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What You Need To Know About Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Humans can benefit from taking fish oil and foods that are high in omega 3 fatty acids. Since omega 3 is considered good fat, dietary supplements have been developed for human consumption. Main sources of omega 3 fatty acids are cold-water fish and fish oils. There are varying amounts of omega 3 in certain foods such as seeds, nuts, vegetable oils, flaxseed and eggs.

DHA and EPA are the most prominent components of omega 3 fatty acids. These components are vital for cellular membranes in humans. Cell membranes become more rigid during the aging process which greatly affects brain function and other tissues. DHA is the most influential element of omega 3 fatty acids to the brain since it directly affects brain functioning, chemistry and development. DHA is beneficial to both adults and children, but it is crucially vital to children's growth age in general.

Omega 3 is a familiar word especially to those with heart problems. People with heart diseases, high blood and cholesterol levels are often advised to take omega 3 supplements or stick with foods that are high in polyunsaturated fat. By doing so, the triglyceride levels in the blood are lowered as well as the risk of heart failure.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, omega 3 can help alleviate joint pains. Women who take regular doses of omega 3 can lower their risk of having joint problems. People with thinning and dull hair are recommended to take omega 3 since it helps in thickening the hair strands and gives it shine.

People who suffer with skin problems due to sun exposure are recommended to take omega 3 fatty acids. This can help reduce skin damage as well as the development of wrinkles.

There are also certain side effects associated with omega 3 such as stomach aches, overdose and mercury poisoning. But not all people are affected by these risks because they will depend on the body's response to the supplements and the recommended dose.

You can prevent the risks by consulting with your doctor before taking any supplements with omega 3 fatty acids. Replacing supplements with real foods that are high in omega 3 is possible. It is best to stick to the right dosage in order for your body to get the right amount of omega 3.

Some Facts About DHA Omega 3

The long chain of fatty acids in omega 3 is known as DHA omega 3 or Docosahexaenoic Acid. Omega 3 is a group of essential fatty acids that the human body cannot synthesize. DHA, EPA and ALA are the three main forms of omega 3.

Many believe that EPA and DHA are the most important forms of omega 3. They are generally derived from fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, herring and others. ALA, on the other hand, is derived from plants.

Since there are only a few food sources that contain this complex fatty acid, DHA omega 3 is not easy to include in the daily diet. There are other forms of omega 3 in the human body, but they are inadequately converted to DHA. Plant-derived fatty acids are not taken up directly into the cell membranes in contrast to DHA omega 3.

Getting DHA fatty acids from food sources can help them improve the supply of DHA in the body. Others choose to take supplements to boost the increase of DHA in the body. Fish and fish oils are high in DHA fatty acids, which is why many supplements are derived from fish oils instead of plant and other natural sources.

The human brain is 50% fat and DHA omega 3 represents 30% of brain matter. In the body, the retina is the part that has the highest concentration of omega 3. Omega 3 can also be found in breast milk, which in turn provides newborn infants nutrition for their nerve, eye tissue and brain development.

The links between well-known health conditions and DHA have been identified through research. Many behavioral and medical conditions in the west seem to be linked to the declining consumption of omega 3-rich foods. And since the human body cannot properly synthesize omega 3, food and supplements are the next best resources to obtain this fatty acid. The body's DHA level will drop if you will not consume omega 3 foods.

Food sources and fish oils can supplement the DHA omega 3 deficiency in the human body. You can provide the necessary requirement of your body by eating DHA-rich foods and taking a regular dose of supplement. Adequate amounts of DHA fatty acids can help boost your health. It is advisable to ask your doctor for advice and options, as well as the possible effects if you are thinking of taking supplements.

Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules - Tips To Find The Right One For You

A variety of dietary supplements that act as additional sources of nutrients have been developed and introduced to the public. Omega 3 fish oil capsules have been around for quite a while and many people have experienced its numerous benefits.

Omega 3 fish oil capsules are convenient, ready-to-consume fish oil supplements. It is crucial to take omega 3 supplement to fill in the nutrient gap, since the human body cannot produce this fatty acid on its own. You can find natural foods containing omega 3, but you can get enough supply of DHA and EPA fatty acids from omega 3 fish oil capsules.

You need to know the following considerations when choosing the right omega 3 fish oil capsules that are available in the market:

Select capsules that have maximum amounts of DHA/EPA per mg. There is less DHA/DPA per mg in cheaper capsules, so try to avoid them as much as you can. The higher the percentage of the ingredients, the purer the capsule.

Look for capsules that are easy to swallow. This is quite advantageous particularly for senior citizens.

The capsules should have anti-inflammatory properties. Look for a brand that provides all the information about the ingredients and benefits on the label. High-grade omega 3 fish oils from fish such as salmon and tuna, are often used and indicated by manufacturers on their labels. Others that use cheaper fish oils are likely to skip the most vital information that they should know.

Make sure to find encapsulated softgels. This is probably the innovation that allowed more and more people to take fish oil supplements. Fishy odor and aftertaste are not pleasant to the palate, so it's best to choose this type of omega 3 fish oil capsules to prevent the unpleasant experience.

High DHA levels. DHA is more favorable than other fatty acids since it's impossible for the human body to produce it. It is advisable to look for fish oil capsule with high DHA level.

Molecular distillation. Fish oil capsules have the capability of eliminating toxins from farm meats that humans consume. Dioxins, PCBs, furans, pesticides, and arsenic could be present in the farms where the meat originated, and molecular distillation can help get rid of these toxins.

Before you buy a bottle or two of omega 3 fish oil capsules, make sure that you know these simple tips so you can maximize on benefits.

Why You Should Attend Pilates Classes?

A large number of fitness lovers became interested in Pilates ever since it became a famous exercise program. As compared to other exercise programs, it is not concerned on increasing cardiovascular fitness like running. On the other hand, it is mainly focused on performing body movements using your mind. Intense focus is needed to execute Pilates routine since proper breathing and correct body alignment is a must. It can be said that it is quite similar to yoga since it’s done gradually using controlled movements and breathing. The main focus of pilates classes is to develop flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. Additionally,all you need are some equipments to complete your work-out. These equipments are Pilates mat, magic ring and comfortable clothing. If you already have them, then read on why you should attend Pilates classes:

Build strength.Pilates is great for building strength which starts from having a strong midsection.Core training is the emphasis of Pilates classes where you have to perform routines using your abdominals. Stretching and resistance training is heavily incorporated in the exercise itself which is why joining pilates classes is like joining a gym but not lifting heavy weights. Bulky muscles would be a thing of the past and you will have more toned and leaner muscles.Enhance stamina. This is one reason why many athletes incorporate pilates in their exercise program. Almost all sports activities require endurance especially during training season. In everyday living, people need stamina in performing the tasks assigned to them which can include staying long hours in front of the computer or walking around office buildings. No matter what task, enhanced stamina prevents you from getting tired easily.

Added flexibility. As people grow older, flexibility becomes limited causing their bodies to ache. Enrolling in pilates classes can add flexibility so you can prevent injury from sudden turns or movements. Pilates makes the muscle fibers longer thereby making a person more flexible and experience less muscle soreness. For this reason, many dancers also do pilates.

Develop balance. This seems unimportant but having the right balance especially for women prevents them from dangerous hip injuries. Also, men who like to play sports like basketball would prevent slips and falls if they are more balanced.

Indeed, joining pilates classes is one great way to totally improve your appearance and make you stronger too.

Vital Pilates Mat Exercises for Beginners

Pilates mat exercises are set of exercises that can be done using a Pilates mat. As a beginner in pilates, you would realize that in order to perform advance pilates routines later, you must learn how to stabilize your body against movement. When you stabilize the body before executing any moves, you are in a way warming it up and protecting it from any injury. Stabilizing the body requires you to do some fundamental pilates mat exercises which can go a long way in strengthening your body and building control. There are some essential pilates mat exercises that you must master in order to gain the full benefits of a pilates program for beginners. Dont be deceived thinking that pilates mat exercises are easy, in fact, they can really be challenging enough. Now, bring out that pilates mat and try the following routines: Spine to Mat This is very fundamental and easy but really important. To do this, simply lie on the floor on your back. Try to raise your legs in the air with your toes reaching for the ceiling.You would notice that your back's vertebra is sinking to the floor as your spine elongates. Slightly lower your legs to the floor and if you observed that your back started to arch up, then your abs are still weak. Sure sounds simple but it's a great way to check if your back is already strong.

Spine peeled off from the mat Since you now learned how to anchor your spine to the mat, it's time to peel it off from the mat. Lie on your back with bended knees and feet flat on the floor.This is known as the neutral position. Place your hands on the back of your head with your arms to the sides. Inhale through the nose and gradually raise your back lifting the pubic bone. Hold for two seconds then exhale as you slowly bring down your back to the floor. Feel each vertebra as it touches the floor. Inhale slowly. Perform three times.

It is highly preferable that you do the given basic pilates mat exercises as some sort of a warm-up. Placing your body in a neutral position can help properly align your vertebra so you can safely proceed with other routines later on.

Why Pilates Ring Exercises Can be Good For You

One of the remarkbale things about Pilates is that there are very few equipments needed so health buffs do not need a large space when performing the routines. To be more specific, the most likely objects that you need are pilates ring and pilates mat. The pilates mat help you avoid slipping on the floor and cushioning your body in some movements. Plus, it enables you to move easily even on a hard floor. Another important equipment - the pilates ring, also known as the magic circle can provide resistance in some routines. Pilates rings have different resistance levels depending upon a users skill level. Also, it is a versatile but affordable tool which can be bought for less than $30 from any fitness store.

