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Using Contact Lens Solution for Cleaning

For continued wear, it is essential to have a good contact lens solution for those who use contact lens. Contact lens solution is employed to sanitize, maintain, and extend the life of your contact lens.

For a clearer vision and comfortable wear, a contact lens solution should be able to clean your contact lens thoroughly. In the market, there are different available contact lens solution. A person using contact lenses should know what’s the appropriate solution for their contact lens.

A cleaning solution is a type of contact lens solution that removes dirt, mucus, and debris that accumulates while the contact lens is in the eyes. You must carefully rub the lenses to avoid it from breaking. Hydrogen peroxide is the main ingredient in this type of cleaning solution.

The second type of solution is employed after the first solution. The lenses are then rinsed with a saline contact lens solution. This is to neutralize the effect of the hydrogen peroxide contained in the cleaning solution.

The third type of contact lens solution is a disinfecting solution. To prevent eye irritation and infection cause by bacteria, fungus and other harmful microorganisms a disinfecting solution is used. Substances like protein can be removed by an enzymatic cleaner. This solution is in a tablet, it is dropped to the solution and kept overnight.

All-in-one solutions are also called multi-purpose solutions. The have the disinfectants, cleaners and protein removers in one bottle. There’s no need to use enzyme tablets, all it needs is a saline solution after the contact lens is stored overnight.

Finally, a rewetting solution is used. If the lenses are being used for long periods of time, these drops are used as a lubricant. The main purpose of this solution is to moist the lenses to keep the lenses comfortable to wear.

As a final reminder, always discard a contact lens solution once its over the expiration date and frequently ask your ophthalmologist for advice regarding contact lens maintenance.

Importance of a Contact Lens Remover

A contact lens remover is a must have for everyone who uses hard and gas permeable contact lenses. There are times that it becomes occasionally difficult to take out with the normal “popping out” method. Hard contact lenses tends to stick to the eye firmly by suction to the cornea. A contact lens remover will help a lot in this situations. If a person often lose and asks for new prescription for a contact lens, optometrist or ophthalmologist recommends buying a contact lens remover.

Knowing how to use a contact lens remover properly helps you to take out your hard contact lens easily and safely. You should double check if you are wearing a contact lens before attempting to remove them. Most people who make assumptions that they are still wearing a contact lens even if they’re not, often hurt their eyes by poking it with a contact lens remover. Check by looking in a mirror and observe if the lenses are in your eyes.

Once you are sure that you are wearing a contact lens, apply a few drops of rewetting solution to both eyes for lubrication. Moisten the suction cup of the contact lens remover with a drop of rewetting solution.

The next part is very tricky, but once you get the hang of it, every thing would be copasetic. Place the contact lens directly and exactly in front of the contact lens. At this point the lens will stick to the plunger. Pull the plunger gently away from the eye. The lens will be released easily then do the same steps for the other contact lens.

Always remember to avoid putting the contact lens remover directly on the surface of the eye as this could cause corneal abrasion and other eye injuries. Another thing, contact lens remover is not applicable to soft lenses. Add a few more drops to lubricate the lenses if you are still having a hard time removing them.

Information on Gas Permeable Contact Lens

The other term for a gas permeable contact lens is rigid gas permeable contact (RGP) or oxygen permeable contact lens. It is the counterpart of the soft contact lens. RGPs were introduced in the early 70s by way of silicone rather than polymers. The eyes need a lot of oxygen flow to the cornea, that is why gas permeable contacts is apt than the polycarbon kind. On the other hand silicone is oxygen permeable, which will result to a greater comfort and eye health.

Gas permeable contact lens takes time to adjust to as compared to soft contact lens. If you review it properly, its benefits compensate for its detriments. A gas permeable contact lens’ initial benefit is retains its shape whenever a person blinks. It tends to provide a crisper vision over soft contact lens. The only time they usually break is when people step over them, while soft contact lens can tear easily. Another benefit of gas permeable contact lens is they are made of materials that don’t contain water so proteins and lipids from the tears do not stick to the contact lens. The chances of having eye irritations, infections are very low as compared to the soft contact lens. Another excellent benefit of using a gas permeable contact lens is that it permits oxygen to go through the cornea. This prevents acute eye complications like inflammation of the cornea.

Most people prefer using gas permeable contact lenses even if they have different problems. These people commonly suffer from astigmatism, presbyopia, or keratoconus. People with astigmatism prefer them because it conforms to their desired visual acuity. Those afflicted with presbyopia on the other hand prefer them for their numerous and multi-focal designs. On the other hand, people with keratoconus use these lenses because it prevents extreme visual distortion. Since people with dry eyes blink less, a gas permeable contact lens is recommended. This is exactly the basis of people who often use the computer to use gas permeable contact lens.

Since they last longer than soft contact lens, gas permeable contact lens needs to be cleaned and sanitized frequently. Just a final note, you need to go to an eye care specialist first before even buying a contact lens.

Tips on How to Buy Contact Lens

A contact lens can be used for cosmetic or corrective purposes and other functions. These are lens that are usually placed in the cornea. Most people buy contact lens because it is more favorable in terms of comfort and cosmetic purposes.

An ophthalmologist or optometrist may give you an advice if you are planning to buy contact lens. A person must undergo an eye examination before purchasing a contact lens to diagnose whether the eyes is suffering from ailments like myopia, hyper-metropia, astigmatism and so on. This is also where the buyer can decide, after consultations with the physician as to what type of contact lens he or she should purchase. The buyer might opt for a soft lens or a hard lens. It is better if you can get a valid prescription from an ophthalmologist or optometrist before buying.

People tend to get carried away when they buy contact lens. They often make mistakes in purchasing contact lenses because little do they know that these contact lenses have different benefits. Purchasing contact lens is a function of an individual’s choice and requirement. What’s important is that when they are bought, they have been fitted comfortably to prevent the eyes from sores, inflammation and abrasions.

Before deciding to buy contact lens, one must be certain that the pair he or she is buying is focusing on the problem of your eye. It should properly fit the eye and should fit at the center, it has to be able to move slightly whenever the eye blinks.

Lastly, if you plan to buy contact lens, always ask the consent of an ophthalmologist and optometrist even if they are for cosmetic purposes, because they may recommend a brand that might suit your lovely eyes. You should only buy contact lenses that are FDA approved to be safe and avoid eye irritations caused by the contact lens.

It is important to exercise caution and care discernment when buying contact lens. Any negligence can cause serious eye injuries, and since they are important part of the body, one should spare no expense in making sure that all its needs are addressed.

Contact Lens for Disposing

Disposable contact lenses are worn for a time prescribed by the manufactures and must be disposed off, to be replaced by a fresh pair.
Million pairs of eyes for vision correction have now used them. Doctors and consumers have been employing them for health and convenience.

The frequency of usage can determine what type of disposable contact it is. The term of replacement of disposable contact lenses, ranges from one day to two weeks.
Frequent replacement lenses are replaced monthly, or quarterly while the traditional or reusable lenses are replaced every six months or longer. Disposable contact lenses also contact lenses that can be disposed even if one day of use, they are called one-day disposables. Disposable contact lenses offers a lot of benefits and one of them is its convenience. There is no difficulty in cleaning or disinfecting them.
Once the lenses are taken out of the eyes, they are to be disposed of. Since the lenses are replaced every time, the wearer always has a fresher, cleaner and sterile lens.

Disposable contact lens is more comfortable and healthy because protein, calcium, lipids and other substances found naturally in tears can build up in lenses. These deposits causes irritability that may lead to infection.

It is important to consult your doctor before wearing disposable contact lenses. Make sure to check the leading brands and always follow the instructions when it comes to replacing them.

On a final note, disposable lens should not be used again. Once you remove them, then dispose of them. Don’t wear your lenses more than the prescribed time, it may be cost-efficient but it puts a lot of risk on your set of eyes. Consult your eye doctor if your eyes are irritated and become sensitive to light.

Disposable contacts are convenient and comfortable, thanks to technology. Take a look at the leading brands and review them with your eye doctor.

Different Cosmetic Contact Lens Style

Colored lenses formulated a demand for cosmetic contact lens. Colored lenses not only can be worn for their style but they can also be worn to correct vision disorder. It may entice people by changing the color of your eyes but its only an added feature because cosmetic contact lens are not any different from the normal contact lens.

There are various cosmetic contact lens types. One is a visibility tint, usually a very light tint colored light blue or green. This tint is added as a special feature for the wearer so that it is noticeable every time one takes it out of one’s eyes or in the case. It’s not mainly meant to change eye color it is also meant for convenience.

If you want a cosmetic contact lens that will really improve the color of your eyes, you might want to opt for an enhancement tint; this is a solid yet translucent tint and usually darker than the visibility tint. People employ this cosmetic contact lens to enhance the existing color of their eyes. It results to a more intense effect of their eyes.
The next type of cosmetic contact lens is opaque tints that can drastically change eye color. They are made of patterns of solid colors and are available in a wide variety of shades. As mentioned above, opaque lenses will completely replace the natural color with the color of the lens. Aside from cosmetic purposes, people also use this for other reasons.

Light filtering tints are another type of cosmetic contact lens. This is the most recent advancement in the cosmetic lens technology. They are created for sports use by muting some colors and enhancing specific colors, like the colors of tennis balls and baseballs. Due to this technology, the ball stands out against the backdrop, which gives the hitter a better chance to make contact with the ball.

Now, you should be reminded that if you plan to use these cosmetic contact lenses, its best to ask an ophthalmologist or optometrist for advice. Optometrist and Ophthalmologist will make sure those contact lenses suits you. They can analyze if your cosmetic contact lens needs prescription and they may also help you fit you with the proper lens to prevent eye infection or irritation.

