to seek help from a professional because it may be caused by something else other than muscle pain.
Back and stomach pain are commonly caused by:

Infections such as urinary tract infection, earaches, sore throats, flu and pneumonia.
Appendicitis, diverculitis, gallstones or liver failure may be a cause of back and stomach pain.
Kidney stones can also be causing pain in stomach and back regions.
Spoiled food that leads to food poisoning.
Nervousness or anxiety
Acid reflux, nerve damage and other digestion problems.
PIPS or psychologically induced pain syndrome is often the culprit to chronic stomach and intestinal pain.
Some back and abdominal pain are treated with:
The simplest treatment of all time, water treatment, drink at least eight glasses a day.
Surgery. In most cases of back and stomach pain you will have to undergo surgery.
A combination of daily exercise routines and a high-fiber diet.

To prevent it do:

Regular exercise.
Eat fruits, vegetables and beans for a high-fiber diet.
Avoid smoking
Avoid eating spoiled food
If the condition becomes very serious and does not show improvement even with doing this advice, see your doctor immediately for proper diagnosis. If your back and stomach pain is severe and unrelenting call for help at once.

Make Money Out of Teeth Whitening Business

People prefer to have their teeth whitened because they feel more confident with a pearly white smile. They are very much willing to dish out a few bucks out of their pockets just to have white teeth. Since teeth whitening have grown so popular these days, it has become a big business and the amount of companies who offer whitening products and services has grown. And it will be a great idea if you join the bandwagon.

A limited budget is not a problem; you can have your own teeth whitening system as long as you desire to help other people. But before starting a teeth whitening business, you have to consider your business plan, location, advertising, all of these will affect your way of making money out of teeth whitening.

Once you have set out your business plan ad everything initial investment for the business is needed. It means you will need to buy a teeth-whitening system, individual client kit, comfortable sitting, safety glasses and cleaning supplies will also be included in the expenses.

As a small business, sometimes people think they cant afford to own a whitening system. But manufacturers offer a start up cost for as low as one or two thousand dollars. Profit will start coming in as soon as people realize that they are saving lots of money by coming to you. Envision this, your clients go out and meet people who see the results of your whitening system, they will be intrigued and will ask where to refer you to them. This is typically called visual sales. When you get instant referral generated by someone liking your clients’ look. When you start profiting from your teeth whitening business, it’s wise to to purchase more products that will help in improving your business.

In any case of budget, people will always be attached in maintaining their good looks. There are people who are tired of whitening their teeth at home as the process takes to long. In short, there are many potential customers in teeth whitening business. All you have to do now is provide excellent service.

Teeth Whitening Side-Effects

One common reason why people seek dental assistance is because of teeth discoloration. Almost everyone wants to get a perfect white smile. At the present time there are many ways to whiten your teeth, but most of them can still be harsh because they involve chemicals that may be harmful to delicate tissues in your mouth. If you have sensitive teeth and if you want to avoid potential problems from whitening products, here’s a list of a few natural teeth whitening tips.

First of all, making regular visits to your dentist for cleaning is will totally help in keeping your teeth pearly white. Once you get your teeth cleaned you will find that you don’t need to worry about whiter teeth as often, unless if you smoke.

Make it a point that you brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. This is the most basic among every teeth whitening tips. You should floss before bedtime and massage your gum to keep it healthy. By doing so, this prevents teeth discoloration by removing unwanted plaque. Also make use to wash or rinse your mouth after eating.

Smoking cigarettes, coffee and tea are infamous for causing teeth staining. Be sure to rinse or sip water after drinking coffee or tea. For smokers cut down on cigarettes as much as possible. Not only it will prevent tooth discoloration but also it is good for your health. Carbonated drinks and wine causes stains on the teeth.

Try home remedies like baking soda as a whitener. Some fruits such as strawberries and oranges are also excellent for teeth whitening. Strawberries and be sliced or mashed and rubbed directly on the teeth. Orange peel, either rub it or mix it with ground bay leaves to make a paste and bush it on your teeth.

Lastly, drink lots of water and try to eat a better diet. Eat lots of raw foods like fruits and veggies.

All of these will help you get the bright white smile you always wanted. With this teeth whitening tips you can achieve a winning smile without possibly hurting your mouth and teeth.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Many people want their teeth whitened but do not want to spend hundreds of dollars for cosmetic procedures. This is why people resort to cheaper alternatives like zoom, laser teeth whitening, gels, strips, home kits or systems. Of course people often do not weigh the repercussions of teeth whitening.

Is teeth whitening safe? Yes and No.

Yes, because unlike in the 80’s most current teeth bleaching products contain only ten percent concentrate of the active oxidizing agent carbamide peroxide. Recent studies have shown that the current whitening products may have side effects but it can be rectified. You may experience temporary, slight teeth sensitivity or sometimes gum irritation but rest assured it will go away after a few days. Sensitivity of the teeth takes place because the enamel is thinning, many cheap whitening products can hurry that process. So be careful in choosing your bleaching product, trust only reputable companies to avoid this from happening.