Pilates ring exercises can be done to supplement the basic routines in a pilates program. Usually, pilates ring exercises are used by practitioners of Windsor pilates. It can be effectively used in toning several areas of the body creating a sculpted and lean look. There is no need to go the gym to lift heavy weights and experience soreness afterwards. Likewise, pilates ring exercises can do away with heavy equipment to grow your muscles. Although using this equipment does not mean that there won't be any muscle soreness after doing pilates exercises, however, the pain is tolerable since the magic circles resistance level can be adjusted. As you increase strength, the level of pilates ring exercises can also be changed.

Another interesting feature of pilates ring exercises is that you can exercise almost anywhere. Even while on vacation, you can perform them in the comforts of your bedroom. There are numerous Pilates ring exercises DVDs that you can buy which makes your routines easier to follow. You can also search videos online that shows sample of pilates ring exercises so you can compare whether your'e using the pilates ring correctly. Several pilates classes also require students to use pilates ring since they often include pilates ring exercises in their routine to add variety. You have to diligently practice your pilates ring exercises in order to get the results you need. No matter how functional an equipment maybe, commitment is still the key to the success of an exercise program.

Very Basic Pilates Exercises for Beginners

Physically active individuals willing to try pilates for the first time are excited to do the routines they have watched on TV shows or public advertisements. However, like any type of fitness program, some things are required that would help in doing the routines. It is necessary to wear comfortable and light clothing that would allow you to perform the routine. Purchase a good pilates mat that’s at least ½ inch thick since it would serve as your cushion against the floor. Select a quiet place where you can do pilates exercise for beginners that would enable you to focus on to the routines. Once you have the necessary materials and a good location, try performing the pilates exercise for beginners: Warm Up – Typically, an exercise begins with a proper warm-up. Stretching is a good start so you can warm up your body. In the case of pilates exercise for beginners, the warm up can be done lying down on your back. A fundamental routine that you have to learn is the neutral position which is neccessary for any pilates exercise for beginners. The neutral position involves raising your knees with hip width apart and holding for a few seconds. Then, you slowly bring down your back on the floor.

The Hundred This is the most basic pilates mat work that every beginner must do. The purpose of this exercise is to wake up the body and warm it up for harder routines later. Simply lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest. Remember to curl your head and shoulders as you lift them up from the mat. Gradually reach for your legs at a certain level ( bent at 90 degrees). The arms have to move upward and downward while breathing for five counts. You have to do this with ten breaths. Repeat ten times.

The Roll Up - First, lie down on your back. Raise your arms to the ceiling and gradually go all the way up. Again, curl your head and shoulders as you roll your way up placing your head towards your knees.Then, slowly roll back to your first position and lie down with your arms reaching out.

The Reformer : Basic and Vital Pilates Exercise Equipment

Pilates practitioners have long understood that it takes persistence to get the desired results from Pilates program. One must persevere and constantly strive to repeat the routines until mastery is achieved. Pilates is not just any cardiovascular exercise where all you have to do is repeat movements. Instead, it is a unique form of exercise where you must focus your mind to control body movements. Aside from the mental discipline required to perform Pilates, there are also some traditional equipment that avid Pilates followers must know. This important pilates exercise equipment is known as the Reformer. This article would elaborate further on the important role of a Reformer in acquiring that Pilates sculpted body. Most individuals who see a Reformer for the first time assume that this pilates exercise equipment was used to torture people during the medieval period. Technically, the reformer is known as the Universal reformer or the rack. Picture your self squeezing in a contraption that occupies 3 by 8 foot space which seems rather small. Then, wrap your toes around a bar and cling to a pair of leather handles which you have to pull back and forth. It seems absurd or even unthinkable that such pilates exercise equipment can really do wonders for your body.

Seriously,this bedlike platform which slides back and forth allows Pilates buffs to do different types of exercises through several positions like lying on your back, on your knees and even standing. Like the mat, this unique pilates exercise equipment is as good as the Pilates mat for beginners. Nowadays, a large number of fitness buffs believe that they only acquire decent resistance training by going to the gym. However,the reformer is more functional and versatile than gym equipment which can really make your body exercise in a safe manner. Among the benefits of using a reformer are proper body alignment, better blood circulation, improved enhanced endurance, complete work-out for the vertebra, stretched spine and a lot more. It's really a whole body work-out that would not only sculpt your body but enhance balance and control as well. Indeed, the reformer is an essential pilates exercise equipment that a beginner can learn to appreciate. To check out different reformers, browse online and see various models.

What are the Pelvic Pain Symptoms?

Pelvic pain symptoms are based on the underlying condition that causes it. Some of the main causes of pelvic pain could be problems of the reproductive system, formation of a scar tissue in the pelvic area after an infection or surgery, diseases of the urinary tract or bowel, and psychological trauma from physical or sexual abuse. This article will talk about a few of the most common conditions that cause pelvic pain symptoms and other characteristics that go together with them.

One condition that results in to pelvic pain symptoms among women is endemetriosis. It is characterized by a growth in the lining of the uterus outside of the uterus and it may link to other organs like the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, and intestines. This condition is called adenomyosis when the lining of the uterus grows in the uterus. One of its outcomes is pelvic pain symptoms especially during sexual intercourse and menstruation. The other symptoms are infertility, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, excessive bleeding during periods, and lower back and stomach pains during periods.

Another condition that causes pelvic pain symptoms among women is vulvodynia. This condition is marked by a stinging, burning, irritation, or sharp pain in the vulva, and also in the labia and the entrance to the vagina. The sensation may be recurring, constant, or occurs only when the vulva is touched. The pain persists for at least three months. The affected individual may suffer when pressure is applied to the vulva for a lengthy period of time, like during sexual intercourse, horseback riding, upon inserting tampons, sitting, or biking. This condition results in to depression as well.

Irritable bowel syndrome is a condition that results in to pelvic pain symptoms among both men and women. The main cause of this condition is not known and it can only be diagnosed when other probable conditions have been eliminated. Some of the symptoms that accompany it are urgency for bowel movements, feeling of incomplete evacuation, bloating or abdominal distention, diarrhea or constipation. It is also common for people with irritable bowel syndrome to have gastroesophageal reflux, symptoms relating to the genitourinary system, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, headache, backache, and psychological disorders like anxiety or depression.

What Conditions May Cause Lower Left Pelvic Pain?

Lower left pelvic pain is a symptom of a disease that is more frequently felt by the elderly and women. The lower left pelvic region contains a lot of body organs that may be causing this sensation. The organs that are found in this region include the muscles and skins covering the left side of the abdominal wall, nerves on the left abdomen, part of large blood vessels like the aorta and its branches, the left ovary and tube, part of the urinary bladder, the sigmoid colon, part of the descending large bowel, the left ureter, and the lower end of the left kidney. Therefore any conditions involving these body parts may result in to lower left pelvic pain and this article will discuss a few of them.

Trapped wind is a condition wherein there is a presence of excess wind in the large bowel or the stomach. It is caused by a variety of factors such as swallowed air, gas produced by bacteria from fermentation of indigestible food, a by-product gas from the reaction of acid and alkaline, and gas released from the blood into the gut. If the trapped wind is located in the large bowel, the condition will induce lower left pelvic pain.

One more probable cause of lower left pelvic pain is ovarian cyst. The pain manifests when the cyst is twisted or has ruptured. Its major symptom is a sudden pain that may transfer to the thighs as well. Some people may mistake it for appendicitis but the pain in this condition is more sudden, is not accompanied with fever, does not affect the appetite, and the person affected may be rolling in pain.

The last example of a condition that may cause lower left pelvic pain is transverse colon volvulus. This condition is characterized by the twisting of the transverse colon on itself. This condition may result in to intestinal obstruction hence it is deadly. Some of the leading causes of transverse colon volvulus are excessive high fiber diet, Clostridium Difficile Pseudomembraneous colitis, Crohn's disease, tumor or cancer at the colon, accumulation of fluid in the abdomen causing the liver to float, previous gastric or abdominal surgery, presence of congenital bands due to abnormal rotations from birth, and chronic constipation.

Understanding Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy

Pelvic pain in pregnancy, which is also referred to as pelvic athropathy, is a condition that pregnant women typically suffer from, which starts early in pregnancy and lasting after delivery. Pelvic pain in pregnancy can be too much for some women that their movement is severely limited and they have great difficulties walking. This is a result of the changes in the woman�s body which prepares the pelvic girdle for childbirth.

There are a few symptoms of pelvic pain in pregnancy. The pain that the woman experiences are usually focused upon the groin and the pubic region. The woman may experience grinding or clicking in the pubic area and the pain may go down inside the thighs or between the legs. The pain may also increase when separating the legs, moving around in bed, walking, or going up and down the stairs.

Pelvic pain in pregnancy may be explained from the hormones that are produced in pregnancy that causes the cartilage of the joints to become softer. Under normal circumstances, the bones are jointed in away to prevent movement. However, because of the changes in the woman�s body due to pregnancy, the bones can now move freely. The movement as well as the displacement of the bones is the main cause of the pelvic pain that is experienced by the woman. . This also causes lower backache for the pregnant woman.

Pelvic pain in pregnancy can be very intense for some women but there are a couple of things that she can do to help alleviate the pain. One of the things that she can do is move little and often as possible. Moving for extended period of time is not advisable as it may add to the pain that is experienced by the woman. The woman must also avoid heavy lifting or pushing as it can make the condition worse. When sitting, the pregnant women must sit upright in an ergonomic chair that has good lumbar support. Hot compress may also work in easing the pelvic pain in pregnancy. Pregnant woman may also try utilizing walking stick to help reduce the pressure when walking, or wear prenatal belt or girdle for additional hip support.