An Extended Wear Contact Lens

Unlike the daily wear contact lens, an extended wear contact lens may be worn for longer periods of time. These extended wear contact lenses are approved by the Food and Drug Administration to be worn without removal for up to seven days.

New innovations to extended wear are being developed. Silicone hydrogel is a new type of soft contact lens material that permits more air to go to the cornea; the FDA approved this to be worn up to a month without removal. This type of lens is called the continuous wear”.

At first, many eye care practitioners frown on the use of extended wear contact lens because the incidence of eye infections are greater on those who wore them overnight. It poses higher risks because the eyes might get infection from the organisms that are trapped on the lenses. As we all know, most micro organisms thrive in warm and moist environment, and the cornea is the best place as it lacks oxygen whenever a contact lens is worn. If left untreated, it can cause simple discomfort as pink eye to serious conditions that may lead to blindness.

The actual reason why an extended wear contact lens is making a comeback is because of the growing popularity of disposable contact lenses. The reason that people acquire eye infections is after they take off their extended lenses and despite cleaned with contact lens solution it was impossible to remove all the proteins and lipids and other deposits accumulated on the lens. If the wearer re-uses the lenses, these deposits, a breeding ground for bacteria could cause infection, inflammation and discomfort. To prevent infection from contaminants in the contact lenses, it is required to be thrown away right after removing.

Again, the main cause of infection is improper cleaning and disinfecting but you must also consider your lifestyle. Make sure to avoid exposure to smoke, wearing the contact lens when swimming because this may also leas to serious complications due to infections. Asking advice from an eye doctor if a extended contact lens is appropriate for a person’s requirement is a must.

Astigmatism and Contact Lens

Astigmatism is an eye ailment whose effect is blurred vision. It is a result of asymmetry between the shape of the cornea and the lens of the eye. The cornea is in an oblong shape resulting in loss of vision. Astigmatism is the difference in curvature in the different medians in the parts of the eye.

Using myopia and hyperopia, there are five types of astigmatism. Simple myopic astigmatism is a condition wherein one meridian is nearsighted and the other is functioning free of any impairments. Compound myopic astigmatism is where both meridians are myopic yet one meridian has much graver symptoms of nearsightedness. Simple hyperopic astigmatism is where one meridian is hyperopic while the other is cleared of farsightedness and nearsightedness. Compound hyperopic astigmatism is a condition where both meridians are farsighted, yet one has a worse case than the other. The last condition is mixed astigmatism, where one meridian is nearsighted while the other is farsighted. Astigmatism can be easily treated with contact lenses. Astigmatism contact lens is called “toric” contacts.. They have the same material of that regular contacts hence they can be either soft lens or RGPs. Toric lenses have two purpose, one is treatment for astigmatism while the other is to fix nearsightedness or farsightedness. It also takes into consideration the blinks and eye movements of the user.

It is important to have a eye examination with an eye practitioner to check if you are fit to wear toric lenses. Doctors may choose to fit the patient with a higher-powered spherical soft lens to mask the astigmatic concerns. The result of this technique is unique from one patient to the next so that is why the fitting process may take some trial and error by both patient and doctor.

Astigmatism contact lens is available in the market, and manufactured by leading companies. Better have your eye check with a doctor so he or she can recommend a good brand for you. Toric contact lenses are available in different forms, like frequent replacements, and disposables, extended and daily wear.

Contact Lens and Dry Eyes

People with dry eyes are advised to desist wearing contact lenses because this would further the deterioration of their eyes. They never realized that dryness is a common occurrence also in contact lens wearer. Advance technology has been a great help for people with dry eyes, because now they can wear contact lenses. People with dry eyes can also wear the lenses for an extended period of time due to advances in lenses technology and lens care products.

The contact lens fro dry eyes tries to make sure that it won’t cause corneal scars and damage to eye tissues. Since the eyes fail to produce enough tears, thus it is unnourished and does not have stable tear firm. Leading manufacturers and brands continue to invest on research and technology to make sure they can make the proper contact lens for dry eyes. They employ different materials like polymers and gels that has long water retentions.

Contact lenses for dry eyes are made from special compounds that keep the dryness in check and serve a special purpose. Silicone hydrogel not only controls water buildup but it gives a soothing effect to the eye. It provides moisture despite having lesser water.
Silicone hydrogel lenses are made up of materials that have high oxygen permeability, very ideal for the cornea.

New polymers are being developed and employed to combat dryness problems. One polymer that manufacturers developed with biocompatible contact lenses is Omarfilcon A. It is specifically designed to fit comfortably and adjust to the characteristics of the eyes.Hydrophilic polymers is the main component of soft contact lenses, it keeps the lens moist and easy to wear. These lenses would make sure your eyes are properly hydrated.

It is also important to note that rigid gas permeable lenses are good contact lenses for dry eyes. It does not dehydrate the eye because this type of contact lens of rigid plastic. The plastic that makes up gas permeable lenses is oxygen permeable.

Just a reminder, it is wiser to visit an eye practitioner to check if you are suffering from dry eyes. To avoid eye complications, you must make sure that you follow all the instructions given by the eye care practitioner.

Orthopedic Leg Braces 101

Orthopedic leg braces are medical equipment that are fastened to the legs and are employed for various reasons. It is worn around the knee and functions by reducing the pressure off around it. As a result the orthopedic leg braces give support to the knees and offer stability as well for the various requirements of vigorous daily activities.

The orthopedic leg braces have three main functions. It is mainly used by people who are experiencing knee joint problems such as arthritis and ortheoarthritis to assist in relieving the painful symptoms of these chronic diseases. It can also be used by athletes to support their knees when training or playing to help reduce the risk of injuries. It can also be employed by people who are getting well from injuries to help immobilize the knee so that it can repair itself properly. In addition, they are also utilized to adjust knee alignment.

There are four types of orthopedic leg braces that correspond to different functions.

The first kind is called prophylactic braces that are usually used by athletes who engage in injury-prone contact sports. They are neoprene braces that are worn to prevent injuries. They provide support to the structure of the knees by preventing it from rotating. The bring support to the knee structure by stopping it from turning.

On more type of orthopedic leg braces is the rehabilitation braces. This kind of braces are used by people who have experienced serious knee injury or surgery. As it is utilized to stop the movement of recovering knees, these braces are usually larger than other braces.

Meanwhile, functional braces are used by people who are recovering from a knee injury as well as those who are in pain due to an arthritic condition.

On the other hand, functional braces are utilized by people who are healing from a knee injury as well as those who are suffering from pain because of an arthritic condition. Like prophylactic braces, these kinds of orthopedic leg braces provide support and stability to the knees and helps prevent rotation. In addition it lessens the chance for knee hyper extension and promotes energy and agility of the knees as well. They are also the cheapest forms of leg braces.

Last but not the least form of orthopedic leg braces is the unloader braces.

They are prescribed to individuals who are experiencing pain because of arthritis or due to incorrect alignment They are typically composed of metal reinforcements that can provide stability when standing, walking, or when doing physical therapy exercises. They are also useful in alleviating the pain by carrying away the weight from the side of the knee.

Things You Need to Know About Orthopedic Shoulder Brace

An orthopedic shoulder brace is an assistive device created for treatment of shoulder injuries. Basically what it does is that it restricts the movement of the shoulder so that it doesn’t move unnecessarily. This is really crucial since shoulder injury can be very painful for a person and keeping the shoulder intact ensures a faster recovery. Normally, the group of people who commomly need orthopedic shoulder braces are athlethes as they are very susceptible to shoulder injuries. Nevertheless, anyone is possible to have a shoulder injury from ordinary activities or events like incorrect sleeping position, rolling off the bed, or lifting an object that is too heavy.

Orthopedic shoulder braces can also be worn by athletes even when they are not injured as a preventive measure. While it doesn’t really make them injury-free from shoulder dislocation or other injuries, it can significantly lessen the prevalence rate. However, there is a certain disadvantage of wearing orthopedic shoulder brace while playing or training as it does limit body movement of the athlete resulting to severe limitation of their performance .

There are two main types of orthopedic shoulder braces. The first type is commonly known as thermal wraps. These shoulder braces have a heating and cooling mechanism that can help alleviate the pain that is associated with repetitive or long term injuries. They are often made of neoprene as it retains the intended temperature better than other materials. A more costly type of orthopedic shoulder brace is known as a magnetic wrap. However, it is quite limited since it only has a heating mechanism and no cooling unlike thermal wraps.

The second type of orthopedic shoulder braces are usually referred to as modern shoulder slings. It is an immobilizer that efficiently restricts the movement of the shoulder to prevent further damage and injury. A modern shoulder sling is consisted of wraps that go around your chest, your wrist, and above your elbow. Modern shoulder allows your shoulder to rest so that it has an opportunity to recover and heal.

Ultimately,there's also another special type of orthopedic shoulder brace better known as the shoulder posture brace. Its main function is to correct posture problems so it's not really suited for helping a person recover from a shoulder injury.

Essential Facts About Orthopedic Ankle Braces

Ankle injuries are usually known as one of the most common injuries experienced by both athletes and normal people alike which is why orthopedic ankle braces are really important. Orthopedic ankle braces essentially keep your ankle stable and relieves the pressure off it by immobilizing it. This is very fundamental as ankle injuries such as sprains and strains are extremely painful when moved. The use of orthopedic ankle braces reduces the pain felt and assists the injured part to heal by dramatically reducing the trauma inflicted to it when walking.

There are actually different types of orthopedic ankle braces that can address treatment of ankle injuries. The one that is commonly used immediately after the ankle is injured is the rigid ankle braces. This type of ankle braces completely prevents the ankle from moving so the patient cannot further cause injury to that part. Immobilizing the ankle at once after being injured is highly important as the injured person suffers from extreme pain even if moved a bit. In addition, immobilizing the injured ankle prevents further damage or injury to the newly affected area.