No, teeth’s whitening is NOT entirely safe. Although manufacturers guarantee its safe, teeth whitening products can pose a threat if they are misused or if the directions are not heeded. Using hydrogen peroxide as teeth whitener may also cause nausea, vomiting and stomach pain if ingested. Over teeth bleaching can lead to slightly translucent gray discoloration in the corner of the mouth or teeth. It should serve as a warning for the consumer to stop using the whitening product before it causes permanent damage. Additionally, do seek your dentist’s advice if you are currently suffering from elevated teeth sensitivity. Gum sensitivity may also happen if you are using bleaching trays and it hurts the gums because it does not fit properly. Sometimes gum irritation takes place because the chemical of the bleaching product soaked your sensitive mouth tissues.

Since there is no proven link to any structural damage, teeth whitening is vitally safe, especially if we use this to protect and keep one’s teeth healthy. Teeth whitening products produces a healthy white smile as long as the consumer follows the directions and does not abuse the product. Dental experts also pointed out that coffee, tea, soft drinks, and smoking cigarettes can actually cause more damage to tooth enamel than tooth whitening products.

Laser Teeth Whitening: An Overview

Laser teeth whitening is relatively a new process of teeth whitening. If you compare laser whitening to other systems, it is by far the most effective. In fact its only real competitor is the bleaching tray, which is also being offered by dentists. However, most people prefer this whitening process because it can achieve so many different things for your life. It even sometimes makes the cost of having laser whitening immaterial.

How does it work?

Teeth discoloration or staining is something that regular brushing cannot remove, as its stains are deeper in the enamel. With a laser teeth-whitening procedure the pores of the enamel will open to get rid of the stains and the laser will serve as a heat lamp to warm the whitening gel. The results of laser whitening is excellent, it can whiten teeth by up to 10 shades. However, there is a small possibility that lasers can damage teeth. Since this process works best when repeatedly done, individuals with sensitive teeth are advised to the entire treatment in one session to avoid negative reaction.

Any disadvantages?

Aside from the negative reactions it may cause to your sensitive teeth, another most reported disadvantage of laser whitening is the fact that it costs a lot more than any ordinary teeth whitening. A single session of laser teeth whitening can cost around 300 to 2000 dollars. Irritation among the gum line is another disadvantage. Like teeth sensitivity, the laser-activated gel also causes this irritation on the gums. Although, this is just a short-term disadvantage because this irritation will only lasts a few days.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

Laser whitening treatment will help you gain confidence by having a brighter and whiter smile. Having a white smile will make you look younger and more attractive. It will also make you appear healthier, like for some smokers who are more prone to teeth discoloration. Removing nicotine out of the enamel using laser teeth whitening will make a big difference on how the teeth look.

After having a laser teeth whitening treatment, a good combination of dental healthcare and a sensible use of home whitening kit will help prolong your bright looking teeth.

Different Teeth Whitening Procedures

Many methods are available to whiten one’s teeth. Some go for expensive procedure done by professionals while others prefer low-cost over the counter products or home remedies. To give you an idea of what teeth whitening procedures suit you, read through this article.

Over-the-Counter Whitening gels and Strips

Very thin and virtually invisible strips that are coated with a peroxide-whitening gel are known as the Whitening strips. While whitening gels are peroxide based, clear gels that are applied directly to the surface of your teeth by a small brush. Both are applied twice daily for 30 minutes. After a few days, initial results become more visible but final results are sustained in about four months.

Custom-fitted Tray Whiteners

This teeth whitening procedure uses a custom-made mouth guard-like tray that needs to be worn for a pre-determined period of time every day. It usually takes 2 to four weeks to complete this procedure. It is very popular to people with limited budget because it is the most effective among other over-the-counter whitening products.

In-Office Whitening

In-office procedures provide a quick solution to whiten your teeth and are usually carried out by a dentist. Laser is the most sought-after teeth whitening procedure. It is a combination of heat, a special light and/or a laser. Within 30 to 60 minutes of treatment, dramatic results are instantly seen. This type of procedure is probably the most expensive.

Whitening rinses and toothpastes

Whitening toothpastes help remove surface stains because they contain mild abrasives and gentle polishing or chemical agents. It can only remove surface stains therefore it can only whiten your teeth by about one shade.

Whitening rinses are among the newest whitening products available in the market. It is like a mouthwash, it also freshens breath, reduces dental plaque and gum disease. But these products include ingredients like hydrogen peroxide that can whiten teeth. Manufacturers claim that the results will take about 12 weeks to be seen.

It is still appropriate to go to professionals before conducting any teeth whitening procedures. This is to avoid damaged gums, uneven whitening and teeth sensitivity, especially if you are new to teeth whitening.

Different Teeth Whitening Procedures

Like all good things, teeth whitening have a set of disadvantages too. Getting a Hollywood style smile has become this generation’s frenzy. Although it is not too dangerous, people who rush into teeth whitening experience side effects. Yes, there is nothing wrong with having a nice bright smile but one must not get addicted to it, as it will be harmful to your teeth and gums. People who abuse teeth whitening products often experience complications that range from mild irritations to severe pain.