Understanding Pelvic Pain Treatment

Pelvic pain treatment may not be similar for each individual due to the numerous probable causes of this condition. Therefore in order to know the proper pelvic pain treatment for a patient, the doctor must first diagnose the underlying condition that causes pelvic pain. This article will discuss some of the procedures that are used in pelvic pain treatment.

Primary dysmenorrhea is one of the primary causes of this condition and the pelvic pain treatment that is employed for it is anti-inflammatory drugs. Anti-inflammatory drugs stop the body from producing prostaglandins during menstruation which in turn stops the uterus from contracting. Another pelvic pain treatment that is used for an underlying condition that is caused by hormones and menstruation is hormone therapy. Birth control pills are prescribed to the patient to help control the hormonal imbalance in the woman�s body.

One more typical pelvic pain treatment method is surgery. This pelvic pain treatment is advisable for patients who have a growth, cyst, or tumor that is causing the pain. Some of these particular conditions are uterine fibroid and endemetriosis. Some of the surgical procedures that are used for pelvic pain treatment are laparoscopy, hysterectomy, and myomectomy. Hysterectomy is the most invasive of these three procedures and it can also affect the woman�s ability to become pregnant, therefore it is often not the first option for treatment.

Medicines are also utilized in pelvic pain treatment. Antibiotics are utilized to treat pelvic infection that causes pain. Drugs are also utilized to treat sexually transmitted diseases, urinary track infections, and irritable bowel syndrome that also cause chronic pelvic pain. Pain relievers are also prescribed to patients to be ingested regularly and not just on the occurrence of pain to make the treatment more effective. Sometimes, chronic pelvic pain patients undergo depression as well and that is why tricyclic antidepressant medicine is prescribed to them as well, to help them deal with the pain and depression.

Furthermore, patients may also try out complementary pelvic pain treatment to help them cope up with the pain. Examples of these treatments include guided imagery, relaxation, biofeedback, hypnosis, acupuncture, counseling, and physical therapy.

Understanding the Causes of Simultaneous Pelvic Pain and Back Pain

There are several conditions that can bring about both pelvic pain and back pain. Organs that cause pelvic pain like the uterus, bladder, fallopian tubes, and cervix have nerves that are connected to the lumbar discs, ligaments, and muscles. Several neurologists think that the spinal cord mix up the pain signals when there is too much coming in, hence the brain of the individual experiencing it interpret it as both pelvic pain and back pain. This article will discuss a few conditions that can possibly cause both pelvic pain and back pain.

A condition that may result in to both pelvic pain and back pain is pelvic joint instability. This condition occurs during pregnancy or after childbirth. When a woman becomes pregnant, her body creates a hormone called relaxin which will loosen the usually immovable pelvic joint so that the baby can be delivered from inside the uterus. This condition severely restricts the woman�s movements as it makes it hard for her to walk. Women who have this condition are advised not to do heavy lifting or pushing, lunging, or climbing up stairs as they can make the pain worse.

Endemetriosis is also a possible condition that can bring about both pelvic pain and back pain. In this condition, the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus itself. The growth can attach to other organs like the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, or intestines. These tissues do not get discarded during menstruation unlike when they in the uterus, which results in to a painful menstruation and sexual intercourse. Besides pelvic pain and back pain, the other symptoms of endemetriosis include premenstrual spotting, fever, headaches, painful defecation, bloating, diarrhea, long uncontrollable menstrual periods, chronic fatigue, and constipation.

A final example of a condition that can possibly cause both pelvic pain and back pain is kidney stones. Kidney stones are crystal aggregations produced in the kidneys from dissolved urinary by-products. When kidney stones become too big, they can obstruct the ureter and cause intense pain on a person. The other symptoms of kidney stones aside from pelvic pain and back pain are nausea, vomiting, bloody urine, pus in the urine, and reduced urinary volume.

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What Are The Facts About Colon Cancer?

Around the world, colon cancer has been know as one of the huge cause of death, and it is only wise to be equipped with some of the colon cancer facts.

Colorectal cancer is a disease originating from the epithelial cells lining the colon or rectum of the GI tract . Some of these are acquired and some are inherited . More often than not, it takes a lot of time to cultivate and it gives us more time to detect it early to have a great large opportunity for treatment.

Colon cancer facts say that more than one-third of colorectal deaths could be prevented if people over 50 years old had regular screening tests .

One of the colon cancer facts also reveals that most cancer of this type begin as polyps (these are the growths on the inner wall of the colon or rectum) .

Because people who have polyps or colorectal cancers do not manifest the symptoms at the early stage, screening tests are vital for the treatment to work at its peak upon early findings.

Colon cancer facts include that colon cancer is one of the most curable cancers . Through screening test, pre-cancerous polyps can be removed before they turn into cancer .

One of the colon cancer facts is that the risk increases as we age and both genders are at risks .

Colon cancer facts explains that its cancer cells spread outside the colon or rectum, cancer cells are often found close to lymph nodes . And once they reached these nodes, they may have also spread to other lymph nodes and other vital organs in our body .

An ongoing infection in your body may be manifested by the unusual enlargement of lymph nodes.

Colon cancer facts count the cancer of this type to be not contagious . To use research as the basis, people with certain risk factors are more likely to develop this disease from others .

These are only some of the colon cancer facts . But there is no better way than consulting a doctor and undergo screening tests for you to determine if your colon cancer exists or not .

How to Prevent Colon Cancer?

From the large rate of mortality emerging from colon cancer disease, people have to pay attention of the preventive measure that would less likely cause a colon cancer.

In order for us to get ahead with the colon cancer, it is advisable to know some of the colon cancer prevention to give us the idea what to do in the right time .

One of the most basic part of colon cancer prevention is screening. You may decrease the probability of progressing into colon cancer by undergoing colonoscopy procedure if you think that you already have the signs of having polyps.

Screening test from colon cancer prevention consists Fecal Occult Blood Test, where stool samples are checked for signs of cancer and Flexible Sigmoidoscopy much more like the same for colonoscopy only that the viewing tube is shorter so the Doctor to only look at the last part of the colon .

There is also this Computed Tomographic Colonography as part of the colon cancer prevention, in which it makes a detailed picture of the colon to make the Doctor look for polyps .

With this diagnostic procedures, colon cancer prevention needs you to have self-discipline and help in your part. Smoking cessation, keeping an active lifestyle, and maintaining a healthy diet contributes to your health and decrease the occurence of other risk factors .

If you are having trouble over having the proper diet, a suggestion includes having five servings of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains a day or fiber, calcium and folic acid .

Decrease the intake of red meat, saturated fat and alcohol as much as possible . Include exercise in your daily routine for at least half an hour and reduce radiation exposure, this is also a part of the cause of developing colon cancer .

The concern for colon cancer disease made the society vulnerable, that it helped them research on introducing a vaccine that is designed to ramp up the immune system to recognize abnormalities and initiate attack .

Along with the awareness over this colon cancer prevention and precautions, setting up an appointment to your Doctor is still the best way to identify the colon cancer probability for you and your family.

The Way To Treat Your Colon Cancer

For the benefit of the patients who wants to have and early therapy decision as soon as possible, different treatments for colon cancer have been classified correspondingly

There are three standard treatments which includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy

The most common care is surgery colon cancer treatment . A Doctor will use Colonoscope procedure,(a thin tube-like instrument with a light and lens for viewing), it will not require the cutting of abdominal wall, instead, a tube is inserted into the rectum up to the colon and cut the cancer out, if the cancer has been found out at its early stage.

Resection of the primary tumor is still offered in order to reduce morbidity caused by tumor bleeding in case of multiple metastases (spread of cancer) .

Chemotherapy colon cancer treatment is one way to help kill the cancer cells . It is applied to reduce the tumor size, delay tumor growth and decrease the likelihood of metastasis development. It is regularly implemented after surgery, before surgery, and has been the options for many as primary treatment .

For patients who have received after surgery chemotherapy colon cancer treatment, they usually survived longer and go for extended periods of time without recurrence of colon cancer than patients who undergone the surgery alone .

Colon cancer treatment of this type use anti-cancer drug to kill cancer cells . It can be taken by mouth, or by inserting a needle into a vein or a muscle of the body . There is also a systemic type of chemotherapy where the drugs enter the bloodstream and kill cancer cells throughout the body .

Radiation therapy is the type of colon cancer treatment that is rarely used because of its complication to identify specific areas of the colon. This is applied to cure colon cancer pain as it targets metastatic tumor deposits and treat pain .

Being diagnosed with cancer results a huge change from the person's psychological being . With these therapies, support resources can be accessed from hospitals and other agencies that offer counseling and cancer support groups that will help the patient cope with his medical state to other part of his life .

Getting to Know The Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer is also named by the Medical Society as Colorectal Cancer or Large Bowel Cancer. It is known to be second-most common cancer death in the United States and third-leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the Western World .

The risk generally increases as adults get older . The importance of understanding the colon cancer symptoms will help you work with your Doctor on planning you long-term health plan because they are usually not obvious.

Rectal bleeding or pain, change in a regular habit, unexplained anemia, weight loss, bright red or dark red blood in the stools, and occurrence of abdominal pain are those that includes in the list of colon cancer symptoms .

A change in the bowel habit is the onset of diarrhea and constipation in the absence of another cause, and a feeling of incomplete defecation, or a reduction in the diameter of stool .

The increased presence of mucus comes with colon cancer, because of this, the passage of bright red stool in colon cancer symptoms may indicate lower gastrointestinal bleeding.