Another kind of orthopedic ankle braces are the functional ankle braces. It includes Aircast or semirigid braces, soft braces, and lace-up braces. Unlike rigid ankle braces, these types of braces actually allow some movement of the ankle. Recent research reveals that treating acute ankle sprains with functional ankle braces have better results as compared to the treatment that involves restricting the ankle with rigid ankle braces. Those who treated their ankle injury with functional ankle braces have faster recovery period, less inflammation and instability, and greater overall satisfaction.

In addition, athletes involved in sports that are susceptible to ankle injuries such as basketball and football, can use a special type of orthopedic ankle braces known as prophylactic ankle braces. These types of braces can serve as a prevention measure against ankle injuries. They are also ideal for athletes who have a history of ankle injury in order to lessen the chance of reinjuring the ankle once again. The disadvantage of using these kind of bracers is that it can limit ankle movement which some people may find uncomfortable thereby affecting performance..

Basics of Orthopedic Back Braces

Orthopedic back braces have various types but the main use of this equipment is to support the back of the patient. They come in the form of belts, corsets, and jackets that are specially designed to provide stability to the spine or immobilize it. Orthopedic back braces are utilized to treat osteoporosis, infections, low back pain, trauma, neck conditions, and muscular weakness. They can also modify the spine into many positions like upright, neutral, flexed, lateral-flexed, and hyperextended.

The functions of orthopedic back braces are to allow healing to take place, decrease the chance of further injury, control the pain, prevent or correct a deformity, and make up for muscle weakness. Some forms of orthopedic back braces compress the abdomen, thus increasing the intra-abdominal pressure and providing some relief. It also insulates the skin which produces warmth that decrease the sensation of pain, making it very effective for people who have painful back problems.

A form of orthopedic back braces is the trochanter belt that is employed by people who have sacroiliac joint pain or pelvic fractures. It buckles in front and is worn very much like a regular belt using Velcro straps. What�s good about it is that it is unobtrusive, can be worn under your clothing, and you can even sleep with it if needed.

Another form of orthopedic back braces are medical corsets which can vary in length. The short ones are often used for low back pain while the longer ones are for problems in the mid to lower thoracic spine. Corsets generally extend over the buttocks, are kept in place with shoulder straps, and include metal stays that gives the needed rigidity and back support.

Lastly, there are hyperextension braces that are used for spinal fractures and also for people who are recuperating from a spinal surgery. These type of orthopedic back braces stop excessive bending by limiting the movement of the spine, therefore letting it heal and recover correctly.

Using orthopedic back braces has drawbacks as well. It can cause the loss of muscle function because of its immobilization. In addition, some patients become psychologically dependent on the back brace even when they are already healed and don�t need the braces anymore.

Basics of Orthopedic Neck Brace

Orthopedic neck braces or cervical collars are crucial orthopedic medical devices that is employed on the cervical part of a person�s spinal cord and also their head. It is often used by emergency medical personnel on people who have just undergone traumatic head and neck injuries. Aside from emergency conditions, an orthopedic neck brace may also be utilized therapeutically on chronic medical disorders, as well as to protect athletes from neck injuries in high-risk motorsports like Motocross, go-kart racing, and speedboat racing.

The main function of an orthopedic neck brace is to help people who have been through a serious neck injury. It functions as a stabilizer to the neck that lessens the chance of further spinal damage.

This is really important because spinal damage can easily lead to paralysis or even death. The brace stabilizes the first seven bones of the spine and it is typically kept until an appropriate medical diagnosis resolved the next step to take.

Another function of an orthopedic neck brace is for recuperating from a serious neck injury or surgery. Stabilizing the spine is important when recovering so that the body can heal itself appropriately. Excessive movements will hinder such healing and that�s the reason why the neck brace keeps the neck steady.

People with certain chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis may also need an orthopedic neck brace especially when walking to prevent migraine headaches. Some neck braces can even help balance temperature extremes by absorbing surplus energy when temperature rises and releasing it again when temperature falls. As a consequence, it can help stop muscle spasms that cause pain and hinder healing.

Moreover, there are a few types of orthopedic neck braces that may be assigned to a patient. The most ordinary ones are hard and soft collars. The former is prescribed for people who have just been on a serious injury while the latter is used for individuals who are already recuperating. Another type is the Philadelpia collar which is used by people who have just undergone cervical spine surgery to promote a healthy recovery. The most rigid type of neck brace is the halo which uses metal rings that are fastened by metal pins. This is given to people that have the most fragile neck conditions that needs complete immobilization.

Canine Orthopedic Braces : Helping Man's Best Friend

Dogs also experience pain and injury like their owners which is why there are specially designed canine orthopedic braces for dogs. These braces vary in forms depending on the type of injury and of course, the size of the dog. They are significantly important as this helps an injured dog recover and heal the affected area by supporting and stabilizing it. The canine orthopedic braces can lessen the trauma that has occured when the dog is moving around with the injury.

The hip hound brace is one good example of canine orthopedic brace. It is wrapped around the hips of the dog and is designed to support the lower back and hip area of the dog. This type of braces are normally used to treat dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, decreased endurance, low back pain, and back leg limping. It is also highly suited for dogs that are recovering from a surgery or injury.

The other forms of canine orthopedic braces are those that are used to treat various limb injuries of dogs. Among these are stifle braces for the knee, hock and paw braces, elbow braces, and carpus and paw braces. These types of canine orthopedic braces are used after a surgical procedure, so that the recovering dog can still move around while the injured body part is still healing. Another advantage of canine orthopedic braces is that it prevents the loss of muscle mass during the recovery period while correctly positioning the affected body into the normal position especially when it was dislocated.

There are some factors that you have to consider when buying for your pet dog canine orthopedic braces. Basically, be definite that the braces that you are buying have no metal in them as they are counterproductive to the recovery of the dog. The more suitable braces are made out of composite rubber joints as they are sturdy and works well with the movement of the dog.

When buying canine orthopedic braces for your dog always remember that it's your pet’s veterinarian who should make the cast for your dog. Never ever settle for braces without custom fittings as it may not work for your dog at all.

All You Need to Know About Orthopedic Foot Braces

Orthopedic foot braces, also termed as ankle-foot orthoses or AFOs is a type of brace that is utilized to control and support the position and motion of the ankle, supplement muscle weakness, and correct deformities as well. It is usually made of plastic and is used to treat the effects of medical conditions on the muscle function of the foot area. These common conditions include but are not limited to spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, polio, stroke, muscular dystrophy, peripheral neuropathy, and multiple sclerosis. Additionally, orthopedic foot braces can also be utilized to restrict foot movement after an injury as well as to correct foot-drop.

There are many types of orthopedic foot braces that can be utilized depending on the needs of the patient. One of them is the solid ankle-foot orthosis. It is the most essential and regularly used orthopedic foot braces due to its flexibility and has a sufficient structure for walking and shaping the foot against deformity. However, this type of orthosis is not suitable for use of some people that have a unique kind of posture.

Another type of orthopedic foot braces is the hinged ankle-foot orthosis. As the name suggests, this orthosis has a hinge as compared to the solid AFO thereby allowing a certain degree of freedom of movement. A hinged AFO is ideal for people who are already recovering from an injury or condition and is expected to gain mobility and strength.

A unique kind of orthopedic foot braces is known as a spiral ankle-foot orthosis. It has a spiral support structure that promotes better flexibility at the same time restricting and encouraging motion in a preferred direction. This type of orthosis is highly-recommended to people who fall when wearing stiff braces. However, these types of orthosis is complicated to produce as well as adjust to its shape.

What has been discussed are just the most basic types of orthopedic foot braces as there are more specific types that are useful for certain conditions. Therefore if you require one, it is important that you consult with your physician and discuss your options which of these orthopedic foot braces are the most appropriate for your condition.

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Understanding the Serious Implications of Severe Allergy

Allergy affects the lives of millions of people daily considering it is simply triggered by common dust, dander, pollens, and other airborne particles. It’s also possible that food can trigger severe allergy in some people as caused by fish, peanut and other seafood. Usually, allergies can be temporarily treated by taking over-the-counter drugs such as anti-histamines. However, anti-histamines act as a relief for mild to moderate allergy symptoms. Severe allergy usually calls for medical attention since a life-threatening situation known as anaphylaxis can happen. Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that can be life-threatening since its manifestation include constriction of air passageways which makes it very difficult to breathe. Also, blood pressure dangerously drops since anaphylaxis shocks the body’s system which is really very life-threatening. Allergic reactions such as swelling, eczema, itching, vomiting and shortness of breath seem common at first. Later, the body reacts violently when the person cannot breathe anymore properly. The only effective and fast-acting solution when the body goes into anaphylactic shock is a dose of epinephrine. However, this can mean urgent medical attention since a doctor or health professional would only be the only one to properly administer this treatment. Notably, these severe allergy reactions happen just because the body’s immune system overreacts to the invader or foreign substance.

Severe allergy can happen even if people are just exposed to traces of allergens. Limited exposure to allergens can also lead to anaphylaxis such as :

• OTC medications and prescriptions

• Insect stings caused by bees, ants, wasps

• Food and its by products such as peanut, soy, dairy and seafood

• Blood transfusion• Rubber ( latex)

Aside from the given list other allergens can possibly cause severe allergy depending on the body’s immune system. It is necessary for people with severe allergy to be cautious in selecting food to eat especially when dining out since some restaurants may include ingredients like peanut that can cause severe allergy. Slight exposure to pollen during changing of seasons can trigger severe allergy so vacuuming and housecleaning is also preferable. In fact, severe allergy can be prevented by people too. People with severe allergy just have to pay attention to any possible allergen around them.

