Friday, January 20, 2012

What You Should Know About Belly Fat Diets

Belly fat diets are important because belly fat has always been and always will be a very big problem mainly because once you get it; it is very difficult to shed. So that has us wondering, how do you get belly fat?

Food that is high in fat are labeled as the primary culprits in gaining excess belly fat, as digested fat content is stored as fat faster in the body. High fat foods, for example, red meat, butter and cream are high in saturated fats, which is a major factor in heart related illnesses. Fried food however are even worse because in addition to being made with almost pure fat being fried in vats, these food are commonly made with flour, rolled in flour or added. The body breaks down these flour products into sugars, fried foods hits you with a double dose of sugar and fat, both of which will contribute to belly fat. It is better to eat small portions of fatty food and abstain from it whenever possible. Eating healthier alternatives such as fruits, baked or broiled fish and vegetables will help you avoid gaining belly fat. A fruit ad vegetable based diet would be an excellent belly fat diet.

Another culprit to belly fat buildup is sodium, commonly referred to as salt. Salt is another major factor in gaining excess belly fat. This is because while sugar and fats are converted into energy and stored as fat, sodium is used as an agent to digest these foods further. As the digestive process is about to be complete, the extra sodium is absorbed into the body, usually going through the belly region before storing itself somewhere else in your body. While this absorbed sodium is not converted to fat immediately, its salty nature causes the body to cover each sodium molecule with water, exponentially inflating the fat cells stored with sodium. When the cells become fat and puffy it tends to make your stomach bloat and leads to belly fat buildup. In order to prevent this make sure you don’t eat salted food like peanuts and potato chips excessively. Sodium deficient diets are also good belly fat diets.

Foods that are high in sugar content are also major contributors to belly fat, as sugar takes the most direct route from the mouth to the belly. When high-sugar foods are eaten, the body converts these calories into immediate energy. If you are not a highly active person, these calories will be converted into fat and stored for later use, and most of the time it will be in the belly area. High-sugar foods offer large amounts of sugar that the body can convert into energy very quickly for example within two or four hours. These foods may have no apparent effects at first but if you maintain a diet of high-sugar foods they can pad the belly area with fat within just a few weeks. To prevent this you should exercise as much as possible to burn the sugar and calories. If not try to maintain a belly fat diet of fish and vegetables to reduce the fat in the belly area.

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