On the other hand, upper gastrointestinal bleeding brings out Melena or black tarry stools that is sometimes encountered in colon cancer when it is located at the beginning of the large bowel .

There is a possibility of the presence of tumor in colon cancer symptoms and if it cause chronic bleeding, iron deficiency anemia and weight loss will be manifested . This is reflected by fatigue, palpitation, pale appearance of the skin and decreased appetite .

The reduction in the diameter of the stool in colon cancer symptoms gives us an insight to what may be going on in our bowel . Thin or ribbon-like stools can indicate that there may be an obstruction or something that is blocking the stool .

Colon cancer follows you discreetly and have you alarmed if it already reached the critical stage.

Make an appointment with your Doctor right away if you experienced any of these colon cancer symptoms for any length of time to discuss your concerns and let them take your medical history, the necessary tests and schedule for a follow up to get to the bottom of your symptoms .

Colon Cancer Surgeries At A Glance

Colon cancer surgery is the most widespread treatment for colorectal cancer when its prevalence and treatments are out of control.

When we say surgery, it doesn't have to be seen as an aggressive approach . Colon cancer surgery is a local therapy that cures the cancer in the colon or rectum, and the area close to the tumor .

Larger cancer requires an incision into the abdomen to remove the tumor and part of the healthy colon or rectum while a small malignant polyp may be detached from the colon or upper rectum with the aid of a colonoscope.

When the lymph nodes are removed, the Doctor checks the rest of the intestines to see if the cancer has spread .

What are we expecting for a colon cancer surgery? . Colon cancer surgery is usually the major suggestion in rehabilitating colon cancer. It helps your Doctor analyze the degree of your disease .

One of the common types of colon cancer surgery is Colectomy . It includes removing a part of your colon and as many infected lymph nodes as possible . To make one long tube again, the colon is reattached .

Colostomy from colon cancer surgery is when the tumor is large enough and blocks your colon completely . In order for the surgeon to attach a bag for your stool to pass, Colectomy before Colostomy is done first and instead of reconnecting the ends of your colon, the surgeon will have an opening in your mid-section part of the abdomen.

It is prone to infection that is why colostomy needs to be looked after . You will be provided of training from the nurse on how to take care of it so you can do this on your own . It could be scary at first, but you'll get used to it over time .

The Doctor will determine what kind of colon cancer surgery is recommended for you . Before you decide over which, understand the risks, side effects and post-operation procedures to manage the timeframe of recovery for you . Follow them so to decrease post-op complications and speed up the healing process .

Monday, November 1, 2010

Important Facts About Antibiotics for Bronchitis

In 2006, abcnews reported that majority of physicians prescribe antibiotics for cough and bronchitis. In fact, researchers claim that prescribing antibiotics for bronchitis symptoms such as coughs and colds are actually useless. To begin with, the usual source of such symptoms are viruses so antibiotics would not be of any help. Instead, recommended remedies are rest, intake of fluids, using humidifier or vaporizers as well as taking over the counter medicine to lessen pain. Second, antibiotics for bronchitis have adverse side effects that can be harmful. These include upset stomach, diarrhea, and allergic reactions. Likewise, when you take antibiotics often this can result to antibiotic resistant bacterial infections. Usually, the body can overcome cough and colds naturally especially when caused by virus. Antibiotics for bronchitis is only beneficial once bacterial infection which is manifested by high fever. When this occurs, the body must be aided in fighting off the infection. Briefly, antibiotics for bronchitis is only beneficial when it assists in stopping the spread of bacteria. Antibiotics for bronchitis can prevent further complications like pneumonia.

Several antibiotics are suggested by physicians,among them: amoxicillin, azithromycin, clarithromycin, doxycycline, erythromycin and combination of trimethoprin and sulfamethoxazole. These medicines are can be in capsule or liquid form and different dosage. Only a health professional can issue a real prescription when buying such medicines. Similarly, doctors can properly recommend the correct intake of medicine. It must be kept in mind that when it comes to antibiotics, more is not necessarily better. These are synthetic products that can cause different side effects depending on the individuals tolerance. Food like dairy products as well beverages like alcohol should not be taken with some antibiotics. On the contrary, some antibiotics must be taken along with food. Thus,only a physician can advise you properly regarding the use of antibiotics. Sadly, the majority of patients wrongly believe that antibiotics for bronchitis is the best recourse. Aside from antibiotics for bronchitis, there are several natural and effective treatment for antibiotics which can be more affordable and effective. Natural is better and more effective.

How to Deal With Bronchitis in Children

Children are normally frisky,active and love playing outdoors with their friends. They are fond of exploring the natural environment which makes them exposed to a lot allergens and pollutants. Moreover, children often dismiss the weather and would go out whether it’s sunny or rainy. For this reason, it is expected that colds and cough appear that can lead to bronchitis in children. The symptoms of bronchitis in children often manifest as runny nose, sore throats and slight fever. Suddenly, the child feels weak and complains of feeling cold most of the time. Sooner, children experience dry cough at the start since breathing becomes difficult due to clogged nose. Soon enough the cough eventually loosens and the lungs try to expel them. A wheezing sound is also an indication of possible bronchitis in children.

Parents should not get stressed because there are several over the counter medications that can be used in treating acute bronchitis in children. The purpose of most cough syrups is to dissolve the mucus and expel it. At the same time, some aspirin can help in bringing down fever and relieving minor headache that kids feel due to a clogged nose. In most cases, parents are very disturbed seeing their children sleepless or having difficulty in breathing due to bronchitis in children. When this happens, a humidifier or a vaporizer can help clear nasal passages effectively. The smell of eucalyptus is very soothing for those who have colds.

Parents should also keep in mind about bronchitis in children is that children must take lots of beverages like water or fruit juices. Bronchitis in children is one of the leading cause of missed school days. Sick children are often advised to take a rest so their bodies can recover although some would still prefer to play despite the symptoms. Other household members must always wash their hands since bronchitis in children can easily be spread. If the symptoms do not disappear after several days, medical attention should be immediately sought. It is most likely that bacterial infection is present ,then the doctor would prescribe antibiotics. Bronchitis in children can be treated as long as you follow the aforementioned tips.

Common Bronchitis Symptoms That You Must Know

Despite the advances in science and technology mankind has pursued, people still acquire diseases that existed since medieval times. One of these diseases is bronchitis – which is a common term that refers to the swelling and inflammation of lungs airways caused by certain factors. The statistics for bronchitis are unfortunately high as indicated by the World Health Organization report in 2004. For a modernized country like Australia, the WHO reported that bronchitis prevalence along with other respiratory disorders like asthma and emphysema lead to 20 male deaths per 100,000 population. Because of this,the health agencies pursue its campaign in educating the public about bronchitis symptoms so measures can be immediately taken.

However, it must also be understood that there are two types of bronchitis: acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis is inflammation of the lungs usually caused by smoking for many years. On the contrary, acute bronchitis happens unexpectedly which is triggered by a bacterial or viral infection. This type of bronchitis is prevalent during cold season and affects a great number of children and elderly. Nonetheless, the disease can be effectively treated as soon as bronchitis symptoms are consulted to health professional.

The most common bronchitis symptoms according to the Mayo Clinic website are the following: Cough – coughing is actually a reflex to expel mucus from the lungs. It can be inconvenient particularly when it is non-productive which is why people consult a doctor even for a cough.

Shortness of breath. This is further worsened by physical exertion so doing some tasks can be tiring. It is recommended to take a rest when you have bronchitis.

Slight fever and chills. The body feels cold and runs a low fever so which can make the person mistake the symptom for a flu.

Wheezing Lethargy. The person feels weak and move less.

Chest pain

There are other important things you must understand. First, bronchitis symptoms are common in both old and young people. Also, the two types of bronchitis manifest the same bronchitis symptoms. However, frequent respiratory symptoms should be immediately consulted with a doctor since this may indicate other respiratory ailments that are more serious.

What Are Some of The Best Anabolic Steroids

Millions of fitness lovers all over the world particularly those involved in weightlifting need a hand in building strength and shedding pounds. Getting lean yet building muscles is such a challenge since losing fat could also be a setback in gaining muscular strength. For this reason, many individuals are searching for best anabolic steroids that could suit their growth requirements. To begin with, you have to remember that the foundation of using best anabolic steroids is testosterone. In case you want to gain size and bulk, choose testosterone enanthate or testosterone cypionate. But when you have finally gained what you want, just use the propionate kind for maintenance.

Nonetheless, it is critical to understand that best anabolic steroids have side effects that users must be careful of. While best anabolic steroids can boost performance and increase strength, the side effects can also be very bad. The following rundown would further enlighten you on best anabolicsteroids available today:

Winstrol. It’s also known by the name Winny-v which is considered one of the best anabolic steroids in the market. It is a favorite among serious weightlifters since it can boost muscle growth at the same time prolong your stamina. If it’s time to get tripped, consider buying Winstrol. However, an adverse side effect of this drug is dry joints.

Anavar. Anavar is actually Oxandrolone that can be effectively used to lose excess fat during a cutting cycle. It could also be useful for creating bulk that can guarantee great strength and powerful lifts. When speaking of side-effects, Anavar does not have adverse reactions.

Deca Durabolin. This is considered classic best anabolic steroids since the 70s though it’s widely known as Dianobol then. The renowned Arnold Schwarzenegger has reputedly used Dianobol which made him grow from a frail teener to a Mr.Olympia. Deca Durabolin is an injectable steroid that can make a user gain at least 30 lbs in twelve weeks. Yet, it has also side effects such as bloating or water retention.