Why People Need An Allergy Relief

Worlwide, people suffering from allergy seek one important thing- allergy relief. Why shouldn't they when allergy causes so much downtime for people? When people start experiencing symptoms like itchy red eyes, sneezing, coughing, itching and shortness of breath, their daily routine becomes a burden. Some employees become sick or go to work late because they are looking for allergy relief that would relieve them from the annoying symptoms immediately. In a study published at Current Opinion in Allergy and Clinical Immunology last 2008; the research titled Rhinitis and Impact on work revealed employees rate of unproductivity reached as much as 11 to 40%. Because of this, people are compelled to search for allergy relief that can help people possible live allergy-free lives.

A recent and widely accepted allergy relief currently offered by health clinics and hospitals are allergy shots popularly known as immunotherapy. The shot also contains tiny amount of allergens that can make the body build its immune system to that specific allergen. When the body builds up its immunity to that allergy, then it does not overreact when it encounters that allergy anymore. According to the Mayo clinic web site, the doctor gives the first few shots containing small amount of allergens. As the body begins to develop tolerance, then the amount of allergens are increased in the succeeding shots. Eventually, the body would not react anymore to allergens once the person is completely immune.

A very usual allergy relief that individuals always buy are antihistamines. Typically, antihistamines are over-the-counter medications that can quickly relieve allergy. Antihistamines are regarded as a quick-acting allergy relief since it works as an agent that prevents the actions of histamines. When the actions of histamine are prevented, the body is relieved from allergy symptoms which allows a person to be more productive. There are two categories of antihistamines: first generation and second-generation. The only problem with antihistamines as an allergy relief are the side effects associated with its use such as drowsiness and contraindications for people with heart disease according to

These days, allergy relief products are available from almost any pharmacy. Nonetheless, consulting a doctor is the most basic step in relieving allergy.

Signs of Allergy and Their Severity

Having allergies is one of the inconvenient ailments that modern man has to cope with. Indeed, there are hundreds of allergy types that can trigger a bad allergy attack. These allergies can be: peanut allergy, cat allergy, bedding allergy, food allergy, plant allergy , bee sting allergy, latex allergy and several more. Airborne particles such as pollen, dander, dust mite or other substances do cause start an allergic reaction. Because of this it is very crucial to understand important signs of allergy so the doctor can properly identify which type of allergy one is suffering from. By doing so, the signs of allergy can lead the way to a more effective treatment of symptoms.

Allergy occurs when our own immune system that’s designed to ward off foreign particles or invaders to our body attacks us instead. As soon as this occurs, signs of allergy known as symptoms tells us that our body is reacting unfavorably towards some external stimuli. The following important signs of allergy are worth considering:

Mild allergy. An allergy can be considered mild when the signs include itchy watery red eyes and sneezing. A lot of typical allergies such as dust and dander when cleaning the house can cause allergy. It is highly likely that allergy attacks are caused by cats so once a person starts sneezing and itching when cats are near, this is known as cat allergy. Pollen can make a person sneeze as well as other airborne particles.

Moderate allergic reactions. Among signs of allergy in this category include itching and respiratory diffculties. There are some people who suddenly get itchy and develop rashes once they have consumed seafood , milk, soy, wheat , eggs , peanut and other types of food. Additional signs of allergy include edema, dermatitis and hives visible in some parts of the body.

Severe allergic reaction. According to webmd website, severe signs of allergy include abdominal pain, cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, mental disorientation or dizziness which must be urgently brought to the doctor’s attention. Indications of severe signs of allergy can be fatal since constriction of air passageways could make breathing difficult. People who have shown such signs of allergy can go into anaphylaxis ( body shock) that can result to comatose. It is very important to familiarize oneself with severe signs of allergy since death is a possibility in allergic reactions.

Knowing important allergy signs do not only give information but can possibly help prevent dire consequences for you or your loved ones.

The Important Role of An Allergy Clinic

Surprising but true, 1out of 4 Americans suffer from allergy according to achooallergy website. Furthermore,it was also revealed in that website that half of Americans suffer from an allergy. In the same way,an allergy clinic located in London claims that 30% of people in London have allergies and most of these cases are even undiagnosed. These statistics and research just tells us that high incidence of allergy is prevalent in our modern life. It is most probable that pollution or weather changes have contributed to the increased rate of allergy among people in the world.

It is a good thing that allergy clinics are established to help people suffering from allergy. There are many types of allergies and they sometimes share common symptoms. Doctor or allergy specialists from an allergy clinic provide professional services to people with allergies. Foremost among the services that an allergy clinic can offer are: tests, diagnosis and complete treatment. An allergy clinic can deal with any of the following allergy or allergy related ailments: hay fever, rhinitis, urticaria, allergic conjunctivitis, asthma, food allergy, insect allergies, skin allergies, latex allergies, anaphylaxis, chronic cough, seasonal allergies, eczema, immune disorders, preservative allergies and even lactose intolerance. Indeed, several disorders can arise when the immune system goes haywire. The hard fact about allergy is that our own immune system attacks us. At least, an allergy clinic can handle mild cases to severe ones which could be fatal|

What to expect from an allergy clinicUsually, the person with allergy would be scheduled for a consultation with a specialist. Personal medical history is a must as well as physical examination. Several diagnostic tests such as Skin Scratch Test and Lung Function Test can also be requested. These tests are helpful towards arriving at a proper diagnosis of a certain allergy type. Succeeding laboratory tests may also be required for a complete examination.

Commonly, an allergy clinic has designed packages that can match the budget of people with allergy. Keep in mind that a person can get help from professionals without further causing risk to himself as compared to DIY medication. While an allergy clinic may be costly for some, nothing is as important as one�s health.

Peanut Allergy - Things You Need To Know

Peanut allergy is one of the types of allergies that you need to take into consideration seriously. While other allergies can just trigger usual symptoms like itching, sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, swelling hands or feet, peanut allergy can lead to sudden death. Peanut allergy can cause unconsciousness to the sufferer that can lead to death. Also, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, peanut allergy is the main culprit behind food-related deaths. There are lots of incidents where the kitchen staff ignored the request to never include peanuts in meals that lead to fatal results. The person with peanut allergy goes anaphylactic and without epinephrine in a few minutes could lead to death. For you to protect the people close to you who have peanut allergy, then you have to understand what it is.

Peanut allergy can start as early as childhood and even during babyhood. For this reason, parents must be aware of symptoms for peanut allergy when their children are still young. Although it is believed that kids eventually outgrow this kind of allergy, it can still lead to serious consequences when ignored. There have also been studies mentioned in Wisegeek that peanut allergy among children surfaces since they have relatives with allergies too. In short, it could be hereditary so check for health status of relatives.

Peanut allergy can be triggered by simply eating peanuts or food with peanuts such as marzipans, energy bars, baked goods, ice cream and frozen desserts, grain breads and dishes that are Oriental, African or Mexican. According to the Mayo Clinic website, a person with peanut allergy has symptoms such as shortness of breath, tightening of the chest, and could eventually fall unconscious. Anaphylactic shock can also ensue and this is indicated by dizziness, rapid pulse and constriction of airways which needs urgent medical attention. A first-aid treatment known as Epinephrine is used when symptoms manifest itself. Most likely, going to the nearest hospital is the best recourse.

Peanut allergy is not actually an impairment, it is an ailment that can be avoided by not consuming food with peanuts and being prepared for an allergic reaction anytime.

Practical Ways of Eliminating Allergy Bedding

Millions of individuals worldwide suffer from a variety of allergies such as seafood, peanut, seasonal, latex, medicines, pets ( cats , horse ,dogs) but the most uncomfortable allergy of them all is allergy bedding. While the bedroom may be the most comfortable part of the home where one spends hours relaxing, allergy bedding can cause sleepless nights. When allergy bedding sets in people experience red itchy eyes, itching, sneezing, and coughing. Instead of having a relaxing sleep, people experience unwanted symptoms of allergy bedding. When allergy bedding strikes, it's time to take control of the situation by following the practical tips :

Encasing the bed. The bed is an indispensable house furniture but it highly attracts indoor allergens like dust, dander, mites, and pollen. An open window easily lets the air in bringing pollen from grass or weeds when its summer or springtime. To make your bed allergy-proof, purchase bed encasings created to protect not only beds but pillows, mattress and comforter from such indoor allergens. When itchy watery eyes and sneezing happens while you're in bed, most probably allergy bedding is happening. A main culprit could be thousands of dust mites that inhabit the bed. Some online stores have special bed encasings that efficiently seal the bed like an envelope preventing any type of dust mite and pollens in your bed.

Clean the house well. At times,the house may look clean since it's clutter-free and sparkling clean but dust mites and dander are so microscopic in size that one cannot see them. Generally, these are the main reasons of allergy bedding so it's important to throroughly clean the house especially the bedroom. Carpets, rugs and draperies often harbor such allergens so it's good to do some vacuuming and cleaning as well. Bed linens must be machine washed and dried so that they become allergy free and clean.

Buy home air purifiers. The bedroom needs an effective air purifier. This is superb in filtering tiny particles of allergens even bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases. On top of this, allergy bedding is not only reduced but quality of air greatly improves.

Truly, allergy bedding can be eliminated by considering the aforementioned practical tips. An allergy-free bedroom is now a reality.

Learn More About Fish Allergy

On the past few years, millons of people all over the world have become conscious of their health. Because of this, many people prefer to consume fish over red meat such as beef or pork. Truly, fish is a part of a healthy diet since fish has high protein and even contain omega 3 fatty acids that are now recognized ideal for cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, as much as many people choose to consume fish such as tuna, salmon, herring or any great-tasting fish – fish allegy is an obstacle.