One unfavorable teeth whitening side effect is the sensitivity of your teeth caused by the treatment. Whether using a home whitening kit or in-office treatment, some people are very susceptible to teeth sensitivity. Most over the counter products have chemicals like Hydrogen Peroxide that need to be used in the right concentration and right quantities to get the desired effects. Incorrect usage and amount cause your teeth’s enamel to deteriorate. In addition, prolonged bleaching can lead to severe irritation in the gums and teeth.

Gum irritation is not a common side effect. In few cases gums have been shown to become irritated after being exposed to the whitening process. The gums or sensitive areas of the mouth are covered to avoid irritation that may come from the UV light. This can be resolved by avoiding teeth whitening procedures for three to five days to allow the irritated areas to heal.

To eliminate or reduce teeth whitening side effects, some dentists use dental dams. This prevents the bleaching agent from getting into the gums and sensitive areas of your mouth. The best advice is to go to your dentist first before administering any teeth whitening products. Only professionals know the exact amount of bleaching agent that needs to be used for your teeth. For every individual the dosage differs individually and it also depends on the strength of the bleaching product.

Teeth whitening products also contain chemical bleaches that can cause stomach pain, burning sensation and vomiting when accidentally ingested. So remember to follow the directions, use precaution and do not over-use or abuse if you are using an over the counter teeth whitening products.

How to Deal with Teeth Whitening Pain

While most people experience little discomfort or pain, some people experience intense teeth whitening pain after every bleaching. This is because of teeth sensitivity or gum irritation.

Home teeth whitening products are considerably safe as long as they are used properly. But teeth whitening pain is a very common side effect of most whitening products. However, excessive usage of these whitening products can cause tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.

To avoid teeth whitening pain it requires understanding of the pain itself. As mentioned above, some people who undergo teeth whitening treatment experience tooth sensitivity. This sensitivity may be triggered by cold food or liquids, breathing and even air hitting your teeth. It can last up to 24-48 hours right after the whitening process. The degree of sensitivity varies from moderate to extremely painful. Gum irritation on the other hand, occur less frequently but nonetheless can cause significant pain.

Whether you are using over-the-counter products or in-office teeth whitening, there is no assurance that teeth whitening pain can be completely avoided. However there are still ways or few things you can do to eliminate or limit the pain.

If you plan to have a dentist bleach your teeth, brush with high fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash that contains fluoride a few weeks prior to your visit. Fluoride aids in strengthening the outer enamel of your teeth.

When using a home teeth whitening remedy, whitening gels or bleaching trays, start out with small amount to test the sensitivity of your teeth and gums. Do not use too much whitener, as much as possible follow the directions and apply it with care.

You can also try brushing with lukewarm water and use toothbrush with soft bristles. Also avoid extreme temperatures in liquids and food. If your teeth whitening pain persist more than a few days, immediately consult your dentist as this may signal an underlying or different problem.

Teeth whitening pain is not entirely a bad thing as it is very common and can easily go away after a couple of days. What matters most is that a whiter smile can increase your confidence and self-esteem leaving you feeling healthy and young.

A Quick Guide To Compare Teeth Whitening Products

There’s a vast selection of teeth whitening products, as well as home remedies, on the market today. If you are tired of looking at your stained teeth and you want to add that sparkle to your smile, then try to follow this guide and compare teeth whitening products that is applicable to you.

To compare teeth whitening products is to begin with whitening strips. A lot of companies produce whitening strips that can be placed on your teeth. They are coated with peroxide based gets that guarantees results after days of regular use. The strip should be placed on your teeth 30 minutes two times a day continuously for two weeks. The strips are applied to your teeth like you are placing a piece of tape on them. If your teeth are sensitive to these strips then it’s time to look for other options.

If you want to compare other teeth whitening products then another option is mouthwashes that can also whitens teeth. Whitening mouthwashes not only fights bad breath, it can also reduce cavities and gum disease and they also contain peroxide to whiten your teeth. This option does not yield quick results, because you only use this for about twice a day, a minute before brushing your teeth. You will only get to notice the difference probably after 3 months.

The most popular teeth-whitening product so far are whitening toothpastes that guarantee quick results. Toothpastes contain some light abrasive that can remove surface stains. Others contain mild chemicals that can remove stains that ordinary toothpastes cannot, specifically two kinds of peroxides, hydrogen and carbamide.

Another teeth whitening product to compare are different kind of gels that can be specially fitted for your teeth. Some of the gels can be worn for an hour while others should be worn overnight.

Your dentist can also whiten your teeth, by using laser and gels. Regular visits and fulfilling your dental appointments assure you of professional opinion and advice as to what options you should use.

Just remember, compare teeth whitening products so that you can choose the best option can be prevented. If you maintain a good diet, cut down of coffee, tea, vegetables, and cutting some bad habits like smoking, and chewing tobacco, then chances are there’s no need for teeth whitening products. Take care of your teeth before it becomes expensive maintaining them.

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