There are still many available best anabolic steroids on the market but our list has elaborated on the risk. Remember, every drug is like a double edge sword, it can heal or wound you.

The Role of Anabolic Steroids Body Building Function for Athletes

It is an accepted fact that anabolic steroids bodybuilding function has provided advantages to a lot of athletes and even physical fitness buffs. Just to give you an idea, anabolic steroids are actually drugs that duplicate the effects of the male sex hormone testosterone and dihydrotesterone. Why does this happen? Well, these male sex hormones directly increase protein synthesis in the cells that produce cellular tissue particularly around the muscles. As all athletes know, muscles in different localities of the body are used to perform various sports activities. Therefore, anabolic steroids body building function can greatly enhance physical performance by increasing muscle growth and strength. However, there are some slight physical changes that manifest masculine-like features such as deeper voice and body hair. Also,side effects produce acne and sometimes premature baldness in even in women. Nevertheless, anabolic steroids bodybuilding function is important especially to those who have fitness goals.

The importance of anabolic steroids body building function was brought into public as early as 1930s. Nowadays, it has come a long way since aside from inducing bone growth and appetite, it has also been used in clinical trials for some chronic diseases like cancer and AIDS. Even the much respected American College of Sports Medicine gives much credit to the effectiveness of anabolic steroids bodybuilding function if used properly. Like any other drug, abuse would certainly lead to adverse effects such as cardiovascular disease and liver damage. Psychological effects have also been shown to such as aggression and mania according to some research done. Nevertheless, ACSM accepts the fact that anabolic steroids body building can be responsible for increasing body weight but in the form of leaner muscles. Furthermore, anabolic steroids bodybuilding are popular among bodybuilders since a good mix of intensive exercises and proper diet can result to increased strength. Strength is a very valuable physical feature that all athletes and fitness lovers aspire. Regardless of the type of sports, strength is of great importance in performance. Truly, the value of anabolic steroids bodybuilding cannot be dismissed as long as one follows safety precautions in using the product.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Anabolic Steroids Pills

Agreat majority of individuals worldwide whether athletic or not use anabolic steroids pills. The main reason for this is that they want to meet their fitness goals such as increased muscle size, explosive strength, great power, prolonged stamina and enhanced over-all performance. Having the right nutrition combined with intensive exercise program helps but anabolic steroids pills can make people attain the results faster. No wonder, there are athletes who performed seemingly impossible feats exceeding their own world records. Most likely, you have also witnessed frail teen-agers grow into monstrous size after pumping iron for just a couple of months. All of these changes are courtesy of anabolic steroids pills.

Generally,there are two types of anabolic steroids but most people choose anabolic steroids pills since they are more convenient to use. Also,some athletes prefer this over injectables form since they are digested in the stomach and therefore much harder to detect in the bloodstream. This then shields the body from toxic effects but the liver often bears the damage caused by abuse of anabolic steroids pills. However, anabolic steroids pills can also bring benefits to the body since scientists and doctors have used these drugs in treatment of chronic conditions. Anabolic steroids pills can also reduce inflammation and swelling which is why these drugs have contributed a lot in the field of medicine.

When it comes to sports medicine, anabolic steroids pills are infamous for their serious side effects which is why people should limit the use of such. Those who have gained benefits have properly used the product by allowing an interval period for the body to rest. Also, anabolic steroids pills should not be used for more than two months. For this reason, anabolic steroids cycles advised by sports coaches can be followed to prevent drug abuse. Excessive drug use can lead to cardiovascular disease, liver damage, mood swings, aggression and reduced cartilage. Cheap anabolic steroids pills available in the black market pose a lot of health risk so make sure you only buy from reputable sources. Lastly, see a doctor first before using anabolic steroids pills.

Guide to Buying Pro Anabolic Steroids

Ever since anabolic steroids were launched in the market in 1938, millions of people have enhanced their performance from the numerous benefits that the drug provides. Professional athletes and serious weightlifters have been using pro anabolic steroids that enables them to boost their performance through massive muscle gains and increased stamina. Many athletes have exceeded their own records because of pro anabolic steroids despite the controversies surrounding it. Nowadays, pro anabolic steroids can be bought from online stores without any prescription. Having said that, it would still be smart to browse over some sites first to compare the different features of pro anabolic steroids. It is highly suggested too to visit forums so you can get feedback about the products side effects .Also, pro anabolic steroids can also come in two different forms: injectables and oral pills. It must be remembered that pro anabolic steroids contain strong formulation so there are also side effects along with the benefits. The following rundown would help you in choosing top pro anabolic steroids:

1. Buy pro anabolic steroids that are made by known manufacturers. A lot of black market sellers offer pro anabolic steroids that can be dangerous for your health. The products that they offer can be fake or even tampered. It is highly suggested that you check carefully the labels, expiry date, and seal when buying pro anabolic steroids. If you are purchasing online, check first the whois of the site to see if they are legitimate business.

2.Purchase pro anabolic steroids with money back guarantee. Usually, manufacturers say that pro anabolic steroids can greatly increase strength, lose weight, decrease recovery times and increase growth. However, such claims can be marketing hype so if in case the product fails, you can return the product and get your money back. In this way, you don’t lose hard earned dollars to bad products.

3.Verify the results. In many occasions,manufacturers of pro anabolic steroids claim that they can prove results through studies. Try to read any of these studies and see if it's true. Make certain that they are valid and have been published in credible sites.

Pro anabolic steroids are created to suit the serious demands of professional athletes and serious fitness buffs. However, it would always be wise when it comes to matters concerning your health.

The Different Anabolic Steroids Cycles

Presently, a great deal of professional athletes and serious bodybuilders are taking anabolic steroids. Usually, anabolic steroids can cause dramatic changes in physical strength, creating large muscles and enhancing stamina. Plus,steroids can make athletes create new world records. For this reason,many types of anabolic steroids are found in the market. Some can bought from pharmacies by obtaining a prescription or simply order from the black market. Still,the user must be careful about the side effects of these drugs especially when used for a longer period. This is exactly where the importance of anabolic steroids cycles falls into place.

Usually, individuals who use steroids follow some anabolic steroids cycles that would yield good results for the body. Anabolic steroids cycles establish a pattern that people can follow to meet their goals. One purpose for following anabolic steroids cycles is to make the body rest between intervals when taking steroids. Plus, another value of anabolic steroids is to support an exercise program that was designed to achieve quick results. The following discussion of some techniques in anabolic steroids cycles are helpful:

Cycling – the simplest pattern for anabolic steroids cycles. In this cycle, people take different dosages of one drug scheduled at a certain period. Cycling allows the body to rest at an interval preventing damage to the liver.

Stacking – A more advanced stage wherein a person takes at least two types of drugs for a certain period of time. It can also be a mix of orals or injectables as preferred by the user.Some users combine certain anabolic steroids that can help them shed pounds at the same time create big muscles in less than 12 weeks.

Pyramiding – This is the most complicated among anabolic steroids cycles and has health risks. Pyramiding starts with a low dosage and gradually increase the dosage of a single drug or variety of multiple drugs. It looks like a mix of both stacking and cycling.

Individuals taking steroids can use any one these cycles to suit their fitness goals, however, they must fully accept the consequences associated using anabolic steroids. It is suggested that they seek a health professional so they can be advised how to minimize side effects.

Classification of Cheap Anabolic Steroids

There are several ways to develop physical performance - hard training, right diet or take supplements that can possibly improve the work-out. This includes taking nutritional supplements and cheap anabolic steroids which can be availed even without a prescription. Ever since anabolic steroids entered the world of Sports in 1938, millions of athletes have been using cheap anabolic steroids which can really make a difference in terms of muscular strength, power and even stamina. No matter what type of activity, cheap anabolic steroids can really boost performance which is why finding the right sources of these products are valuable to many people. Nonetheless, knowing more about different types of cheap anabolic steroids would guide you in using the products properly. The following classification of cheap anabolic steroids can be very helpful for proper usage

Oral cheap anabolic steroids. This is a typical form of cheap anabolic steroids which can be used without prescription. Several websites sell such oral cheap anabolic steroids that can be delivered into your doorstep. Usually,people try using oral cheap anabolic steroids at first since they are easy to use.However, people often overlook the important fact that cheap anabolic steroids in oral form produce side effects especially when used for a longer period of time. Adverse effects include hypertension,increased LDL as well as liver damage. Regularly, athletes use cheap anabolic steroids in oral form since they are not easily detected in the body.

Injectable cheap anabolic steroids. There are different brands of injectables available in the market today with popular names such as Deca durabolin, Sustanon 250, Dianobol and Winstrol. There are certain advantages in using injectable cheap anabolic steroids over oral pills. First, they are easily absorbed by the body since they directly go into the bloodstream. However, this can also be toxic for the system especially when people abuse the drug. To make matters worse, some people use dirty needles which further complicates the situation. Also, some athletes choose oral pills since injectables remain for a long time in the body. It would be better to seek advice of a doctor before using steroids.

Cheap anabolic steroids are available in many websites even without prescription. However, it is recommended to have a medical check up before using any of these products.

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All About Symptoms of Strabismus

The symptoms of strabismus are somehow clear-cut and you can ordinarily tell is a person has it by just observing their eyes. The condition also known as squint, lazy eye, crossed eye, boss eye, cock eye and wall eye. It is marked by eyes that are not correctly aligned with each other, because of lack of coordination of the extraocular muscles that manipulates the movement of the eye. Here are the symptoms of strabismus that can help you tell if the person is affected by the condition.