Fish allergy is a type of seafood allergy that many individuals suffer from. Although this type of allergy is considered part of the seafood allergy where other crustaceans or mollusks trigger allergic reactions. A person with fish allergy may continue eating shrimp, squid and other seafood delights. Fish allergy happens because the body overreacts to a protein found only in certain types of fishes such as tilapia, tuna, salmon, cod, pollock etc. Aside from tasting fish, even inhaling smoke when cooking fish like frying or grilling can trigger an allergic reaction.

Fish allergy is exhibited by the following symptoms: itching, skin rashes, and respiratory problems such as difficulty in breathing. However, the most common sign of fish allergy that shows within 2 hours of consuming fish is “oral allergy symptom”. This begins with the mouth experiencing a tingling sensation especially in the lip area. Additionally, digestive problems can also occur such as diarrhea and vomiting which needs medical help. From the given fish allergy symptoms, constriction of air passageways is the most lethal since the person will have difficulty in breathing. The allergy can even lead to anaphylactic shock wherein blood pressure falls and the person can become comatose. Epinephrine treatment is the only remedy when shock happens. So if you or a loved one shows mild symptoms of fish allergy, better avoid eating any type of fish.

However, it’s also possible that some dish prepared with fish sauce such as Asian or Mediterranean cuisine can trigger fish allergy when dining out. A practical way to avoid this is to not order dishes coming from such special cuisine.

At first, fish allergy may seem simple but it's actually very complicated so be careful because one’s health should never be compromised.

Making Seasonal Allergies Out-of-Season

There’s a line in a song saying” it’s the most wonderful time of the year…” especially the much awaited Yuletide is coming soon. Most countries in the western hemisphere have changing seasons that brings a different ambience, weather and mood but it does bring seasonal allergies too.

Seasonal allergies happen when seasons change and people start having allergic reactions When seasons change, the wind coming from far places usually carries with it pollen from trees, grasses and weeds. Trees that commonly cause seasonal allergies are oak, olive, elm, birch, ash, hickory, poplar, sycamore, maple, cypress and walnut. Usually, plants are pollinated by bees such as flowers but wild plants like grasses and weeds pollinate due to the wind. These long-travelling pollens are commonly found in the air during spring or fall As the pollens become airborne, people begin sneezing, coughing, have itchy red watery eyes and trigger other related disorders such as hay fever, eye allergies and even allergic asthma. Typically, pollen allergies happen mostly in the morning when wind is much stronger. This typically happens frequently during springtime.

Seasonal allergies are also experienced during summertime. The main culprit for such allergy are grasses. When it's summer, homeowners regularly cut grass or mow the lawn then the wind spreads the grass pollen easily. In fact, many individuals experience itchiness when their skin comes in contact with grass causing hives which is known as urticaria. Pollen is the main reason behind seasonal allergies whether it came from grass, trees or weeds.
How can we prevent exposure to pollen?

Since pollen triggers seasonal allergies, it is smart to avoid exposure to pollen by doing the following:

1. Always lock your windows so air would not bring in pollen.

2. Reduce outdoor activities especially between 5am to 10am when pollen is abundant in the air

3. Try taking a vacation in areas where pollen is low such as the beach

4. |Use a machine dryer for your beddings and linens instead of hanging them outside

5. Don't leave car windows open when travelling especially on highways.

6. Hire help in cutting the grass in your lawn to avoid exposure to grass.

Indeed, knowing the cause of seasonal allergies can enhance prevention of seasonal allergies for you and your loved ones

Learn More About Cat Allergy

Pet lovers all over the world enjoy the companionship provided by feline pets. These animals provide warmth and friendship to their owners all year-round. However, cat allergy is one unpleasant condition that can happen when cats are kept as pets. Cats are often hunting at night so they're active at night while they sleep in favorite spots during daytime.|. Unfortunately for some people just being near cats can produce an allergic reaction even for a short period of time.Cat allergy happens when people suffer from an allergic reaction produced by these feline companions. Truth is , cats have as much as 5 allergens released through their sebaceous glands and Fel d 4, found in their saliva.A person with cat allergy reacts to these allergens by showing symptoms such as red itchy eyes, coughing, itching, nasal congestion, rash, sneezing ,tightening of chest, swollen feet and hands and more. Some people are just too sensitive to cats even if the cats just passed by near them.

A smart way to prevent cat allergy is to simply keep other pets aside from cats. A way to lessen incidence of cat allergy would be to wash hands after touching a cat. Avoid holding or touching cat’s eyes or mouth as much as possible .The home can be conducive to enhancing cat allergy incidence especially if there are carpets, rugs and draperies that trap cat dander. Vacuuming and buying an air filter that has HEPA or avoid use of heavy fabrics or drapes inside the house.It is also better for cats not to enter the bedroom or other rooms where they can hang around for hours. Another smart way to reduce cat allergy would be to groom your cats and provide them quality cat food so their coat is clean and dander-free. A well-groomed cat is not just healthy and clean, incidence of cat allergy is also reduced.

Cat allergy can also be managed by humans by taking antihistamines once an allergic reaction is triggered. Also, cat owners can have shots known as immunotherapy which can prevent cat allergy for good. A practical approach in keeping pet cats is to only keep short-haired cats so less hair and dander is produced in the air. Taking care of cats as pets is not really a problem even if humans have cat allergy. The crucial thing is understanding how to manage prevention and control so cat allergy is tolerable.

Why Do We Need to Go Through Pre-Employment Drug Testing?

Today, Large companies and major establishments normally implement Pre employment drug testing. This is imperative in keeping the work place and the environment safe and drug-free.

Preventing someone who regularly use illegal substances to join the company will save a lot of money and time because issues relating to undesirable events that occur when an employee is under the influence of prohibited drugs will be avoided. Also, companies have no desire in jeopardizing their company’s reputation just by hiring someone who is addicted to illegal substances and cause trouble to the company.

Pre-employment drug testing became an essential procedure in every job applicant screening in order to prevent possible problems, injuries or damages to the company. This involves retrieval of specimens or samples like blood or urine; hence, subjects are generally required to visit specific clinics that cater to drug testing where laboratory tests on samples are performed.

The standard pre employment drug testing usually consists of a 5-panel test, which fins out if there is any illegal substances consumed by the subject, they are; cocaine, PCP, marijuana, amphetamines like methamphetamine, and opiates like morphine and codeine. Sometimes, major companies prefer to have a more comprehensive drug test that checks if there is any physician-prescribed drugs and verify current medications of a person. But the cost of comprehensive drug testing is quite expensive; that is why most companies prefer the standard test procedures.

The applicant is most likely to be rejected if the pre-employment drug testing results come out positive. However, it is best that verification process must be done prior to giving final unfair judgment on the applicant since there are also several factors that can cause false positive results; like eating poppy seeds prior to the test. Hence, it is best to consult the concerned person and the Medical Review Officer shall ask pertinent questions like recent food intake. To confirm the initial positive result, another thorough test may be necessary.

Nonetheless, pre employment drug testing has become very beneficial in terms of security and health safety in the work place, it can also maintain a company’s reputation and good image to its clients and business partners.

Alternative Allergy Treatment: A Possibility

Everyday, millions of people worldwide experience allergy attack. The normal symptoms such as itching, red watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, swollen skin plus a host of other inconvenience afflicts a person with allergy. On top of that, there are many possible causes that trigger allergy found indoors and outdoors. This is the main reason why different types of allergy medicines known as antihistamines are produced by drug companies. However, syntehtic medicines are not just the solution so people can take a look at alternative allergy treatmentOne popular alternative allergy treatment is allergy elimination technique created by a certain Dr Devi Nambudripad. The alternative allergy treatment is known as NAET Or Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique which is a homeopathic approach that treats allergy through a combination chiropractic and acupuncture. In NAET's website, a research made by the doctor claims that women who suffered from allergy were relieved of their symptoms after a few sessions using NAET in one of their homeopathic clinics. This alternative allergy treatment also promotes herbal supplements that can be taken to relieve allergy attacks. Although there is still a need for further research for such methods, many people have resorted to NAET alternative allergy treatment which is considered non-invasive and very natural.

Another popular option for alternative allergy treatment are herbal medicines. Seemingly, people demand more all-natural solutions to relieve them from allergy attacks. Also, people are avoiding anti-histamines since these have unwanted side effects such as drowsiness, restlessness and upset stomach. For such reason alternative allergy treatment such as ephedra, parley leaves or roots, ground ivy, ribwort plantain, eyebright and wild cherry bark are now taken by some people who have allergies. Ephedra is considered by many as an effective allergy treatment but it also has its share of contraindications especially for people who have hypertension and other heart disease.

Finally, one morealternative allergy treatment is laser technology that reportedly relieves the usual symptoms of an allergy attack. This laser system is used to correct a haywire immune system by combining traditional acupressure into the procedure. Accordingly, this laser system works by repairing the errors in our immune system that starts the allergy. In addition, this method can address any type of allergy and is quite affordable. Online sites promote this laser alternative allergy treatment method.

Regardless of the method you choose to relieve allergy, it pays to do some research first as extra safety precaution.

Various Drug Testing Laws

All countries have drug testing laws, some prohibit it some allow it to be used on a professional manner. Hence, it is important to check local laws about conducting tests to determine the usage of illegal drugs among persons in order to avoid possible legal issues and other problems relating to violation of some rights of individuals.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of drug test methods, and it is very important to take note of any accessible drug testing laws so that you won’t have to violate any of it.

Drug tests are necessary to major companies, this is why applicants and employees are required to submit to this process. This process will prevent any unpleasant events that might happen if some of the employees are being influenced by illegal drugs and this will save the company’ reputation and good image.

There are several countries that mandate companies to perform drug tests among its applicants as part of their drug testing laws.

Companies may require random drug testing among its employees to ensure all workers are free from illegal drugs abuse. Companies that handle security and safety of other people needs to perform this task because it’s not only best for the safety of a company but the community as well.

Some countries also have drug testing laws that require people involved in vehicular accidents to undergo post accident drug tests as part of the vehicular accident investigation. Most insurance companies also need the results of such tests for matters relating to claims of damages. A positive result could greatly influence the decision of the insurance company to pay its obligations on the damages incurred; hence, this procedure is required by some insurance companies prior to processing the payment of claims.

Keep in mind that some people are not comfortable in undergoing the process of drug tests; hence prior to implementing this procedure on certain individuals, workers, and employees it is imperative to check first the existing local drug testing laws so that no individual rights are violated.

What is an Over the Counter Drug Test

Different people use over the counter drug test for different purposes, it can be used to check if your teenage daughter or son is being influenced by prohibited drugs or it can be as useful to companies who want to make sure their employees and applicants are not consuming illegal substances. They would usually turn to over-the counter drug testing kits to confirm their initial suspicion and hope for the best.

Drug testing can be a very sensitive issue, this is why it is very difficult to choose the right test especially is we are unfamiliar with the methods of detecting drug abuse. To identify a specific substance that is being abused, a person has to study and learn about drug tests and specific drugs. There are three types of over the counter drug test. They are the urine test, the saliva swab test and lastly the hair test.

Urine drug test is the most common type of over the counter drug test because traces of the drugs are left in the body and exits through the excretory system. It offers on the spot results without going to the laboratory and have the urine sample analyzed. The downside of this test is first, it is very uncomfortable and insensitive to have somebody make sure that the urine sample is really belongs to the one being tested.

Saliva swab test on the other hand is the most popular method of drug testing because it is less invasive. Once one is suspected of drug use, it is better to utilize this over-the-counter drug test immediately because of the limited time it can determine the drug that has been taken. Though it can be difficult to manipulate, saliva swab drug test has certain limitations in determining the quantity, how recent and what particular drug is being tested for. Over the counter drug test also include the hair test. A hair test is the most accurate test but it will also take a lot of time because the samples have to be analyzed for at least 30 days. A hair test can determine what specific illegal substance was taken and how long the subject is addicted to these prohibited drugs.

Different methods to detect if you are using prohibited drugs and a person who uses them must be capable of confronting the consequences of the results. If the tests are negative, you can breath a sigh of relief, but if positive, then prepare for the next steps on confronting drug problems.

What to do to Pass a Hair Drug Test

Taking illegal drugs that are typically against company policies, this is why employers require their applicants or employees to undergo testing if they are positive of consuming illegal substances. They usually do different types of test, like the blood test, the urine test and of course, a hair drug test. According to laboratory testing sites, hair drug test is the most accurate and less invasive form of test.

They claimed that altering the results of the test is not possible. However, that claim is not 100 percent correct, there are still ways to pass the test if you have used drugs. This article will try to help you pass a hair drug test.

Knowing how labs detect drugs in hair will help you give the answer to the question how to pass a hair drug test. The hair shaft is where the toxins grow. The inner shaft of the hair is called the cortex. Drug metabolites can be found here once it is deposited into newly formed hair strands. As the hair grows, the metabolites are pushed towards the outer edge of the cortex. Analysis not only can detect the metabolites but with the advent of technology, it can also provide information of quantity consumed and even historic pattern of use.

To get the most accurate reading labs only look back 90 days from the date of the sample was taken, because drug metabolites tend to wash out after 90 days of growth, which is approximately 1 ½ inches of hair.

On how to pass a hair drug test, there has been a lot of suggestions and advice, most of them are home remedies like lemon juice method and Macogo method. Products like masking shampoos and other detoxifying products are being sold to guarantee success, however, tests have shown that it only shows minimal results.

According to some people who went out of their way just to pass a hair drug test is to apply a coal tar shampoo, then rinse at least 6 times and lastly make use of a strong acid to penetrate the cuticle and purify the outer cortex. One needs to have a strong industrial prepared acid to really penetrate the cuticles. A lot of experts recommend the brand Toxin Wash, a hair detoxifying shampoo.

After passing a hair drug test it’ll be a great idea to stay away from drugs because there are other employers who constantly do random drug test, so its better safe than sorry.

Health: Cocaine Drug Test

Most people are addicted to cocaine, it is one of the most popular prohibited drugs and they abuse it for recreation. This is why a lot of employers ask applicants to take a cocaine drug test as part of their pre-employment requirements. Employers prefer to keep drugs away from their workplace by performing cocaine drug test. As long as the job offer has been made the test may be ordered before the employee begins working for the company. The employment offer is inevitably terminated if the employee fails to pass the test.

There are different types of cocaine drug tests. One way to determine if there is drug abuse is through blood test, it may be very expensive but it is the most accurate. Blood samples are taken to detect the presence of cocaine. It is the most invasive form of testing and must be conducted inside a laboratory. Then there is a hair sample test, it involves taking a sample of hair from the person being tested and it can reveal if the person used cocaine up to 90 days. Saliva swab test is a form of non-invasive testing for cocaine. It is easy to administer and coke can be detected in saliva for 24 hours after use. Some drug tests like the urine test can be very uncomfortable and intrusive but at least it can be done in the comforts of your home. A substance like cocaine can be retained in the urine up to 3 days.

Several factors allow the examiners to find out whether there is a presence of cocaine these cocaine drug tests. The quantity of the cocaine consumed primarily help in detecting it. Age of the examinee and the frequency in which he or she consumed cocaine is also a factor. The rate of metabolism and body mass, plus the tolerance level for the drug is dependent on the examinee.

It is worth it to stop using prohibited drugs because cocaine is responsible for the negative consequences in someone’s life. Addiction to this substance is most likely to happen to habitual coke users. If you have a relative, a friend or a family member battling cocaine addiction, try enrolling to a rehab and learn more about it on directories for help.

Things You Need to Know About Swab Drug Test

It is more common and popular these days to use saliva swab drug test as a method to check drug use. It has more or less replaced urine and blood drug tests in a number of cases. Swab drug test is a test that collects saliva as the sample. In this kind of test, swabs are typically used for collecting samples. Facilitation of a swab drug test is simple, it is often used to check immediately if a person is under the influence of drugs.

Swab drug test is being utilized more because they think this is less invasive for it does not require needles to be injected in the body. In addition, the possibility of infection is minimal. Not only that, it also does not require urinating on a cup with a witness just to check the urine sample is not being altered. This kind of situation is very uncomfortable to both parties.

In November 2002, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first saliva swab drug testing kit. Employers, police officers and some law enforcement agents have been using the kit to see if the subject is under the influence or is using prohibited drugs.

Research and clinical tests proved that drug concentration of saliva is indicative of the blood drug concentration.

At any given time or place, a swab drug test can be administered immediately. This is a very easy procedure, all you need is a swab provided in the kit. For a couple of minutes, the swab must be placed between your gums and lower cheeks. As soon as the pad absorbs enough saliva and it becomes wet, be sure to place it on a vial to avoid contamination. Submit the vial at the laboratory for drug test. The test can detect the presence of drugs.

Many swab drug testing kits are available. Law enforcement use a professional kit while parents typically buy home kits to check if their children is doing drugs. These are very effective in checking if there is drug usage within the last 24 hours.

Both parties, the examinee and the examiner will avoid a lot of discomfort by using a swab drug test. This test is virtually free of infection risks and it can be tested to both genders with quick and precise results, that is why it is gaining popularity these days.

Drug Testing Athletes—Is it Necessary?

Athletes are always put on a pedestal especially in today’s society. They are given a lot of publicity and if they truly excel in their respective field, not only they have sky-high salaries but also they manage to get million-dollar endorsements. However, some athletes choose to take short cuts and exploit drugs to enhance their athletic abilities, they would think “why not?” as long as they’re getting significant incentives for it. This is why drug testing athletes are necessary in most international sports federation.

Drug testing athletes is required even in various levels, from collegiate to Olympic athletes. Drug tests are conducted to identify if the athletes are taking performance-enhancing drugs and how far have they abused their body by taking these drugs. These procedures are very strict and firm that if there is anyone found violating the policies must not be allowed to join any competition or should be suspended.

When drug testing athletes, they are required to submit urine specimen before and after the competition. To detect other substance abuse, sometimes urine is not enough; it may require some blood specimen. It may look like a simple procedure but it is highly regulated as it is a formal process that may have a lot of consequences if not regarded appropriately.

An athlete may lost his place, medal or accolades and even endorsements if found positive then after an appeal, it turns out that the specimen has been tampered. This is why there are strict protocols in handling and delivering the specimen so that it would be tamper proof.

Unluckily, there are still some athletes in all levels of sports competition who continues to use performance-enhancing drugs even if they are aware that it will jeopardize their careers and health. For example, Ben Johnson, the athlete who broke the 100 meter record in the 1988 Olympics with his bulging muscles got disqualified and never to be heard off again.

Drug testing athletes is crucial because it can preserve the integrity of sportsmanship by prohibiting drug use.

If athletes are constantly and randomly tested, they are prevented from using drugs. Drug testing athletes also avoids unfair competition.

Finally it can also save the health of athletes give them a better quality of life after their competitive days.

Drug Testing Policy Implementation

Any company should review all the factors that must be considered before implementing a drug testing policy. Drug and alcohol policies vary widely. Employee manuals provided by the company contain simple or complicated provisions relating to drug testing during pre-employment and post-employment stages.

Many employers utilize drug testing to ensure that their workplace is drug-free. The law does not require employers from making their employees to undergo drug testing but they still want to enforce such policy to guarantee that the workplace is safe and conducive to production. It is important for a company to draft a drug testing policy while considering various legal issues.