One of the symptoms of strabismus is that the eyes are not able to look in the same direction concurrently. The reason for this is that the extraocular muscles may be weak and therefore are unable to coordinate the movement of the eyes. This brings about to an impaired binocular vision causing the person to have a lessened field of view and problems in depth perception.

One more symptoms of strabismus is that the eyes are not able to move together. The direction of the eyes is dependent on the type of strabismus that the patient has. Estropia also known as crossed eyes is the most typical type wherein one eye turns inward. Another form is exotropia or walleye wherein one eye turns outward towards the temple. There is also the less common forms hypertropia or vertical deviation wherein the eye turns upward towards the eyebrow, or hypotropia wherein the eye turns downward.

As a result of the impaired vision from the lack of binocular vision, the other symptoms of strabismus are tilting of the head to look in an object, closing one eye in the bright daylight, and bumping into things.

People who are affected by strabismus are not able to use both their eyes at the same time and that is why they have to squint or close their eyes. They also are unable to correctly judge the depth of an object visually and so they have to tilt their heads. And they may also have problems estimating the distance of an object hence they keep on bumping into various objects.

Furthermore, the other symptoms of strabismus may also include double vision, blurring of vision, tired eyes, and sensitivity to light.

All You Need To Know About Strabismus

Do you know anything about strabismus? Most people are not familiar with it but it is actually an eye condition that is characterized by eyes are not properly aligned with each other. It is also known as squint, walleye, or crossed-eyes. This condition makes the eyes unable to look at the same point concurrently. It you want to learn more about strabismus, read on.

One thing that you need to know about strabismus is that it occurs when the muscles that are connected to each eye do not work together in a coordinative manner so that the eyes do not move together in the same direction at the same time. It is for this reason that the individual that is afflicted by it are incapable of aligning his or her eyes concurrently. Because of this, one or even both eyes may rotate down, up, in , or out. The eye turning may differ from each case as it could be intermittent, when there is a stimulus such as sickness or stress, or it could be constantly turning.

One more thing that you have to learn about strabismus is its symptoms. You can easily spot a strabismus patient if the person cannot look at the same area in a space at the same time. More subtle symptoms of this condition include closing of the eyes in bright daylight, as well as tilting of the head just to view an object. Furthermore, children who are afflicted with strabismus may experience tiredness of the eyes, blurred vision, and sensitivity to light. Additionally, people may also experience double vision on the onset of strabismus. The thing about strabismus is that the extraocular muscles are severely affected, damaging the binocular vision as well. Because of this, individuals with this condition are not able to correctly perceive depth.

The good thing about strabismus is that there are several methods of treatment for this condition. This includes the use of glasses, patches, medicines, and also surgery. Children who are suffering from this condition can have their eyes corrected at around 10 years old if they have been treated early. On the other hand for the surgery, Botox can be employed to paralyze the stronger muscle, for cosmetic purposes.

The Basics of Strabismus in Babies

Strabimsus in babies is a plausible condition because genetics can be a factor in this type of eye problem. If your family has a known history of this condition, you need to be always ready and alert so that you can have your baby treated immediately, which is very ideal as the eyes are very receptive to treatment when it is still developing. Here are a some facts that you may find useful when dealing with strabismus in babies.

The first thing that you must remember about strabismus in babies is that it is common among infants below three months old to have crossed or wandering eyes.

The reason is that the infant still doesn’t know how to utilize both of his or her eyes. It could also mean that the baby is just tired. Hence you shouldn’t be bothered if you noticed your baby squint his or her eyes. However, if it occurs more regularly especially if the baby is more than 3 months old already, then it is recommended that you consult an eye doctor right away.

Strabismus in babies needs to be treated immediately as it could easily lead to the condition called amblyopia or lazy eye. Individuals with strabismus are not able to utilize both their eyes at the same time. As a result, their brain could altogether ignore the image from one eye and lead to the lazy eye condition. This is not ideal as using only one eye significantly reduces the field of vision and cause difficulties in depth perception.

There area few approaches in treating strabismus in babies. The eye doctor may prescribe corrective lenses to develop the vision. Lazy eye that is caused by strabismus can be remedied with a corrective eye patch. The patch conceals the good eye so that the lazy eye will have no other option but to work harder and correct itself in the process. If these two methods do not succeed, surgery or a series of it may be the only solution for this condition. While the brain is responsible for the lack of coordination of the eyes, the surgery only involves the fixing of the eye muscles therefore there is still a possibility that it may not work.

A Guide to the Treatment For Strabismus

The treatment for strabismus seeks to achieve three main aims. First and foremost is to preserve the correct eye vision, as it becomes distorted when the eyes cannot focus on a single spot. The second aim of the treatment is for cosmetic reasons, since strabismus makes the eye turn involuntarily which is not exactly a sight to look at. The third objective of treatment of strabismus is to reacquire binocular vision, or the simultaneous usage of both eyes, because the condition can be a reason for double vision. The treatment for strabismus differs based on the kind of condition.

The first option for the treatment of strabismus is the minimally invasive procedures. This utilizes eyeglasses as well as corrective eye patches.

Eyeglasses can aid in treating strabismus as it makes the eye muscles of the patient develop. On the other hand, an eye patch is used to cover the good eye, which forces the lazy eye to work alone and therefore harder, making it stronger in the process, so that both eyes becomes coordinated when used simultaneously. However, this kind of treatment can only be effective on low-grade strabismus, or congenital strabismus.

Another option for the treatment for strabismus is surgery that is usually combined with orthoptics or vision therapy. The surgery requires making a small incision in the tissue covering the eye, making the underlying eye muscles accessible. The eye muscles are then tweaked depending on the direction of the turning eye. There are times when both eyes have to be operated.

Subsequent to surgery, vision therapy or orthoptics is utilized to complement the procedure. Even though the eyes look fixed after the surgical procedure, the patient still needs to relearn how to utilize both eyes concurrently, so that the surgery isn’t for cosmetic purposes only. Aside from the eye muscle strength, neurological control is also focused upon to modify the nervous system as well, thereby promoting a holistic and lasting cure. Vision therapy typically involves the use of various optical devices like specialized computers, as well as therapeutic lenses, prisms, and filters.

All About Strabismus Causes

To learn what causes strabismus, it is necessary to know about the different forms of strabismus. Basically the strabismus causes can be due to a disorder of the brain in coordinating the eyes, or because of problems in one or more of the relevant eye muscles’ power such as paralysis or unequal pulling of muscles on one side of the eye.

First, it is still unknown what causes strabismus in children. However, researchers think that it is hereditary because it is frequently seen to run among families. In other words, an individual with a family member that has it has an increased chance to have a child with strabismus.

Another major strabismus causes is that it could be a coping mechanism of the eye for another vision problem like farsightedness. Far sighter people are unable to perceive near objects that results in to the turning of the eyes inwards.

Intermittent strabismus is a kind of strabismus wherein the eye does not turn constantly, as it only does during stressful situations or because of sickness. The strabismus causes for this type of condition is a vision problem known as convergence insufficiency. It is an ordinary condition that may also cause headaches, double vision, blurred vision, and eyestrain.

On the other hand, adults can have strabismus due to eye or blood vessel damage. This can be brought about by other conditions like blindness, eye tumor, Graves’ disease, stroke, cataract, and various muscle and nerve disorders. Blindness often results to the gradual outward turning of the eye thus the strabismus. Diabetes may also cause strabismus among people. It is because the disease limits the blood supply to the eye muscles, causing the eyes to squint.

In addition, other neurological conditions may also become main strabismus causes. This includes Cerebral Palsy, hydrocephalus, Down’s syndrome, premature birth, and brain tumors. In addition, acquired or adult strabismus may also be a result of untreated or unsuccessfully treated childhood strabismus.

All About Strabismus: Is Strabismus Hereditary?

If you know that a family member or a relative that has congenital strabismus, then one of the questions that you may want to know more about your child may be this: is strabismus hereditary? As you may have probably read in most sources, genetics play a key factor in the development of this condition. That’s why a few children are born with strabismus. Strabismus is hereditary but there are still a lot of thing that you can do about it. If you are worried that your baby has strabismus, here are some tips that you should follow.

Strabismus is a very straightforward condition wherein you can easily determine if a person has it by just looking at his or her eyes. And as strabismus is hereditary, you may examine the eyes of the infant for early signs of squinting. In a few cases, the baby may be exhibiting consistent or extreme eye turning even if he or she is still not yet a year old. When this happens, then by all means go to an eye specialist and have the eyes of your baby checked in order to get an official diagnosis and learn what the options for treatment are.

If you do not notice these early signs of strabismus in your child, you must still be prepared since there is still a possibility for it to develop. Again, strabismus is hereditary and if you have a known family history of it, then have the eyes of your child checked when he or she is already 9 months old. The reason for this is that it is during this time that the binocular vision system is already fully developed. Strabismus greatly affects the binocular vision of a human being thus it is during at this age that the eye doctor can specify a more exact diagnosis of the eye condition of the infant.

In addition, you can also find out if your child has strabismus if he or she is showing certain behavior that is related to eye vision problems. Some of the examples are bumping into things, sensitivity to light, tilting of the head when looking at an object, and closing of one eye in bright sunlight. The good thing is that although strabismus is hereditary, it can be cured at an early age if diagnosed and treated right away.

A Guide to Strabismus in Children

Genetics plays a key role in the development of strabismus and therefore there are a lot of cases of strabismus in children. This is the reason why strabismus in children is a very important health issue. Unfortunately a few people think that children will grow out of it eventually and do not do anything to help their children. In fact, strabismus in children can be cured as early as ten years of age if they are treated with eyeglasses and corrective patches early on. Here are some useful information about strabismus in children.

If you notice that your baby is exhibiting early signs of strabismus in children, it is highly recommended that you have the child have his or her first eye exam when he or she is already 9 months old.

This is the recommended age since it is during this time that the binocular vision system is fully functional already. This entails the eye muscle coordination, the ability to see 20/20, and the focusing ability. Therefore this is the optimal time to have the eyes of your child examined for such eye anomalies. Furthermore, the eye at this stage is very receptive to treatments. However, if the child is less than 9 months old but is already showing extreme or consistent eye turns, then by all means have his or her eye examined by an expert.

Some examples of strabismus in children are infantile estropia and accommodative estropia. Infantile estropia is the condition that is characterized by constant inward turning of the eyes which happens before the child is 6 months old. Meanwhile, the latter refers to the inward turning of the eyes that take place between the ages of 6 months and 7 years old.

The cure of strabismus in children may differ depending on the case. One of the most ordinary treatment procedures that are utilized is by prescribing eyeglasses. What it does is that it removes the turning of the eyes and also the optical difference between the two eyes. Another treatment method for strabismus in children is the use of eye patch. The eye patch functions to rouse the lazy eye which helps prevent double vision.

A Guide To Strabismus Surgery in Adults

Strabismus surgery in adults is possibly the most realistic treatment option for individuals with adult strabismus since corrective lenses and eye patches lose their effectiveness with age. An adult can have strabismus if the condition was left untreated in childhood or after sustaining an illness or an injury. Apart from affecting the binocular vision of the person, strabismus in adults can also lead to double visions because the brain is unable to disregard the image from the one eye anymore. Here are a few practical things that you need to know about strabismus surgery in adults.

There are some benefits of strabismus surgery in adults. One of them is that the eye muscle surgery is a safe, effective, and proven procedure for treating strabismus in adults for all ages. No matter what your age is, you can still benefit from strabismus surgery and it would still be effective. One more benefit of strabismus surgery in adults is that it fixes uneven eyes thus improving your appearance, and bring back binocular vision which will enlarge your field of vision as well as recover a proper depth perception. This can greatly improve your self-esteem and how you face other people as well.

One more thing that you have to know about strabismus surgery in adults is that it is included in your health insurance. Strabismus is a legitimate medical condition that causes functional disability among people who have it. Therefore if you have a health insurance, you do not have to worry about the payment for the procedure as it is already covered. Just make certain that you communicate with your insurance agency as well as the eye clinic where you will be operated before undergoing the surgery so that there will be no problems with the processing of the payment.

Lastly, the procedure of strabismus surgery in adults is conducted under anesthesia so you won’t feel a thing and you also have the choice of having it performed while you are awake. It is just a one day procedure and requires only a few hours of stay in the hospital. You can go back to your normal everyday activities after just a few days of rest after the operation.

A Guide To Strabismus Vision Therapy

Strabismus vision therapy is a treatment procedure that people with strabismus can take, most especially children with congenital strabismus. It is a program that involves visual activities that are specially designed to correct vision problems as well as develop visual skills. The objective of strabismus vision therapy is not only to compensate for vision issues like the function of corrective glasses and lenses, but it also aims to train the who visual system, including the eyes and the brain, to fix itself. Hence, strabismus vision therapy is recommended to patients before and after an eye surgery.

Individuals with strabismus will have issues in their binocular vision as their uneven eyes makes them incapable of using them both at the same time.

Sometimes eyeglasses, contact lenses, and even surgery is not enough for people to regain their use of binocular vision and this is where strabismus vision therapy becomes helpful. Strabismus vision therapy employs several devices in order to accomplish its objectives and some of them are lenses, filters, prisms, computerized visual activities, and non-computerized viewing instruments. It may also use other non-medical things such as metronomes, balance boards, balls, and other devices in the personalized therapy program.

Strabismus vision therapy is also called other names like orthoptics, visual therapy, vision training, visual training, or simply VT. They are usually done by optometrists. There are even optometrists who specialize in children’s vision as well as vision development and they are known as pediatric optometrists, behavioral optometrists, or developmental optometrists.

The logic behind strabismus vision therapy lies in the concept of neuroplasticity. It means that the brain has the capability to change its structure and function as a result of an external stimulus. Latest studies have proven that these neurological changes can also be done in adults as well and not just among children. Considering these information, strabismus vision therapy can assist in fixing conditions that are related to visual perception, vision function, and vision development. Apart from strabismus, the other eye problems that may be fixed with vision therapy are visual-perceptual disorders, vision problems resulting from developmental disabilities, vision problems resulting from acquired brain injury like stroke, amblyopia, and eye movement disorders.

A Guide About Surgery For Strabismus

Strabismus surgery is one of the treatment options that people afflicted with the condition can take. The procedure is done on the extraocular muscles of the eyes to basically fix the misalignment. In surgery for strabismus, the eye muscles are adjusted to make them stronger, enhancing the patient’s vision and also the appearance of the eyes.

There are four forms of surgery for strabismus that can be performed on the eye. The first kind is the weakening or the loosening procedures that entails recession, or moving the insertion of a muscle posteriorly towards its origin, tenomy, tenectomy, myotomy, and myectomy. The second type of procedure is the tightening or strengthening procedures which may involve resection, or the removing of a portion of the muscle and reattaching it to another part, tucking, or advancement of the eye muscle to a more forward position. Another kind of procedure is the repositioning or transposition procedures. Lastly, there is also the adjustable suture surgery that allows for the shortening or lengthening of the extraocular muscle after the operation for a more accurate eye alignment.

The surgery for strabismus is only a one day procedure and the patient only needs to stay in the hospital for only a few hours. Subsequent the surgery, it is typical for the eyes of the patient to be sore and red due to the spots of blood in the surgical area. The redness should be gone in just within two to three weeks and the patient should be able to go back in his or her normal everyday activities within just a few days.

When your eye doctor recommends that you get a surgery for strabismus, it is important to inquire to what extent the procedure will make the eyes look better and work better. Do not forget that the two main aims of surgery for strabismus are to give you cosmetic as well as binocular cure. There are even instances when you need to have more than one surgery in order to attain these two functions, so do not forget to ask about the expected number of surgeries as well. In addition, remember that surgery for strabismus does not modify the brain which controls and directs the eye muscles. In order to achieve the best eye vision, you may have to include vision therapy in your treatment.

Using Hypnosis Skin Picking

When using hypnosis skin picking, the patient who is suffering compulsive skin picking is treated with hypnotherapy. Compulsive skin picking affects 5% of the total population, or one out of twenty people may have this affliction. This is a repetitive behavior of biting, chewing, or picking the skin to the extent of destroying the skin and causing tissue damage. This condition may be detrimental to both children and adults as it can affect the different aspects of their lives.

Aside from the menacing fact that compulsive skin picking can cause permanent disfigurement of the body, this problem is detrimental because a sufferer is not aware that he or she is constantly picking the skin. They may think that they have been picking it for five minutes but in reality, they’re having a go at it for almost an hour already and in extreme cases, it may lead to bruising, bleeding and scarring.

Studies and Research have shown that anxiety, depression and stress are the major factors that trigger compulsive skin picking habits. These conditions trigger the sufferer’s urge to pick their skin. This is why the usual treatments that are suggested is in conjunction with those of psychological disorder like Obsessive Compulsive among others. Experts usually resort to CBT or Cognitive Behavior therapy that needs the use of medications like Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. Others prefer an alternative approach to dealing with this condition.

Therapists believe that there are more comprehensive and effective approaches to uncover the cause of skin picking through advance hypnotherapy methods. It focuses on the patient’s subconscious mind to find the answer, because this self-mutilating condition is often driven by a person’s subconscious urge.

If the patient starts to pick without him or her being aware of the situation, he or she has entered the hypnotic realm. They become focused and concentrated as they pick but they cannot control the trance state. It is a negative type of hypnosis skin picking. Hypnotherapy talks to the unconscious part of the brain and search for the emotional cause of the picking and let other forms of therapy deal with it. It can “re-program” the subconscious to select constructive habit and behavior over the destructive one, skin picking.

Once the subject becomes in control of his or her hypnotic ability, they can cure their condition and get other benefits from it.

What is Habit Reversal Training Skin Picking

Habit reversal training is composed of level of treatment designed to alleviate or cure repetitive behavioral disorders. Compulsive Skin picking is a condition where a person picks the skin repetitively, without awareness to the point of obliterating the skin itself. The goal of habit reversal training is to reduce the tics associated with impulse control disorder such as compulsive skin picking.

Habit reversal training for skin picking involves four components. They are the following, awareness training, competing response training, building motivation and generalization of skills. Habit reversal training for skin picking is based on an urge, a sensation before a tic. The objective of habit reversal training for skin picking is to replace bad habits with constructive ones.

Awareness training is used to inform the affected person of the tics and other behaviors so the subject can maintain self control. The affected person describes his or her behavior in detail while looking in a mirror. It is up to the therapist to point out the instances when the subject carries out the impulse over and over until the subject makes a habit of noticing it every time he or she does the tic. As this goes on, the person learns to identify when an impulse behavior is about to happen by identifying the urge, sensation or thought. Then awareness training is complete if the affected person identifies all the situations in which the impulse behavior occurs.

Once the person affected is informed of the impulse behavior, then a competing response should be formed to replace the old behavior. The usual competing response is opposite of the original impulse behavior and should take note the duration of the effectivity. It is noted that the appropriate response would be not noticeable by anyone.

To build motivation, one must be charitable in giving complements and praise. The subject is also tasked to list down the problems that are caused by the behavior.