An example of a simple drug policy can be written like this. The company’s policy is not to employ the services of people who take illegal drugs or people who consume liquor than the standard consumption. The Company shall have the right to require an employee to submit to drug testing as a continuing condition of their employment as the Company deems necessary the safe and efficient operation of its program. Anyone who refuse to undergo such drug testing or test positive for substance abuse may be suspended from duty pending investigation and may be subject to sanctions as provided by the company handbook.

In crafting a drug testing policy, employers must ensure that the policy suits your employee’s line of work. Employers should tailor their policies to suit the dangers that drugs and alcohol pose. Employers should state in their policy the detailed descriptions and enumerations of what is prohibited. It must state what are the types of situation is prohibited, the types of drugs that are not allowed and the appropriate grade of alcohol consumption when coming to work.

It is important to know that a drug testing policy coincides with a reputable drug testing facility. This would make sure that the results wouldn’t be challenged.

This also ensures employee privacy rights when they provide the sample because there would be no confidentiality breach.

Finally, it is important that a drug testing policy is clearly written and understood by employees, and they should affix their signature stating this. This would aid the company to fight against harassment suits arising from the tests.

Do You Agree That Major Companies Use Marijuana Drug Testing?

Employers became suspicious and cautious about their employees using illegal drugs, this is why job applicants and current employees are required to undergo marijuana drug testing procedure. This test is necessary in keeping the whole work-environment drug free and safe for all workers at all times; and it also helps preserve the credibility and reputation of the company in providing good quality services to its clients.

Marijuana drug testing is also crucial in guaranteeing that all employees are capable of doing their responsibilities. Marijuana drug testing does not only detect mary jane’s per se but it also detects other illegal substances such as opiates, morphine, methamphetamine, cocaine and others.

The job hunter’s application status will be affected significantly by the results of the drug test. For regular employees with positive results of their marijuana drug testing, consultations with the human resource management may be required in order to resolve the issues. An employee should submit oneself to rehabilitation and other necessary therapies to resolve this problem.

It is important to impose this procedure to workers who are handling critical tasks like driving public vehicles, and other transportation utilities.

Tens and hundreds of lives are at stake if one single person, like the driver of a bus, is influenced by one of these illegal drugs. To ensure utmost safety of all the commuters and citizens, these people are mandated by the government to submit themselves to a marijuana drug testing procedure.

For establishments and companies, this is imperative for their own interests; as well as for the interests and well being of their employees. It also helps preserve corporate image and ensures optimum performance from its workers. Marijuana drug testing will not only preserve the company’s reputation but it will also uplift the morale of the employees because it can definitely make a lot of difference to a person’s life.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Symptoms of Mesothelioma Cancer

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that is primarily caused by exposure to certain types of asbestos, a material once used in building construction. Symptoms of Mesothelioma do not appear immediately after being exposed it takes about 25 to 50 years after the initial exposure to develop those symptoms. It is a slow progressing disease that usually occurs to middle age groups and senior adults after their exposure to asbestos. Like other types of cancer sometimes the disease is asymptomatic, that means there are no symptoms.

The symptoms of Mesothelioma vary greatly from person to person and also on the type of Mesothelioma (pleural, peritoneal, or pericardial) the patient is affected with.

Symptoms of Pleural Mesothelioma

Pleural Mesothelioma affects the pleura, the lining of the lungs. It is the most common type of Mesothelioma. One of the most common and specific symptoms of pleural Mesothelioma is the accumulation of fluid between the lungs and chest cavity. This causes shortness of breath and requires a doctor to drain the fluid with the help of a fine-needle that makes breathing easier and relieves chest pain. Symptoms of pleural Mesothelioma include:

* Persistent cough
* Shortness of breath
* Chest pain
* Wheezing

People with mesothelioma, chest x-rays may reveal pleural effusion. This is a condition where fluid begins to accumulate outside lungs. Blood clots can also occur in some cases.

Symptoms of Peritoneal Mesothelioma

Peritoneal Mesothelioma affects the peritoneum, the lining of the abdomen. Symptoms of peritoneal Mesothelioma include:

* Abdominal pain
* Abdominal swelling
* Abdominal mass
* Nausea or vomiting
* Change in bowel habits

As peritoneal Mesothelioma advances, a person might experience night sweats, anemia, fever, or even a bowel obstruction.

Symptoms of Pericardial Mesothelioma

Pericardial Mesothelioma affects the pericardium, the membrane that surrounds the heart. The pericardium is a cell that produces a lubricating fluid that protects the heart. They allow the heart to move freely when it is pumping blood to other parts of your body. It is the least common type affecting about five percent of people with the disease. Pericardial Mesothelioma symptoms include:

* Chest pain
* Shortness of breath even when not exerting energy
* Heart palpitations or irregular breathing
* Fatigue

Prompt Medical Treatment after Diagnosis

In most cases, the spread of cancer has already occurred even if detected by current and sophisticated medical tests. When all Mesothelioma stages are considered together, 5 year survival rate is only about 14%. Early Mesothelioma is diagnosed incidentally. It is found as a result of the tests that are done for an unrelated medical condition. .When any worker, a friend, or a family member of a worker having worked in an asbestos environment seem to fall ill without a reason should ensure that they get themselves checked for Mesothelioma cancer..

Unfortunately Mesothelioma does not cause any symptoms until it has spread too far to be cured. Symptoms do occur in some patients with early Mesothelioma. Prompt attention to symptoms especially if there is a history of asbestos exposure. Early diagnosis and treatment can cure some patients who are in initial stage of cancer. For others, prompt attention to symptoms can improve the livelihood. Proper treatment can extend their life and relieve then from many symptoms.

Types Of Mesothelioma Cancer

Mesothelioma is an ugly word for an ugly condition. Mesothelioma is a rare cancer, with 3,000 cases a year reported in the U.S. Although the most common form of Mesothelioma the pleural Mesothelioma affects the membranes surrounding the lungs. This type of cancer is entirely different from lung cancer. It is a rare and usually far more deadly form of cancer than lung cancer. Also, it is unrelated to smoking; it is caused by exposure to asbestos dust and fibers.

Asbestos, a mineral that was widely used throughout during the period of 1900in nearly every industry forms long fibers that can be woven or mixed into materials. When asbestos is broken or crushed the dust and fibers mix in the air and land on surfaces nearby. People who breathe in or swallow asbestos dust are at risk developing Mesothelioma.

There are three types of Mesothelioma classified according to cancer stages.

Pleural Mesothelioma forms lining around the lungs. It usually begins in the outer membrane of one lung and may progress to both lungs and other organs. The symptoms of pleural Mesothelioma include a dry cough, chest pain, and pleural effusion.

Pleural effusion is the collection of fluid among the tissue covering the chest wall, the diaphragm, and the tissue covering the lungs. Normally there is a small amount of fluid in that area to make it easy for your lungs to move while breathing. A person with Mesothelioma, the cells that usually absorb excess fluid don't work right and the fluid builds up causing pain, cough, and difficulty breathing.

Some of the symptoms that are commonly associated with pleural Mesothelioma include: persistent coughing, difficulty swallowing, facial swelling, weight loss, fever, rasping, and blood vomit. Some patients may also experience shortness of breath whether they are being active or when they are at rest. This can be caused by the thickening of the pleura due to the spread of the tumor. The thicker the pleura gets the less space the lungs have to function properly. Hence breathing begins to be affected. The treatment includes surgery chemotherapy and radiation.

Peritoneal Mesothelioma forms lining of the abdominal and pelvic cavities called the peritoneum. About 10% of Mesothelioma cases swallow asbestos fibers which cause changes in the peritoneum development. The symptoms of peritoneal Mesothelioma include swollen and painful abdomen, high temperature, bowel problems, and problems with urination, nausea, and vomiting.

The treatment depends upon a number of factors. Doctors once diagnose will make a recommendation based upon details such as the extent of the cancer and how advanced it is; patient’s general condition and health, past medical history of the patient, and the patient’s age.

Pericardial Mesothelioma affects the pericardium, which forms thin tissue lining around the heart. It's a rare type of Mesothelioma accounting for less than 1% of reported cases. Symptoms include chest pain, shortness of breath, persistent coughing, and palpitations.

Later-stage symptoms for all types of Mesothelioma include sudden weight loss without any other explanation, spitting up blood and sputum, problems swallowing, and hoarseness
It can occasionally be treated with surgery. However, the nature of this cancer is that it is very advanced by the time that it is diagnosed.

Treatment For Mesothelioma Cancer

There are three traditional types of treatment for Mesothelioma: - Surgery, Radiation Therapy, and Chemotherapy. Doctors can use combinations of these treatments. The multi-treatment approach appears to provide positive results for treating the initial stages of this diseases. These treatments successfully increase the patient’s life span by five years or more which is commonly known as remission. However, success percentage may increase or decrease depending on the stage of the malignant development.


Surgery is a common treatment for Mesothelioma although by itself it cannot do much. However radiation and chemotherapy usually prescribes post surgery. A pleurectomy/ decortications are the most common surgery in which the Doctor may remove parts of the lining of the chest or abdomen and some of the tissue around it.


Radiation or radiotherapy, involves use of high-energy rays to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. Radiation therapy affects the cancer cells only in the treated area. The radiation may come from a machine (external radiation) or from putting materials that produce radiation through thin plastic tubes into the area where the cancer cells are found (internal radiation therapy). The necessary radiation dose to treat mesothelioma that has not been surgically removed would be very toxic.

For patients with localized disease and who can tolerate a radical surgery radiation is often given after the surgery as a consolidate treatment. This approach of using surgery followed by radiation with chemotherapy has been pioneered by the Thoracic Oncology Team at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston. Delivering radiation and chemotherapy after a radical surgery has led to extended life expectancy in some cases with some patients surviving more than 5 years.


Chemotherapy is usage of anticancer drugs to kill cancer cells throughout the body. Drugs are used to treat Mesothelioma and patience is given injection into vein (known as intravenous, or IV). Doctors are also studying the effectiveness of intra-cavitary chemotherapy, direct injection into the chest or abdomen

These are the main treatment methods. However, physicians are currently studying other treatment modalities such as immunotherapy and intra-operative photodynamic therapy.

Treatment regimens involves immunotherapy have yielded variable results. For example: intra pleural inoculation of éBacillus Calmette-Gurin (BCG) in an attempt to boost the immune response has not been very positive. Nonetheless other trials involving interferon alpha have proved more encouraging with 20% of patients experiencing greater than 50% reduction in tumor mass combined with minimal side effects.

Heated Intra-operative Intra-peritoneal Chemotherapy

A procedure known as heated Intra-operative intra chemotherapy was developed by Paul Sugar Baker at the Washington Cancer Institute. The surgeon removes tumor as much as possible followed by the direct administration of a chemotherapy agent heated between 40 to 48°C in the abdomen. The fluid is per fused for 60 to 120 minutes and then drained.

This technique permits the administration of high concentrations of selected drugs into the abdominal and pelvic surfaces. Heating the chemotherapy treatment increases the penetration of the drugs into tissues. Also, heating itself damages the malignant cells more than the normal cells.

Various other programs are also exhibiting favorable results. Despite such successes and so much research the irony is that no cure for Mesothelioma currently exists.

Different Tests To Detect Mesothelioma Cancer

Imaging tests

Imaging tests use x-rays, radioactive particles, or magnetic fields to create pictures of the organs inside your body. Imaging tests may be done for a number of reasons to help find a suspicious area that might be cancerous or to learn how far cancer may have spread. It helps to determine if the treatment has been effective.

Chest x-ray

Chest X-ray is often the first test done if someone has symptoms such as a constant cough or shortness of breath. It may show an abnormal thickening of the pleura, calcium deposits on the pleura, fluids between the lungs and the chest wall, or changes in the lungs themselves as a result of asbestos exposure.

Computed tomography (CT) scan

CT scans are often used to help assess the likelihood that Mesothelioma is present. It helps to determine the exact location of the cancer. They can also help to check the cancer stage and determine how far the disease is spread. It can also help to determine performing surgery might be a treatment option.

Positron emission tomography (PET) scan

For a PET scan, person receives an injection of glucose (a form of sugar) that contains a radioactive atom. The amount of radioactivity used is very low. Cancer cells in the body grow quickly so they absorb large amounts of the radioactive sugar. A special camera can then be used to create a picture of areas of radioactivity in the body. The picture is not detailed like a CT or MRI scans.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans

Like CT scans, MRI scans provides detail images of soft tissues in the body. But MRI scans use radio waves and strong magnets instead of x-rays. The energy from the radio waves is absorbed and then released in a pattern formed by the type of body tissue and certain diseases. A computer translates the pattern into detailed images of parts of the body. A contrast material called gadolinium is often injected into a vein before the scan to better see details.

Blood tests

Blood levels of certain substances are often elevated in people with Mesothelioma.

Tests of fluid and tissue samples

A person's symptoms, the results of tests, imaging tests, or blood tests may strongly suggest that Mesothelioma is present. The actual diagnosis is made by removing cells from an abnormal area and looking at them under a microscope.

Surgical biopsy

In some cases, more invasive procedures may be needed to get a large enough tissue sample to make a diagnosis. Surgery, either a thoracotomy (which opens the chest cavity) or a laparotomy (which opens the abdominal cavity) allows the surgeon to removes a larger sample of tumor or sometimes the entire tumor.

Bronchoscope biopsy

For pleural Mesothelioma, the doctor may also do a bronchoscopy. The doctor passes a long, thin, flexible, fiber-optic tube called a bronchoscope down the throat to look at the lining of the lungs. You will be sedated for this. If a tumor is found, the doctor can take a small sample of the tumor through the tube.

Above mentioned are the different types of tests that can be done to help diagnose mesothelioma cancer.

Screening Test For Mesothelioma

Screening, in medicine, is a strategy used to detect disease in individuals without signs or symptoms of that disease. Unlike most medicine in screening tests are performed on those without any clinical indication of disease. Mesothelioma is a disease that is caused due to exposure to asbestos. Symptoms of the are hard to identify as they appear to be a simple contraction of the common cold and it takes 30 to 50 years after being exposed to asbestos. Symptoms of Mesothelioma are similar to that of Tuberculosis and Asthma to a large extent.

Some victims may have mild symptoms like difficulty in swallowing, Shortness of breath, chest pain, loss of appetite, and weight loss before developing the Mesothelioma cancer.

There is no norm for screening people who have been exposed to asbestos but screening tests might diagnose mesothelioma earlier than conventional methods. This test improves the survival prospects of the patient. Serum osteopontin level is the blood serum test that is used in screening asbestos-exposed people for mesothelioma. Evidence suggest that serum SMRP-“soluble mesothelin-related protein" measurements may have a useful role in diagnosis of mesothelioma and in monitoring disease progression. A research was conducted by Perth Mesothelioma Centre and the PNRI in Seattle found that mesothelin-family proteins are elevated in sera from Mesothelioma patients and can predate diagnosis.

If there are signs of elevated SMRP –soluble mesothelium related proteins level in an individual, he should follow attempts to confirm the presence of mesothelioma. The test use standard radiological and pathological tools including direct pleuroscopy with biopsy of any suspicious lesions. If mesothelioma is confirmed, standard therapy would be undertaken. If not, careful ongoing monitoring would be required.

Mesomark Assay-the screening test

Mesomark Assay is a screening test conducted in controlled conditions to monitor and possibly diagnose Mesothelioma. This test was developed by Fujirebio Diagnostics and approved in late January 2007 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It works by measuring levels of soluble mesothelin-related proteins (SMRP’s) released by mesothelioma. The level of soluble mesothelin-related protein is elevated in the serum of about 75% of patients during diagnosis and it has been suggested that it may be useful for screening. Doctors have begun testing the Mesomark assay which measures levels of soluble mesothelin-related proteins (SMRP’s) released by mesothelioma cells.

Screening Analysis

For many people, screening instinctively seems like an appropriate thing to do because identifying something earlier seems better. However, no screening test is perfect. There will always be problems with incorrect results which add to the medical cost.

Screening helps in early diagnosis without screening the disease may be discovered later, when symptoms appear. In both cases the patient can die at the same time because the disease is diagnosed earlier with screening. The survival time since diagnosis is longer with screening but life span will not be prolonged. There will be added anxiety as the patient has to live with knowledge of the disease for longer Period.

Screening can certainly improve outcomes but this must be confirmed with proper statistical analysis not simplistic comparison of numbers.

Mesothelioma Cancer

Mesothelioma cancer is an uncommon disease that causes malignant cancer cells to form within the lining of the lungs, heart, or abdomen. It occurs in both benign and malignant forms. The malignant form is the result of exposure to asbestos and may take more than 30 years to develop.


The tissue that lines lungs, stomach, heart, and other organs is called mesothelium. Mesothelioma is a tissue that causes cancer.

Treatment includes surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or all three together.

Types of Mesothelioma cancer

Pleural Mesothelioma affects the outer lining of the lungs and chest cavity.
Peritoneal Mesothelioma: Pericardium is the stomach lining (abdominal) cavity.
How Is Malignant Mesothelioma Diagnosed?

Mesothelioma is often diagnosed after a patient goes to a doctor because of symptoms. If there is a reason to suspect that you may have Mesothelioma, your doctor will conduct one or more tests to find out if the disease is present. Symptoms might suggest that a person may have Mesothelioma but tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis.

Symptoms of Mesothelioma

Early symptoms of Mesothelioma are not specific to the disease and people often ignore them or mistake them for common or minor ailments. Most people with Mesothelioma have symptoms for few months before they are diagnosed although in some people this is longer.

Symptoms of pleural Mesothelioma (Mesothelioma of the chest) can include:

* Pain in the lower back or at the side of the chest
* Shortness of breath
* Cough
* Fever
* Sweating
* Fatigue
* Weight loss
* Trouble swallowing
* Hoarseness
* Swelling of the face and arms
* Muscle weakness

Symptoms of peritoneal Mesothelioma can include:

* Abdominal (belly) pain
* Swelling or fluid in the abdomen
* Weight loss
* Nausea and vomiting

If the symptoms are positive, Mesothelioma might be present and more tests will be conducted. These might include imaging tests, blood tests, and other procedures.

Treatment Options

Treatment method that you choose will depend on how advanced your disease exists in your body. It also depends on your general physical health and personal preferences. At this point of time, pleural Mesothelioma cannot be cured although some therapies such as the chemotherapy drug may decrease pain and provide a better quality of life.

Some doctors use a combination of Mesothelioma therapies such as surgery plus chemotherapy or only surgery, or chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This is called “multimodality therapy.” The current available treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Photodynamic therapy and immunotherapy are in the experimental stages of development.

The increased incidence of Mesothelioma has been closely linked to the rise of the asbestos industry and the use of asbestos in fireproofing and insulation. 50 to 80% of patients diagnosed with MPM are aware of exposure to asbestos at some point in their lives. Men are typically affected more due to the common presence of asbestos in industrial settings. The increasing incidence suggests that neither the benefits of legislation to reduce asbestos exposure in the workplace have not yet taken effect, nor asbestos exposure during the 1960's was more widespread.

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