The final phase is to apply the competent response to the impulse behavior in different contexts and different environments. A person should exercise in the house, office, or school.

Skin Picking Depression and its Effects

Skin Picking Depression and its Effects

Skin Picking Disorder or Compulsive Skin Picking (CSP) is defined as a habitual picking of skin lesions or excessive scratching, squeezing, or picking of unhealthy skin.

Initially, it is perceived to be a result of poor hygiene but they are unaware that there are neurological repercussions connected with this condition.

This condition manifest itself during a person’s teen years, up to his or her 20’s. This usually happens when the person is coping with depression or anxiety but yet he or she is not fully conscious that the skin is already being picked. Individuals who are suffering from skin picking disorder frequently have co-existing psychiatric disorder. The common psychological disorder connected to this condition is OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Skin picking depression is caused by high levels of stress, anxiety, or depression resulting to the urge to constantly pick the skin. Scratching or skin picking, for some people, it provides a feeling of relief or pleasure. However unconscious skin picking may lead to minor scrapes to obliteration of the skin itself. Bleeding, bruising and infections are very common. It affects an individual’s social life and relationships because skin picking leads to permanent disfigurement. Sufferers will try to conceal the skin damage cosmetically or wearing thick clothing. In severe cases, the sufferers become recluse themselves to avoid people seeing them in such conditions.

Skin-picking depression can be treated immediately. The treatment, however, is dependent on the level of awareness of the patient to the problem.

Skin-picking depression is treated with psychotherapy because it is stemming from a psychological disorder. Two approaches of this treatment are Habit Reversal Training and Exposure and Responsive Prevention.

OCD or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder medications are used to treat skin-picking depression. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, which include fluxetine, setraline, and paroxetine are the drugs that are utilized for CSP.

Research also suggests that therapy to combat depression is a successful method to counteract skin picking. Alleviating neurotic excoriation is not a difficult process. Better get a consultation with a psychiatrist or psychologist first.

Skin Picking Disorder and its Causes

Skin Picking Disorder is a compulsive urge to pick the skin in different parts of the body until that part is mutilated and obliterated. This is a disorder where a person picks their skin over and over, which is often bad enough to cause tissue damage. This disorder is also a cause of concern because it affects the day-to-day activities and social esteem of a person. Since this is a form of self-mutilation, the situation is very grave considering the one afflicted is not aware that what he or she is doing may lead to permanent tissue damage.

There are a lot of causes for skin picking disorder. Since psychiatrists classify this behavior as an impulse control disorder, it is probably caused by a combination of environmental and biological factors. Dermatillomania sufferers are known to possess symptoms of depression and anxiety. The exact root cause of this behavior is still a mystery.

What are the reasons why people with skin picking disorder continue their behaviors? Perhaps, people can elaborate as to why they keep on doing so. One is to soothe them when they are stressed. Many people feel a need for self-soothing and find ways to feel better when they pick skin. The nervous system is relieved and relaxed once skin picking is achieved. Another is for stimulation. If the person is idle or bored, chances are they would pick their skin to achieve stimulation. It can help them focus on their tasks, otherwise, they will be distracted.

Treatments for skin picking disorder. Even though more research is needed on treatments, some research suggests that CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy may help with this condition. It is a treatment where the old habits have to be replaced by new and constructive habits. Another form of therapy that can help is the ACT or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Researches also believe that toxicology can help in treating skin picking. Fluovamine, fluoxetine, and escitalopram are included in this kind of medications.

The treatments for skin picking are mentioned above. However due to ignorance and apathy, people still have no idea what are the effects of compulsive skin picking.

Understanding Why Picking Skin Off Lips

Skin picking off lips may be brought about by a variety of reasons. There are a lot of reasons why people would stop and peel the skin off lips to the point of bleeding. Climate may be viewed as the cause why people pick skin off lips. Other causes of skin picking off lips are stress and anxiety, with its initial symptoms starting during childhood.

Almost everyone in their life may have experienced dry chapped lips. This may be brought about by overexposure to extreme weather. Extreme weather can be defined as chilling cold of winter, and the slow cooked burns of summer. Under both conditions, the lips have a tendency to peel. The normal reaction is to let the body to heal itself without exacerbating the situation. To counter act the dryness; they employ a chap stick or a lip balm.

People who are picking skin off their lips have no idea why they do this. Some answer it is out of boredom why they do it while some wants to smoothen the part of the lips that is parched. Picking skin off lips may have an underlying psychological explanation that needs to be examined and deciphered.

The habit of excessive picking, scratching off skin is defined as Compulsive Skin Picking. Other doctors call it the following: pathological skin picking, neurotic excoriation or dermatillomania. This behavior happens mostly in the subconscious that is why people are not aware they are picking skin off their lips. Psychiatrists classify this as an impulse control disorder.

Psychiatrists also observe that picking skin off lips is related to obsessive-compulsive behavior. It is a responsive action brought about by stress and anxiety. Picking skin off lips may be a stress reliever but they are unaware that they are pulling the skin already.

To treat this condition, it is important that the patient must know the level of awareness of his or her skin picking. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and drug therapy may be needed to treat this condition.

Picking Skin Around Nails and its Causes

Compulsive skin picking disorder is not limited to certain parts of the body, it extends to a lotof parts as well. It also includes biting and picking skin around nails on the hands and at times, the feet. Onychophagia is called the continuous biting, chewing and picking of skin around the fingers and cuticle areas. Children as well as adults are affected by this common oral compulsive habit.

Sensitivity to pain by the bitten fingertips are one of the effects of picking skin around nails. This occurs usually at the place the skin meets the edge of the nail. Hangnails are those broken skin around the cuticles. Broken and loose distended skin particles are often painful when hit by other objects. They are often removed through the use of nail clippers and tweezers. If they are improperly removed, chances of complications may occur.

They are susceptible to microbial and viral infections. This may be caused by the transportation of bacteria that are buried under the surface of the nail or by pinworms from the anus region then straight to the mouth. The social interaction of a person is greatly affected because of the low-self esteem brought about permanent disfigurement. Another compounding situation is that if a person has OCD, he or she will continue picking until it leads to further skin tissue damage. It’s a vicious cycle because the damage skin will entice the person to keep on biting and chewing.

Treatment for people picking skin around nails are a dime a dozen. Usually, the suggestion is to replace this bad habit by discouraging it and employing a more constructive and better habit.

The other types of treatment are behavioral therapy. This treatment is a resort used when other treatments have failed. To unlearn the habit of nail biting, habit reversal training is employed. Stimulation control therapy concentrates on the cause of the picking and tries to address it immediately.

What matters is diagnosing and treating the disorder.

Prevent Skin Picking

A common affliction is skin-picking but this is the weirdest type among the list of disorders. Hundreds and thousands of people around the world suffer from dermatillomania. A person may have to review all aspects of his life if he or she has a skin picking disorder. It may cause a person to be detached from society and become a recluse in the house to avoid office, work and other social engagements. On the physical aspect, skin picking may lead to permanent disfigurement, and infection. Luckily, there are various treatments to stop skin picking. Skin-picking disorder can be controlled and stopped by following the treatments listed below.

• Figure out what is the cause that urges the person to pick his or her skin. Jot down or make notes of the situations that lead you to pick your skin. Take the case when a stressful situation arise and the person picks his or her skin, it is better to jot this down so next time one can avoid similar stressful situations to prevent picking.

• Learn how to control emotions and stress. Try to learn breathing techniques and exercises. One can combat stress and anxiety through meditation or inhalation of fresh air.

• It is also important to make sure the hands don’t remain idle. Due to boredom, skin pickers are unaware that they are already picking their skin. Try to utilize your hands for different activities such as knitting or holding stress balls. On the other hand, keeping your nails short will make it harder to pick your skin and it will help reduce the risk of skin picking infection.

• Talk to someone. Stay positive. Take Action. Asking and looking for help from a close friend or parents can give you the support and encouragement you need to become aware when you are unconsciously picking. Believing also in one self can bring miracles to address this issue. It ‘s time to take action against skin picking because this is the key to permanently stopping it. Once one can stop, then the next step is treatment for the disorder.

A long process of skin picking treatments may result to simple techniques to cope with the problem. Better consult a doctor if one has dermatillomania.

Coping with Skin Picking

Another name for Compulsive Skin Picking is Dermatillomania. It is a form of self-mutilation described by habitual behavior of damaging one’s own skin. Scratching, picking and squeezing characterize these behaviors. Depression, anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder is related to this disorder.

Living with this disorder is very sad and at the same time difficult. A lot of people find it disturbing as well as embarrassing that is why it isn’t often addressed but statistics show that this may affect a lot of people. Skin-picking support can be found in a lot of places, even in websites.

Online skin-picking support group is there to address not only CSP but also other disorders that cause this. Going to these websites will help you share your personal experiences, evaluate your condition and get support during times of need, illness and treatment. The support group is crucial during the stages of recovery of a patient from his or her mental health condition.

You can also get advice from forums in a skin picking support websites. Ask questions to fellows who also suffered and recovered from dermatillomania. It is suggested that to combat the causes of CSP, such as stress, anxiety and depression, it is better to take medications and cognitive intervention. A good support group will not leave the sufferer feeling alone and uneasy. One does not need to go through this alone; there are counselors and friends who would be there for support. Another viable option is to go online and connect with anonymous people by sharing experiences and asking inquiries.

Since compulsive skin picking can cause both physical and psychological complications, you must at least tell someone from your family or friends about your condition so that they can guide you along the way. There are also professionals such as psychiatrists and psychologist who offer their services online, sometimes it’s even free, at no cost.

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